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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dentist for teen who has outgrown his pediatric dentist
    We're really happy with Lim, Sio and Kaufman off Solano on Ventura. Nice people, very personal attention, wonderfully managed front office: North Berkeley Dental Arts 901 Ventura Ave. 526-1757 - Berkeley Mom

    Sept 2008

    Re: Fabulous Dentist
    I highly recommend Dr. Vince Lim at North Berkeley Dental Arts at 901 Ventura Avenue, right off of Solano. Their number is 510-526-1757 or the website is

    Dr. Lim is the best dentist I have ever had - very gentle, calm & thorough. Our entire family, including my 5-year old son, and most of my co-workers go there. You can find reviews on Yelp. Happy Dental Patient

    Jan 2007

    Re: Dentist near Solano Avenue
    Dr. Nate Kauffman at North Bereley Dental Arts is excellent. His office is right around Peralta and Solano. He takes time to explain all his recommendations and go over the latest research on everything from flossing to flouride. The hygienest I see is wonderful too. happy mouth

    Nov 2006

    Re: Looking for Dentistry recommendations - Rockridge
    I had a cap done today by my *wonderful* dentist, Nate Kaufman, and was so grateful lying in the chair today, knowing that I was in excellent hands. I *only* see him, and Beth Davie for cleanings. Nate Kaufman - 510-526-1757 Beth Davie - 510-388-6398 jessica

    March 2006

    For anybody seeking a dentist in the Albany/Berkeley area, I'd love to recommend Dr. Allan Sio. His office is off Solano Ave (510) 526-1757. By far, he is one of the best dentists I've been to and I've been to a lot. His shots are pain free and he was great at explaining the details during my visit as I find that many dentists speak in dental jargon or not at all. I like that he took the time to help me feel comfortable as my last dental visit was extremely traumatizing. For my cleaning, i saw Karan. I have bad gag reflex but she was extremely thorough with the cleaning and very careful at handling it at the same time. Hope this helps! Katherine

    Sept 2005

    Dr Lim at North Berkeley Dental Arts is the most gentle dentist I have ever had! I had a filling and didnmt even feel the shot of novacaine, which was given in just the right amount. The filling was totally painless - the first good experience I have had with a dentist in the Bay Area, and I have had 4 or 5 dentists here. The office is like a home - the waiting room is like a living room with a fireplace and sofas and nice furniture - this was great for my husband, who is scared of dental visits. The staff are very warm and friendly and make you feel comfortable. I'm an expecting mother and they did a FREE saliva test on me to see if I am at risk for getting cavities, and so I don't pass this on to the baby. I really can't recommend this office enough! 901 Ventura Ave (at Solano) (510) 526-1757 Sue

    March 2005

    Re: Dentist in N. Berkeley
    Although a little out of your geographical range, we have been going to Nate Kaufman for many years. His office is located on Ventura Avenue, between Marin and Solano. Since my partner and I started there in 1985 or so, we have both had the same hygienists -- I see Leslie; Craig sees Beth. We are both very happy with the dental care and the hygienic care we get. Leslie uses the ultra-sonic cleaner on me and then scrapes off what's left. I believe that Beth does it the other way, scraping first and then using the ultra-sonic cleaner (but I could be wrong about that). In short, we recommend this office VERY highly. Their number is 526-1757. Laurel

    Re: Severe fear of going to the dentist (Nov 2004)
    We have some dental phobia-ists in our family too. For many years now, we've been going to Nathan (Nate) Kaufman on Ventura (off Solano Avenue). He and his staff are warm and gentle, and they are sensitive to the needs of nervous patients. We recommend him highly. His phone number is 526-1757. Good luck!!! Laurel


    RE: request for a pediatric dentist
    I would like to recommend Dr. David Hinrichs as a pediatric dentist. Granted, I may be biased in that he is my brother-in-law and the uncle of my 9-month-old daughter! He and Nate Kaufman have a practice on Ventura St. just off of Solano. Dave is gifted, friendly, very gentle, and great with the many children he sees. I feel sure that you would be pleased with his work. Kim

    I'm not in the least bit related to Dr. David Hinrichs--I only have a daughter that's his patient--but agree that he's got a wonderful, calm, sweet way with children. (And is equally pleasant to adults.) He's also not the kind of dentist that pushes you (the parent) into treatments for your child that might not be necessary. The hygienists in the office are also good with kids. Judy

    May 2000
    RE: a dentist for the fearful

    Boy, do you sound like my partner! At the ripe old age of 28, my partner had been to a dentist once in his life. He wasn't thrilled by the prospect of seeing one, and we both knew there'd be a lot of damage, as well as a lot of pain and expense in fixing his problems. We went to Nate Kaufman (on Ventura, between Marin and Solano, 526-1757) and have been living happily ever after since (and we first saw Nate in 1985!). Nate is a terrific, mellow, dentist. No disapproval, no pressure. His staff is wonderful, and the hygienists are also great (I particularly recommend Leslie, who I've been seeing the whole time). Good luck! Laurel