Requesting recommendations for OBGYN in Kaiser Walnut creek

I am looking for recommendations for a good OBGYN in Kaiser, Walnut creek. Any information would be super helpful. I am moving from Emeryville and am 6.5 months into my pregnancy.

Thank you for your help !

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Hello - We recently had a baby in October 2020 at KP Walnut Creek, and had a really great experience. We opted just to be seen by the midwifes during prenatal care, so it was a rotating group of providers. We found all of them competent and compassionate. We had some minor complications with delivery, so an OB/GYN actually delivered our son (was supposed to be midwife), and the OB participating in our delivery was very kind and did a great job (her name was Dr. Jacqueline Wendt). If we have another child, we would likely choose to work with Dr. Wendt because of our positive experience.