Vincent Lim, DDS (Berkeley, CA)

Berkeley, CA
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Note: Dr. Lim practices in the North Berkeley Dental Arts group. See that page for more reviews.
Sept 2008

Re: Fabulous Dentist
I highly recommend Dr. Vince Lim at North Berkeley Dental Arts at 901 Ventura Avenue, right off of Solano. Their number is 510-526-1757 or the website is

Dr. Lim is the best dentist I have ever had - very gentle, calm & thorough. Our entire family, including my 5-year old son, and most of my co-workers go there. You can find reviews on Yelp. Happy Dental Patient

Sept 2005

Dr Lim at North Berkeley Dental Arts is the most gentle dentist I have ever had! I had a filling and didnmt even feel the shot of novacaine, which was given in just the right amount. The filling was totally painless - the first good experience I have had with a dentist in the Bay Area, and I have had 4 or 5 dentists here. The office is like a home - the waiting room is like a living room with a fireplace and sofas and nice furniture - this was great for my husband, who is scared of dental visits. The staff are very warm and friendly and make you feel comfortable. I'm an expecting mother and they did a FREE saliva test on me to see if I am at risk for getting cavities, and so I don't pass this on to the baby. I really can't recommend this office enough! 901 Ventura Ave (at Solano) (510) 526-1757 Sue