Looking for a obgyn (non Sutter Health )


We moved to Piedmont recently, and I am looking for an obgyn. I was looking at Sutter Health, but it makes me nervous, that the ob you build a relationship with during your pregnancy most likely will not be the one you deliver with. Therefore I am looking at any other doctors (board certified) that are affliated with Alta Bates, but have a smaller practice. I have Premera insurance. Any recommendations? 



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Have you considered a midwife? If your pregnancy is not high-risk, certified nurse midwives can have as much expertise with prenatal care and delivery as many OBs, and tend to have lower rates of unplanned medical intervention during birth. I recommend Golden Oak Midwives in Oakland; they work exclusively with Alta Bates.

I was very happy with dr Lilia Lizano!

I recently delivered at Alta Bates with Dr Lilia Lizano at Women’s Group for Health and she did all my prenatal care along the way. She makes a point to attend the deliveries of her patients (unless she’s out of town).

 I found her to be kind and knowledgeable and I definitely trusted her care during the actual delivery. The only critical thing I have to say is that I felt like her style of bedside manner didn’t quite match what I was seeking in terms of emotional support and helping me understand my options for delivery. As a first time mom I had lots of questions and ended up doing a lot of work to educate myself. In hindsight, if I supplemented my care with a doula and I think I would have gotten the best of both worlds— the emotional support that I was seeking and the great care that Dr Lizano gave backed by decades of experience. 

Best of luck finding your care provider! 

Dr Lília Lizano is great. I had a very good experience with her.

Hi, I delivered at Alta Bates in January with Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation on Milvia. I was very close to my doctor too but she was not the one on call when I went into labor. However, due to the length of my labor I probably pushed with 6 different OB’s in the end, including my own doctor, which is more than half of Milvia’s practice! My own doctor even made an appearance as she happened to come in the next day for a planned Caesarian, and upon hearing I was in labor she came in early. You just don’t know if you’ll be there for 12 or 72 hours so it’s hard to guarantee your OB or midwife no matter what, unless you sign up to do a homebirth. I just wanted to say that I found Milvia fantastic. It is actually the nurse assigned to your room that makes your experience since they are the ones in and out the most, while the OB make an appearance at push time. My nurse was amazing. If you have access to Sutter Milvia I would do it!