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  • Hello! We're a two-mom family with an 18-month old son. We will be moving to Glenview in a little over a month. We chose the neighbourhood in part because we've read and heard good things about the Glenview Elementary - more importantly it's LGBTQ-friendly (although the BPN posts about this are little older). Does anyone have any recent experience they can share? We're also looking for recommendations on daycare, preschools and Montesorri in the neighbourhood. It would be super to hear from others. Thank you!

    We don't have experience with Glenview Elementary, but our kiddo (2) will be attending Duck's Nest preschool in August and we know over half of the families in their class are LGBTQ+ fams, including ours, and they have LGBTQ+ teachers, as well!

    Hi - I’m in a two-dad family in Berkeley. I don’t have any specific thoughts about Glenview schools etc. From a Berkeley perspective, all our schools had other same-sex parents in our classes (often two-mom) and all the schools were very proactive about discussing “different families” with the kiddos. So I think there are likely lots of great experiences with you!

    Thanks a million for both of your responses! It is very encouraging to know that schools in the area are doing the work to be inclusive. We’ll keep an eye out for Duck’s Nest. Have a lovely weekend!

    My family moved to Glenview almost two years ago, and we're also hoping that Glenview Elementary will be a good fit for my family (not LGBTQ) when my kids are of age in the next couple of years. I started following Glenview Elementary on social media, and it's given a nice sense of the community and the politics of the parent community, only confirming that it is an inclusive and engaged place that celebrates the identities of its families and staff. I also attended the TK/K info night on Zoom right soon after we moved, and learned a lot.

    Carolyn Carpenter has/had a play-based, queer friendly school in Glenview.  It's called Bloomers, and is run out of her house.  You can search BPN for reviews.  My child went there around 12 years ago, so not sure of the current status, but she's great,

    My experience is not that recent (my daughter who attended preschool and aftercare there through 5th grade is now graduating from high school), but you might want to look at Lakeshore Children's center. Its staff and management is remarkably stable, so I would not expect a dramatically different vibe now than 7 years ago when the school had a healthy representation of LGBTQ families. It provides aftercare to Crocker Highlands, Glenview, and Cleveland elementaries, so it's a great choice if you end up with kids in both preschool and elementary. 

  • Considering a move to Glenview

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    Hi there, my partner and I are considering a move to Glenview! We really like what we've seen so far of the neighborhood. Originally we were pretty keen on Trestle Glen and/or Crocker Highlands, but as first time home buyers, we felt Glenview is more appropriate for a young couple starting a family. Would love general feedback on Glenview! Is Glenview generally accepting of different cultures? Are there any community events? Would a young couple in early 30s feel at home -- we aren't looking for nightlife, but are looking for a community feeling and activities like farmers market, and neighbors generally walking around and friendly to each other. How does Glenview compare in 'vibe' to neighboring Crocker Highlands / Trestle Glen?

    Open to all feedback, including any guidance on specific streets that are coveted and especially kid/baby friendly!

    Glenview sounds like just the place for you and your partner! I've been coveting this neighborhood for ages now, myself. My daughter takes piano lessons from a woman in this wonderful neighborhood and I always see people out walking dogs and chatting with each other. Such a great vibe! And there's a couple of different neighborhood listserves you can get on and great shopping & dining down in the Dimond. I recommend it highly! Feel free to hit me up for more info if you like.


    I live in a neighborhood adjacent to Glenview (Dimond -- the other side of Dimond Park from part of Glenview), and I'm on the Glenview neighbors email list called Glenfriends.  I don't know how you join (used to be a Google group and I joined many years ago).. Maybe if you email glenfriends [at] you can find out.  Once on the list, you can ask about schools (Glenview Elementary has just finished a complete reconstruction), shops, commuting -- whatever interests you.  A small plug for a gem on my side of Dimond Park: the Dimond Library branch.  Before COVID, it held weekly story hours for young children; in the summer there were weekly entertainers for kids, too.  I am sure those things will return when our normal lives resume.  It's a wonderful library and the closest one to Glenview.

    We moved to Glenview last October with similar goals and it has exceed our expectations.  We are mid/late 30's with a 1 year old and it has proven an ideal area to start a family.  There are many other young families with newborns and younger children. The neighbors are extremely friendly, lots of people out walking dogs conversing. From every indication I see, this area is fairly diverse and very welcoming to all cultures, lifestyles, and ages.

    There's the row of restaurants and shops on Park Blvd which should prove walkable from most of the neighborhood, but also the Lakeshore (Saturday) and Montclair (Sunday) Farmer's markets are short drives (/bike rides). We've worn out our stroller tires going back and forth between Dimond Park, and I share the sentiment of the earlier response regarding the Library. 

    We had originally looked at places in Trestle Glen and Crocker Highlands ourselves, and I will often take the little one through them on longer walks through Trestle Glen Rd and I would say they all have a similar feel, but I prefer the access to Park Blvd down through Dimond Park or walks up through Sausal Creek trails. It creates a little more of a walkable ecosystem of things that make life as a new parent just click for us.

  • My family is considering a move to Glenview (Oakland) with our one and four year old. I'd love to hear about what it's like to live there for young families. What is the community like? Where do people tend to go grocery shopping? Do most neighborhood kids tend to go to public or private school? Do people tend to stay in Glenview for the mid- to long-term or is it more of a transient place? How do people commute into the city - is casual carpool the best option or is there a way to make BART work well? My partner and I would love to hear anything you'd like to share! 

    The best Glenview-SF commute option is the Transbay bus, if that works for your schedule. The V line runs down Park Blvd, and the NX down MacArthur if you’re at that end of Glenview. Much nicer than BART, which I used to take before I moved to Glenview.

    Hi - My family absolutely loves Glenview. My husband and I moved here 2+ years ago from San Francisco (we lived in Oakland prior to that, though). Now, we have a 1-year-old. Since being home all the time due to the pandemic, we have realized how many families of young kids live here. People are very friendly, and we are hoping to be able to socialize more once the pandemic is over. My son loves to stand in our front yard and wave to other kids, dogs, people walking by... Currently we are WFH, but pre-pandemic, I commuted to SF and my husband commuted to downtown Oakland. Our daycare is in downtown Oakland, and we drove there, my husband parked at his office, then I took BART into the city. Before having my son, I regularly took the AC Transit transbay buses and they were great. For groceries, we are long time Berkeley Bowl shoppers, but there's also Savemore, a convenient little shop for necessities on Park Blvd., Rocky's Market in Oakmore, and Farmer Joe's and the other shops in Dimond are super convenient. Not to mention all the shops in Montclair. Good luck!

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May 2012

We're considering moving to the Glenview neighborhood and would love to hear from residents about what they like and don't like about the area. The reviews on BPN are positive but they're from 2004 and before. We're a family with a preschooler and a toddler, and we're looking for a welcoming community with a good public school (I'll ask more about the school in that forum), a place where kids play on the sidewalk and friendly neighbors host impromptu barbeques. I get the feeling that Glenview might be perfect for us -- driving by, I've seen kids riding bikes in their driveways while the parents chat, etc. It looks like a diverse community of down-to-earth, friendly people. It also seems like it would be fairly easy to meet your neighbors if your kids went to Glenview Elementary, and at an open house there, it seemed like the parents were fun, intelligent, artsy, unpretentious and committed to building community -- our kind of people. Are my impressions right? What do you like and dislike about living in Glenview? Would you recoommend it? Thanks! Looking for a new home

Sounds like you've discovered the secret... Glenview is the best! We have lived here for 5 years. It's super friendly, has that great neighborhood feeling, and is diverse (ethnically and lesbian/gay). We've made many friends on our street and enjoy walking to all of the great new restaurants on Park. The only downside for us is the school situation. We thought we would be able to attend Glenview Elem. and toured it eager to love it after hearing so many like-minded seeming parents rave about it and dismissing the few neighbors who sent their kids to private schools or transferred to other OUSD schools. Unfortunately, we didn't love it or even find it acceptable. I suggest you tour the school for yourself if you are planning on attending it, it's difficult but not impossible to use the options process to attend another school. my 2 cents

My husband and I bought a house in the Glenview neighborhood just over one year ago. We absolutely love it. Our neighbors are very friendly and social, and even left us a welcome basket on our front stoop before we moved in! There are many families with children, and parents in the area seem very comfortable allowing their kids to ride their bikes around the neighborhood or play a game of football in the street. Glenview is also walkable, and more and more restaurants are moving onto Park Blvd. Though we do not have any school-aged children (first baby currently on the way), I've heard wonderful things about Glenview Elementary. There is definitely a strong community feel. Our block has an annual block party and we all watch out for each other. My husband and I feel very comfortable, welcome and safe. Two thumbs up!

I work as a nanny in Glenview for friends, and have gotten to know the neighborhood very well in the past year and a half. Overall, it's a beautiful neighborhood, people are generally friendly: moreso than Berkeley, less so than San Leandro. I've made friends with lots of the neighbors here. Last year I observed would-be burglars across the street and called the police, the police came pretty quickly and the burglars had already left without breaking into the house. And I know a mugging happened on this street in the past six months - the victim was walking on Park Boulevard and was followed as she took a side street, I think her bag or purse was stolen. So there's some crime factor here, even though crime statistics would put this neighborhood in the 'green-safest' zone. Generally I have felt very safe walking around the neighborhood with a stroller. People are around, enjoying the neighborhood more than some places (Piedmont has been empty of any signs of life whenever I've walked in that neighborhood nearby). The Glenview village is cute, and I believe as you said that families get to know each other from the elementary school. Some neighbors are considering moving as their children are getting older and while the elementary school is considered good, most say that upper grades are not. Other families send their kids to private school as they get older. hope this is helpful! M

October 2004

I'm so excited to be moving in the VERY near future to Glenview, but I don't know much about the area. I'm sure we'll discover many things on our own, but I'd be interested in having a good head start when we get there. Specifically parks/playgrounds. Hoping for one nearby the house, although the drive-by I did the other day didn't reveal one to me. We'll be living somewhat near the Glenview elementary school, but are there playgrounds nearby that toddlers can use during the weekdays? Other recommendations for services in the neighborhood are also sought (dry cleaners, coffee shops, cafes, shopping, family activities, etc) Thanks!
-New Glenview Neighbor!

There is a wonderful toddler playground in Dimond Park, just south of where El Centro crosses the park. Check it out! Evette

Glenview has Dimond Park, an easy walk from most places in the neighborhood. Park Blvd has most of the shopping that you can walk to, and you'll discover pretty quickly which restaurants you like. Compadres on the corner is Mexican, and I'd say it's convenient and not bad but not outstanding. Purple Plum is good if a little pricey, and Blackberry is pretty popular for breakfast. There's also a coffee place. Fruitvale neighborhood also has a number of stores you might go to, and some restaurants--there's a burrito place on Macarther. Also a library on Fruitvale itself, which you can get to by walking through the park also. Other todder areas are Montclair Park, on Mountain Blvd near the Montclair shopping area. And there are loads of young families around.

I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses. . . but DIMOND PARK is right in your new neighborhood. We have used it for almost daily toddler play, potlucks, swimming lessons, and birthday parties. Its fabulous. Also, the East Bay Dance Center has recently relocated to the neighborhood with everything from pre- ballet to hip hop. Enjoy! Debbie

I am sure you'll get lots of responses from Glenview residents. Here's my 2 cents:

I have lived in Glenview for about 4 years and moved there from SF. At first we rented, then bought a house about 2 years ago. We live right in front of Glenview Elementary. My husband and I love living in Glenview. It has so much to offer for the kids (ours are 2 and 4) and is a great community. We know most of our neighbors and there is a really nice community feeling. We talk alot about relocating (due to economy, etc) but if it actually happened, we would be so sad to leave our great neighborhood.

Here are some of our favorite things in/around Glenview:
1 - Dimond Park. This park is walking distance of Glenview Elementary, so if you are moving near there you will be close by. (It is at the end of Wellington St.). They have a couple play areas, tennis courts and a nice pool for summertime. They have a great recreation sched. for kids. Birrel, the guy who runs everything, is awesome with the kids.
2 - Dimond Branch Library on Fruitvale - They have story time for kids/families on Tues. nights and again during the day (don't know which day). Sometimes they have performances like puppet shows, etc for kids.
3 - Ultimate Grounds Cafe - it is walkable, has good coffee, nice staff, and is a nice place to hang out with or without the kids. They also serve ice cream.
4 - There is a dance studio on Park Blvd that used to be the Glenview Performing Arts center. They have dance classes for kids, etc. My daughter took ballet there before the change of ownership (some of the same teachers are there) and she loved it.
5 - Park Blvd. Yoga - it is great to be able to walk to a yoga class.
6 - Farmer Joe's - On McArthur and 35th I think. Its like Berkeley Bowl but smaller and without the massive crowds and horrid parking. They have tons of great organic produce and bulk foods. Rumor has it that they are opening an even bigger location on Fruitvale where ''Crazy Johns'' is right now.

I love Glenview because it has all these amenities within walking distance from our house, and the people that I have come to know as my neighbors are all wonderful and friendly (not to sound like a Stepford wife - but they are really nice!). As a result, I am not missing SF so much anymore ;-)
happy Glenview mom

welcome to Glenview! I'm a big fan of Oakland and especially Glenview, having been here 6 years. Dimond Park is very close to the elementary school, right down Wellington, and has baby swings, a climbing structure, sand, grass, and an outdoor pool. My daughter went 3 days a week with her nanny from age 5 months to 2 years. She loved it! There's a great coffee shop right on Park Blvd, and 2 fabulous restaurants (Blackberry Bistro & Purple Plum) I use a dry cleaner up in Montclair (had a bad experience with the one on Park, near the middle school). FemiNails on Park is great for mani/pedi. Enjoy!

We just moved to Glenview/Oakmore in August but have been delighted with the neighborhood. As for parks, we take our 2 year old and 1 month old to the Montclair Playground/Rec Center on Moraga and to Dimond Park Playground/Rec center. Both are equally close to us and have been fun and safe places to play. Both rec centers have great classes for kids. Our daughter especially loves Miss Marilyn's ballet/tap classs at the Montclair Rec Center. As for other neighborhood recommendations, the food at the Blackberry Bistro and Pastino's (both on Park) is very good. The folks at the Hardware store onPark are very helpful with recommendations for craftspeople/handymen/servicemen of all types although the gardener we got from them was a flake. The East Bay Dance Center on Glenfeild also has great classes for kids 3 and up. Hope this helps.

Welcome to the neighborhood. Dimond Park is the closest to you and has great climbing structures, swings, even a creek for toddler and kid exploration - great swim programs for toddlers and kids during summer months, and year round swimming for adults. The Purple Plum is a great sort-of-upscale restaurant, Pastino's has good pizza and pasta for a casual night out (or take-out), the Blackberry Bistro or Diggery Inn are good for breakfast. Femi Macus gives great manicure/pedicures at reasonable prices. And, the Oak Hill Cleaner is good, too. Don't forget that Montclair's right up the street - good park there, too - and great restaurants and shops.

Welcome to Glenview! I'm sure you will love it as we do. There is a great park very closeby, Dimond Park, with two playgrounds, lots of grass, a creek, a pool, tennis courts, etc. It is just a few blocks from the elementary school... the easiest access is down at the bottom of Wellington. Also, there is a Glenview neighborhood email listserve (much like Berkeley Parents Network) that you should join to get all sorts of local news, announcements and also to post requests for recommendations. You can join through Yahoo Groups at

Feb 2003

Re: Seeking a friendly neighborhood w/kids
We have been living in the Glenview area of Oakland for 3 years now and really love it. There are lots of small children around us for our 3-year old daughter to play with, and for the first time in my life, I can say that I know and am friendly with all my immediate neighbors. There is a very strong sense of community in Glenview.

Within walking distance, we have a great park(Dimond) with activities for kids and a pool, as well as a small commerce area (Park Blvd.) which has a neighborhood market, a cafe, and couple of restaurants. I sometimes see rentals available in the neighborhood. For more info on the area, you can check out the Glenview Neighborhood's Association website at Angelica

My sister lives in the Glenview area of Oakland and her street (Randolph Ave) is very neighborhoody - in fact, I take my son over there almost every weekend as he has so much fun with all the kids playing outside. I have noticed this on some other blocks in the area, so you might want to check it out. anon