In search of Kaiser ObGyn

I am a new employee at KP and I am looking for a good PCP as well as OBGYN!! Thank you!

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OBGYN is Sonia Ordonez ar KP Oakland. Skilled and very thorough, I recommend her talents. She saw me through a over 40 pregnancy with a high-grade pre-cancerous cell scare. But she does take a little while to warm up, mostly all business:-)


I had a baby recently at Kaiser Walnut Creek. Unless your Kaiser does things radically different, it won't completely "matter" who you choose as your ob/gyn, because when you deliver you are going to be delivered by whichever nurse midwives and/or ob/gyn happens to be on duty that day. That is just how they do things at Kaiser.  The clinic is also pretty much that way as well (i.e. you won't see the same person each time you go to clinic).  I was happy with the care overall, however, and the way they do things does keep the costs down.



I can suggest you dr. Deraleau as ob/gyn...she is really caring, cordial and good in her job.