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Nov 2008

RE: Low-Cost Crowns/ Root Canals

I'm surprised to hear that UCSF dental school doesn't do crowns. They certainly USED TO!! UCSF also has a dental clinic, where graduated students work for 2 years before going off into the big world of dentistry. I had a few crowns done there (it's been a few years). They were great and only charged for material. I don't have the number or address, but I'd check around in the phone book, call UCSF again. Good luck. many crowns and root canals later...

May 2008

RE: Dental work with no insurance

Dental insurance doesn't necessarily cover much and it's really expensive, so not having it is not necessarily a huge disadvantage. That said, if a local dentist won't set up a payment plan for you (many will), you can go to the USF Dental School on Parnassus St. in SF. The graduating students work on your teeth and you only pay materials. It's the lowest cost, highest quality way to go. You do, however, have to reserve a 3 hour chunk of time as they have a morning session and an afternoon session...you sign up for one or the other. EVERYTHING they do takes 3x as long cause they are slow and careful adn everything has to be checked by a supervising DDS.

I had extensive work done there years ago, and what would have cost me thousands only cost a few hundred. 

Good luck. owner of $20,000 mouth

April 2005

Has anyone any experience of getting treatment at UCSF dental school? I'm looking at it as a possibility both for my own dental needs (bridge/implant), and also for othodontic treatment for my son. They seem to offer treatment by faculty members. I'm not so interested in saving on cost (dentistry is a major but limited expense), as in finding the right dentist. I'm also looking at different possiblities for the orhtodontic treatment in Berkeley or nearby - any recent positive recommendations would also be really helpful. Is there any reason to suppose UCSF would be better than a local orthodontist? J.

I went to the UC dental school years ago, and later on I went to the UC dental school CLINIC. I found the dental SCHOOL to be torturous. Yes, it was cheap, but each appointment took forever and each procedure had to be checked by a supervising teacher. They also had to use some techniques that were not necessarily efficient or used anymore, but was part of the curriculum. I found some of these to be very uncomfortable. The quality of the work I think was incomparable. I've since had dentists compliment the quality of some of my crowns and fillings.

Later on I went to the UC Dental School Clinic, which is I think near Buchanan street, or something like that. This is where graduates of the dental school work for 2 years to get experience. It is again free, I think, but you pay for materials. The dentists by that time are much more competant and can work more quickly and less clumsily. good luck,

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April 2004

The recent message string on bad teeth/self-esteem hit close to home, so I'm wondering if anyone has had dental work done at the UCSF dental school? (There's just one brief mention of it in the archives.) I'm thinking about braces, or hopefully spacers/retainer/whatever. I had braces as a teenager but my teeth have shifted back. I can't justify the expense for what's basically a cosmetic thing so was wondering about the dental school. Thank you.

we went to ucsf for braces for 3 kids (they used to give a sibling discount). we thought it was great. i've almost come to think that i like the schools better than the regular dentist because there are so many people checking on the work! what i did hear when we were near the end, however, is that univ of the pacific school (also in sf) is cheaper. i had a crown done there about 17 years ago - very good experience. visits at the schools can take longer timewise, but i had more time than money..... peggy

March 2003

Re: Dentists Favorable to Breastfeeding
Hi! I have to recommend the wonderful residents at the UCSF Pediatric Dentistry clinic -- they were superb! We just went through a similar event: my toddler, who actually -- coincidentally -- just stopped nursing, was getting interesting brown spots on her teeth -- on her new molars, in fact. We went to a few dentists who, just like you, were very harsh about me ''still nursing'' my two year old. I felt shamed and even ridiculed for doing what I feel is a totally natural thing!

I called up UCSF's Pediatric Dentistry clinic, and we went in for an appointment -- the resident we saw totally made me feel relaxed about the whole breastfeeding=cavities myth. He actually said that there was little evidence to support the claim that breastmilk causes cavities, and didn't pressure me at all to stop nursing. We went in a few weeks later to get her teeth fixed, and it was a good experience. The docs are super nice and really do an excellent job. I can't recommend them highly enough! Though it was quite a drive from the East Bay to SF at 8am, it was totally worth it. Hope this helps! Nora

June 1999

If you have the time going to U.C. Dental School in San Francisco is the cheapest way to go and they do a very good job with the Professors checking each step as the work is done. Joyce