UCSF or Arthur Dugoni school of dentistry for 15 year-old

My daughter has been a patient at UCSF pediatric dental clinic, but now at 15 is aging out. I would like to hear your experiences from UCSF adult student clinic versus the Arthur Dugoni one please in order to be able to make an informed decision where to go next. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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My son went to U of Pacific dental school for braces. We started at the old campus which was quite “a hike “ to get there ( we took transit so we didn’t get caught up in traffic ).  Once they moved to downtown SF it was a breeze; 2 blocks from BART.  They do have evening hours and that’s great; no missing morning classes. My son would go on his own starting at age 14 and since I work in SF I would meet him there. As he got older, he’d call me when treatment was done. I’d go and meet with the student regarding treatment, instructions, next steps etc. But there were few if no instructors/professors in the evening clinics with the students. If they were there, they were hiding. 

University of Pacific I believe is more expensive and I feel not at “warm” as UCSF dental students.

I’ve been a patient at UCSF School of Dentistry for 21 years and have received excellent Care. Instead of going up to the Parnassus campus another UCSF dental clinic option is to go to the one near Market Street at 100 Buchanan. (Take Muni F-Line 3 stops from Van Ness. ) I go there since it’s close to work. Smaller and more intimate than Parnassus campus. I don’t know about evening hours. 

I’ve saved so much money by going to dental schools and I’ve got great dental insurance. I’ve never felt abused, afraid,  or “sold” a treatment I didn’t need. Good luck in choosing.