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  • I am looking for recommendations for a good OBGYN in Kaiser, Walnut creek. Any information would be super helpful. I am moving from Emeryville and am 6.5 months into my pregnancy.

    Thank you for your help !

    Hello - We recently had a baby in October 2020 at KP Walnut Creek, and had a really great experience. We opted just to be seen by the midwifes during prenatal care, so it was a rotating group of providers. We found all of them competent and compassionate. We had some minor complications with delivery, so an OB/GYN actually delivered our son (was supposed to be midwife), and the OB participating in our delivery was very kind and did a great job (her name was Dr. Jacqueline Wendt). If we have another child, we would likely choose to work with Dr. Wendt because of our positive experience.

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I am no longer with Kaiser but when I was, I LOVED Dr. Amy Yakaitis in WC Medical offices. She was super supportive of me in my difficulty conceiving, a great bedside manner in my opinion, and is a working parent of two young kids. I think she "gets it" a bit more than most others there as a result.  Good luck!

RE: In search of Kaiser ObGyn ()

I had a baby recently at Kaiser Walnut Creek. Unless your Kaiser does things radically different, it won't completely "matter" who you choose as your ob/gyn, because when you deliver you are going to be delivered by whichever nurse midwives and/or ob/gyn happens to be on duty that day. That is just how they do things at Kaiser.  The clinic is also pretty much that way as well (i.e. you won't see the same person each time you go to clinic).  I was happy with the care overall, however, and the way they do things does keep the costs down.

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Ob Gyn for VBAC

Sept 2011

I recently switched to Kaiser after being with Blue Cross for many years and it's a new system for me. I just found out that I am pregnant with my second and need an OBGYN recommendation for a natural birth at Walnut Creek Kaiser and a pediatrician in Pinole or Richmond for my 3 years old daughter. My first was an emergency c-section and I want to try the VBAC so I am looking for an OBGYN who supports VBAC and have a lot of experience. I checked the achieves but the most recent recommendations are from 2009. What was your experience delivering at Kaiser Walnut Creek? Is it possible to get a private room or is it always shared? Thanks so much

Hi, I had a vbac at Walnut Creek Kaiser in Feb of this year and that's also where I received my prenatal care. I saw Laura Warren, CNM for most of my care but had preeclampsia toward the end and had to see an MD. For that, I saw Dr. Steve Zurnacian (sp?). Both were excellent and very supportive of my vbac. Neither was on shift at the hospital when I had to be induced but the attending docs were great as were the nurses, and Dr Pratima Shukla ended up catching my son. Overall I found everyone I encountered there to be very supportive of my decision to vbac, and I had a private room for recovery, but that just depends on how busy they are. I think all of the L rooms are singles, and one has a tub for water birth that you can request. Also, I did the Hypnobabies home study course and hired a doula to help make the vbac successful. Feel free to contact me if you have other questions about my experience with WC Kaiser and best wishes for your delivery! Michelle

I just did the same about 2 years ago and had my second at kaiser wc. I see nurse practitioner Sharon Ginsberg. I attempted a vbac as well and she was very supportive. I found that most of the staff at walnut creek was supportive (at least those I had contact with). Sharon is amazing though. You most likely won't see whatever physician you select for labor as it all depends on whose on call. You can request a midwife or physician when you go into labor and I highly recommend the midwife. They are even more supportive of the vbac when you're in labor.

The labor rooms are private and nice. The post partum rooms are small but nice and there are a number of private rooms. I had a private as my vbac turned into a second c section. I think they try their best too put you in your own room unless they are super full. Amanda

2009 Recommendations

Dec 2009

Anyone know of a good doc, NP or midwife at Walnut Creek Kaiser for pre-natal care? (not for me--it's for a friend, I swear!) Thanks for any recommendations!

I heartily recommend the midwives at Kaiser Walnut Creek. If you see the midwives for prenatal care, you aren't assigned a specific one -- it's whoever is available. At first I didn't like the sound of that, but it turned out great because I got to meet several of them, including the midwife who happened to be on duty the day of my labor. They operate as a team, and, honestly, are all pretty similar to one another. Mary

March 2009

I will have my first prenatal appointment at Kaiser in Walnut Creek next week. Do you have any opinions about doctors at this facility? I aim for a natural birth and I'm happy with my midwife (Laura Warren) and doula (Felicia Roche) but I am not sure about choosing a doctor. I'm due in May. Thanks in advance for your advice. Katy

Hi Katy, congratulations!! I recently delivered at Kaiser WC and it was a really wonderful experience. So, you don't really need to choose a doctor. You are going to get whoever is there when you go into labor anyway. I, personally, wanted to deliver with a midwife so I made all of my prenatal appointments with different midwives. It is nice to find someone you like (I liked Laura Warren a lot), but they may not be there when you deliver so if you meet several of them you may end up having that person for your delivery. I found I liked all of the midwives I had for prenatal appts. I had a doctor once because I couldn't get in to see a midwife, and frankly she was a bit cold and rushed compared to the midwives. Not sure if it was just a personality thing, but my recommendation is to use a midwife. The doctors are there in the building, should you end up needing one for your delivery (hopefully not!), but I found the midwives to be warmer. Obviously up to you, but that is my two cents. Oh, you will also get more convenient appts if you can take whoever is available. If you choose a particular doctor it will be harder to schedule. Good luck! Ingrid

2007 Recommendations

May 2007

Re: Gyn. Oncologist rec., Kaiser
I love my NP Seipel in WC! Happy in WC

2006 Recommendations

ObGyn for Scheduled C-section Walnut Creek

October 2006

Need urgent recommendation: I need to schedule a c-section at Kaiser WC (I have Placenta Previa and Baby is breech). Dr Dale Tucker was highly recommended on the archives but apparently is no longer doing deliveries. Some of the Dr's listed on the archives have changed now so I was wondering if anyone had a recent recommendation of Dr specializing in c-sections that they can recommend ASAP. Thank you!!!! Anon

Dr. Jean Kayser at Kaiser Walnut Creek specializes in high-risk obstetrics. See her homepage: http://www.permanente.net/homepage/kaiser/doctor/kayser/ - it may be hard to get in to see her, though, as she's pretty busy. marinela

Dr. Deborah Ansley delivered my two children via c-section at Kaiser in Walnut Creek. The first surgery was not planned, she just happened to be the dr who performed the surgery (lucky me!). For my second baby, I saw her for prenatal appts and scheduled the surgery according to her days in the OR. I highly recommend her, but also know that there are plenty of amazing OBs delivering babies at Kaiser WC.

August 2006

I've checked the listings and there are some good recommendations but some of the staff are new and some (like Dr Tucker) aren't doing deliveries these days. Current recommendations are welcomed and highly appreciated. I most likely will have to have a c-section, have placenta previa, baby is breech at the moment, am an older mom and had a previous miscarriage. I am in my 6th month and am just transferring to Walnut Creek since I will be closer there when on maternity leave. Thank you!!!!!!! anon

Hi, I am an older Mom at 43, and just had my first baby at the Walnut Creek Kaiser. I chose WC (I live in Oakland) for various reason, primary being the delivery unit is made up of midwives. I went out there with my doula, and hopes of a vaginal birth, ended up with a c section, but, the entire WC team was immensely respectful, professional, and I hightly recommend their facility. My surgeon was Dr. Gras. My OBGYN is Dr. Bui, also a very good doctor - but, not there for delivery. Good Luck, and, if you have any more questions, feel free to email me directly. Robin Robinrun1 [at] juno.com

I highly recommend Dr. Allen Nan who has just transferred from EB OB/GYN to Kaiser Walnut Creek this summer. He's a wonderful doctor, and was my OB for the past 12 years (through 3 kids) - first one breech (in which he successfully helped me turn the baby). His bedside manner is remarkable, warm, caring, and funny. I don't think you will be disappointed. I've since moved from the Bay Area, and know I won't be able to find someone I like as well...Lucky you! Loved my OB

March 2006

Elaine Carlitz was my OB-GYN 15 years ago when I was pregnant wtih my first son. I really liked her a lot, though she didn't deliver my baby, a nurse midwife did (in WC).

We use Kaiser Walnut Creek. My OB/GYN is Jean Kayser and I love her (and I am picky!). The first (and only, for that matter - haven't needed to see her again yet) time I met her she spent a lot of time with me, looked me right in the eye while we were talking and really listened to my concerns, and was open to alternative therapies (I went to discuss menopause). In fact, when I told her I'd looked into various vitamins to take for hot flashes, she then whipped out Kaiser's information about such treatments. She was attentive to my concerns and open to my having done my own research. I felt like she really paid attention to everything I was saying, and did not feel rushed. I felt very good about the experience and with her as an OB/GYN. I can highly recommend her. (As for pediatrics, our daughter's pediatrician is Dr. Dorothy Hassler, whom we also love, but you didn't mention her.) Good luck! LB

2003 Recommendations

December 2003

We've just switched to Kaiser and I am looking for new doctors for myself and my husband. I would also appreciate recommendations for a gynecologist. I am especially interested in any doctors practicing at Park Shadelands. Thanks. Andrea

We switched to Kaiser Walnut Creek in January and have been extremely pleased. I don't yet have an OB/GYN though--Dr. Elaine Carlitz came highly recommend and I am on her wait list. (She's downtown though, not at Shadelands.) barbara

I, too, just recently switched to Kaiser about 7 months ago. I found out that I was pregnant 6 months ago, so I had to find an OB quickly to start my prenatal care right away. I have seen quite few different people at the Park Shadelands office and so far I've liked Dr. Dennis Randall and I have heard that Sandy Norman, NP is great too but I haven't met her yet. The nice thing about Kaiser is that you can make many appointments and shop around until you find the one you like. Good Luck.

I LOVE Sharyn Ginsberg at Kaiser Walnut Creek. She has seen me through three pregnancies and all the little stuff in between. She is a nurse practitioner, but writes prescriptions etc.. she's wonderful. rachel

I just love Dr. Francis Wright at Kaiser Walnut Creek. I have seen him for a couple years and through the course of one pregnancy, and he is just the greatest. Just as an example, he will respond to and correspond via e-mail in a very prompt way and after the birth of my son he contacted me several times just to check in on me. Very kind, compassionate but also at times brisk and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. Rebecca

April 2003

Re: Richmond ObGyn for high-risk pregnancy
I dont' know if it is convenient or possible for you to go to Walnut Creek Kaiser or not. But... If you are able I must say that I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Jeffrey Maier. He is head of the perinatology dept. and handles high risk pregnancies (high risk for a variety of reasons). I had previously had many bad experiences with Kaiser and he won me over. He is not only a compassionate, thorough, & gentle Dr., he has much experience, expertise and works with a wonderful staff (with the exception of one of the NST nurses whom everyone complains about). If you can go to Walnut Creek he is simply the best. Coren

March 2003

Hi. I recently moved to Walnut Creek and am looking for an OB/GYN at Kaiser. I have been told that I can choose from the following doctors: Karen Rice, Susan Schley, Dale Tucker, Francis Wright, Elaine Carlitz, Donna DiCenzo, and Darlene Lanka. Please let me know if you have any advice or experience with any of these doctors. I really appreciate any recommendations that you may have! Trying To Conceive

I have been seeing Dr. Francis Wright and have been very happy with his care and bed-side manner. Of course everyone's tastes are different but here is what I like about him. He makes good eye contact and listens to my questions before answering. He answers my questions in a very straightforward way. He has a good sense of humor. He is very sensitive without being obsequious. He is young and seems to be up-to-date on all the newest theories/natural childbirth/hormone therapies, etc. He is practical in his suggestions and accomodating to my desires.

I met Dr. Wright just after I had had a miscarriage this spring. I had been seeing another OB (not among the list you provided) who was very cold about the whole thing, gave me some pills to help ''flush'' the fetus, and provided no follow-up plan for care if the drugs didn't work (which they didn't) before she left town. Dr. Wright was very warm and comforting before and after he performed a D He gave me lots of reassurance when I needed it, but wasn't patronizing. I'm happy to say I am within a few days of giving birth right now, and have had only excellent encounters with Dr. Wright throughout my pre-natal care.

Good luck with your decision. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions you might have. Rachel

I had Dr. Lanka and she was great. I had to have a C- section and she did a great job. All in all my expirience with Kaiser Walnut creek was exeptional. The Nurses were so wonderful! You are in good hands. Marcela

I go to Dale Tucker and like her a lot. I've only been once, but I had a good experience with her. She had been recommended to me by several people, as had Donna DiCenzo, but the latter wasn't taking any new patients. Good luck! Lori

Recommendation for Kaiser OBGYN in Walnut Creek. The team of OBGYN's is fantastic in W.Creek. I use Dr. Lanka who is really great. She's also a fertility specialist. Tough to get a new appt with, but if you tell them you're trying to conceive and want to see her, you might get lucky. Try to get a referral fro your current Dr (it may help. Be persistant, not patient with them. Di Cenzo and Tucker are also supposed to be good. Nancy D

for the person seeking recommendations on a Kaiser Walnut Creek OB/ GYN. I found Dr. Rice to be fabulous; I went to her for infertility issues. She was friendly, honest, and practical, plus she is (or was at that time) head of the department, so you know she knows her stuff. Since that time, I saw Dr. Lanka once. Although she was a very nice woman, and apparently much sought after as a doc, she routinely runs an hour behind schedule, or more. I wasted two hours there, and then was rushed through my appointment, so I'm not going to see her again. Ann

I just wanted to second the vote for Dr. Dale Tucker. I attempted a VBAC with my second child and she did my c-section. She is very nice, has nice small hands, and did an excellent job sewing me up. The scar is nice and soft, indistinguishable from the surrounding skin by touch. My previous scar was hard and stood out a little from the surrounding skin. She also talked to me about my disappointment in my failed VBAC and made me feel better so I could move on to focusing on my new baby. J12

2002 Recommendations

Aug 2002

I am looking for OB/GYN recommendations for Kaiser Walnut Creek or Vallejo. I have looked on the web-site and nothing is mentioned on these two facilities. Also, do you deliver at these sites or somewhere else? km

Dr. Maier(sp?) is an excellent ob/gyn at Kaiser Walnut Creek. He is actually a perinatologist (deals in high risk pregnancies) and I found him to be MUCH better then the perinatologists at Kaiser Oakland. Leesa

I delivered all four of my kids at Walnut Creek Kaiser. I had an nurse midwife for all the deliveries except the first one (complications mean you get the doctor. I was very happy with all the deliveries. The labor and delivery rooms are a couple years old and very nice. And the staff was so caring. I labored and delivered and bonded all in one room. The babies were cleaned up, checked. Blood taken all in my room. They were never taken out of the room away from me. So nice. I went to all my prenatal appointments at Martinez and really liked the nurse practioners there. I felt more comfortable with them over doctors. They were always very caring. I saw Laverne Brooks several times. I went to Kaiser Vallejo for one prenatal class and I wasn't thrilled with it. I didn't feel that the nurses running the class were very respectful of the patients. I wrote them a letter complaing that we were treated like we were Jr. High girls in detention. about six months later I received a call from them asking about my complaints. At Walnut Creek it was much more informative and positive. I have known moms who did have good experiences at Vallejo though. If I were to choose between Vallejo and Walnut Creek, I would definitaley go with Walnut Creek. In my limited experience at Vallejo with that bad prenatal class and the way their lab worked, having us give the urine sample in the bathroom and then walking around with the cup of pee (no little brown bag to carry it in) to give it back to the receptionist...just wrong. No dignity. Best of luck to you for a positive experience wherever you go. Susan