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Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Carolyn Carpenter
(510) 967-2560
bloomerspreschool [at]
Glenview neighborhood
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Ages Served:
24 months - 60 months
Monthly Cost:
8:00am - 6:00pm
Additional Services & Features:
Part-time available,
Pre-K program,
Subsidized program,
Snacks provided,
Special diet support,
Cloth diapers accepted,
Potty training support
About the Program:

Play based in home preschool program in the Glenview neighborhood for children ages 2 to 5. 

Parent Reviews

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Bloomers is great! My children come home so happy everyday. Caroline and her daughter Carrie know how to focus on the most important aspects of preschool: experiential learning, play, and developing friendships among the children. They provide a ton of outside time each day as well. Caroline is also very good at communicating. Highly recommend!

Bloomers is a great school. Our daughter was there from 2 and a half to 3 and a half. I love all the reading, cooking, art, and free range backyard outdoor play! Carolyn is very experienced in early childhood dev and active in the childcare / edu community. She is an advocate for families and kids. Her hours and pricing can’t be beat. Thank you Carolyn! 💛

I am just chiming in to strongly agree with the poster who recommended Bloomers in Glenview. In my era (ages ago) it was more of a daycare for younger kids and I think we actually had to move our son when he reached about 3.5 or 4. But we absolutely loved this home based school and Carolyn, the owner and teacher is a GEM. So kind, so intelligent, wise and knowledgable about kids. Looks can indeed be deceiving - don’t judge it by appearance, but our son thrived there and my parenting improved! I have so many fond memories. 

I HIGHLY recommend Bloomers Preschool. It’s over behind Edna Bower Middle school. It’s a home based, play-based/reggio setting. My daughter has been there 1 year +. Looks can be deceiving-they rent the home and the landlord hasn’t updated anything except the windows in the last 30 years…But Carolyn, Carrie, and Ben are fabulous. They have openings, last I heard. 

My daughter has been at Bloomers for just over a year and I am so happy with the social-emotional focus of this home preschool. The job of a child is to learn by playing and exploring, and Carolyn fosters a loving environment for this to occur. There are books everywhere for the kids to read, both as a group or on their own, yoga twice a week, nature/rain walks, and an occasional adult evening where the kids get too eat pizza and watch a movie. Carolyn, Carrie, and Ben are extremely aware of each kid’s fun personality quirks, their needs, and areas to grow. I also appreciate the mixed age approach. My daughter was one of the younger kids and is now on the older side, modeling for others like those that came before her. Highly recommend Love!!

I sent both my boys to Bloomers and I cannot reccommend it enough! Carolyn is kind and warm, but also wonderfully firm, and extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to all the kids' individual needs, quirks and personalities. The kids get a ton of fresh air and playing outside, also lots of stimulating activities to get them ready for kindergarten, but always play-based and fun. It is a loving and wonderful place. I always felt happy and relieved dropping my kids there. This is my littler son's last week and I am going to miss it very much! Please contact me directly for more details, I will gladly provide.

Carolyn Carpenter has/had a play-based, queer friendly school in Glenview.  It's called Bloomers, and is run out of her house.  You can search BPN for reviews.  My child went there around 12 years ago, so not sure of the current status, but she's great,

Hi There - My kids went/go to Bloomers, a small home-based, play-based, and reasonably-priced preschool in lower Glenview. They have both been very happy there, and get a lot of attention, which is great for my mama's girls. The kids are expected to rest during naptime (which I believe is shorter than most preschool naptimes), but the teachers put on soothing music, and I think sometimes kids who can't nap are moved to different areas or rooms so they don't keep others awake. You may want to talk to the owner, Carolyn, about her strategies for non-nappers. She has been in this business for decades, and has a strong, informed philosophy about early education practices and experience with all kinds of kids. My girls have never napped well, but very surprisingly (to me), neither was that bothered by resting during naptime at school, and sometimes actually fell asleep, even YEARS after they stopped napping at home. Bloomers teachers are very intentional about social-emotional learning, and there is a big focus on kindness and community. I really feel my girls have benefited from this approach. Also, being a neighborhood place, we've made friends with lots of other families that live within a mile of us, and that has been absolutely wonderful!

I couldn’t have asked for a better pre-school experience than Bloomers! My daughter, who is now thriving in Kindergarten, got to play in the dirt, nurture a garden, create and dictate her own stories, and partake in pinterest worthy art and science projects! Carolyn and Beth are so loving, and knowledgeable, and do a wonderful job of teaching the kids empathy and problem solving.

Additionally, the hours are great, there’s weekly yoga, regular field trips, and even parents night outs.

My daughter has been attending Bloomers for almost three years, and our second daughter will start this summer. It's a wonderful community of families, and I've been really happy with how much my daughter has learned, socially and academically. The teachers both model and actively teach kindness and promote a culture of inclusion, while also teaching kids about appropriate boundaries (which my kid really needs!). The priority is on learning through play, and that's been wonderful for my daughter. They also plant and tend a garden, have regular field trips, weekly yoga, plenty of reading, and lots of outside time. The hours are also very convenient for working families. I highly recommend this school!

When we moved to Oakland 7 months ago, I was desperately afraid that my shy four-year old daughter would have a hard time adjusting to a new school. Boy was I wrong. Within a week of going to Bloomers, she was saying how much she loved Bethie and Carolyn. She loves to help guide the lessons - where the theme of the month is chosen by the students. She loves the yoga. She loves the other children. I love the other parents and the advice they have given about the neighborhood. I also love how much her interpersonal skills have improved. I hear less whining and more please and thank you. I hear that she is a big help with the younger students, which shows when she comes home and helps with her brother. I highly recommend this school and its wonderful community.

My son attended Bloomers from a little over 2 until a few weeks before kindergarten started. We loved Bloomers and wish his grammar school were as close-knit, supportive, thoughtful and thought-inspiring. In fact, we loved the whole Bloomers community. I teared up on his last day because I was so sad he'd be leaving!

Carolyn and Beth are wonderful teachers, and parents. Each month has a theme, which is explored through play in the visual arts, music and science as well as letters and numbers -- lots of social and emotional learning as well as cognitive. Resilience is fostered by supportively and compassionately helping children meet standards of behavior in dealing with conflict, sharing, clean up, transitioning and other toddler trouble areas.

Lots of fresh air. The kids play outside multiple times a day in the big backyard and help with the garden in summer. Fun field trips to parks, Ardenwood Farm, Oakland Zoo, Fairyland, and more.

You won't find a better daycare that is also affordable and convenient (street parking is easy, it's close to 580, unlike many daycares they aren't super rigid about drop off and pickup times).

My son truly did bloom there. I highly recommend without qualification.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2013

Re: Looking for a small, play-based or alt preschool
I recommend Bloomers, owned by Carolyn Carpenter. My daughter (who is now in kindergarten) went there for 2 years and loved it. We have kept in touch with Carolyn and a few of the alumni. Definitely play based. It has a nice outdoor space and Carolyn is incredibly kind. You should call her and arrange to go by to meet her if the location (a few blocks from MacArthur and Park Blvd) seems feasible. anon

Oct 2012

Re: Looking for mellow preschool near Glenview
Please take a look at Bloomers Preschool in Glenview run my Carolyn Carpenter. Our daughter (now 4) has attended since she was 17 months old. It's a home-based day care, and now enrolls children 2-5, and uses more preschool activities. I'm not sure what you mean by ''mellow'' but they are very flexible (our daughter goes part-time, with drop-in days). She loves it there, and asks ''am I going to Carolyn's today?'' on weekends. It's a small, family-like environment which offers a combination of structure and play-based learning. The teachers (Carolyn, Beth) demonstrate and foster the children's natural kindness to one another. They organize field trips, family potlucks and even a campout this summer. There is a visiting yoga teacher who teaches yoga for young children once a week. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions. Thea

Jan 2012

Re: Small Oakland Preschool for shy boy
Bloomers in Glenview, run by Carolyn Carpenter. You can find her listed in the BPN website. A small preschool, home-based, super nice and kind, intelligent owner. Nice outdoor area. We went there for about 2 years, about 2 years ago. Only full days, but you can go for 3 days a week. Joanne

Oct 2011

Re: Need a pre-school
I am very happy with my daughter's preschool-like daycare, Bloomers, operated by Carolyn Carpenter. In is located in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland. They take children from 2-5. The teachers offer a nice balance of some kindergarten-readiness activities with a lot of free play, outdoor time, art, yoga, and occasional field trips. Carolyn and her co-teacher, Beth, have decades of experience as teachers and my daughter loves and trusts them. Carolyn offers full day care (8AM-6PM) for anywhere from 1 to 5 days per week. She has openings now. You can contact her at (510) 530-9413. Laura

Sept 2010

Bloomers Daycare is a warm, nurturing home-based daycare. It a green- certified business located in Glenview. The owner, Carolyn Carpenter, is very attentive to each child's needs--she may cuddle one child, or read stories to another, and intervenes to facilitate social interactions when needed. There is circle time, lots of toys, a nice outdoor play area. Bloomers is transitioning to include more preschool activities, and has space for a child who is 2 or 3 years old. My daughter has been there 2 years and learned to play well with others, and to be assertive as well. Contact Carolyn Carpenter 510-530-9413

May 2010

My daughter has attended Bloomers daycare for 1.5+ years, from age 20 mos. to 3 years, 3 mos. The owner, Carolyn Carpenter, is a very kind, energetic, intelligent woman. She gives individual and empathetic care, and will read a book to one or more children, rock a child on her lap when needed, does circle time. Her daycare has a large outdoor area with willow tree and climbing structure, riding toys, etc. They grow plants such as sweet peas, tomatoes, and chard in the yard.

This is my younger child, and the most noteworthy thing I have seen is that all the kids are included , and they are all developing self-confidence and social skills! The kids are nice to each other, and have fun together.

Bloomers is a certified green business. They have a few spaces for kids who will turn 2-3 years in the fall. They are transitioning to include a preschool component to the curriculum. ---Joanne
Contact: Carolyn Carpenter, 510-530-9413

Feb 2009

I am writing to recommend Bloomers, a home-based daycare in Glenview. Carolyn Carpenter is the child care provider. She is an experienced and kind former preschool teacher and parent. The daycare has an outdoor area with grass, trees, and concrete for tricyles, and an indoor area with puzzles, books, toys, legos, playdough etc. Most of the kids are 2-3 years old. My child loves it. There will be an opening sometime in March. -- Joanne
Contact: Carolyn Carpenter, 510-530-9413

July 2008

My girls attend this small home-based daycare. Due to kids starting preschool there are spots for a couple of new kids age 2 or 3. Carolyn Carpenter is a former preschool teacher, who is patient and warm with the kids, reads to them every day, has taught them how to share, and lots of songs! She has 4 kids of her own and has worked in childcare for many years. Fully licensed with recent inspections (#013417902). Our girls have been thriving at ''Carolyn's house''. Rates are reasonable, part time schedules available, friendly for all kinds of families, supportive of breastfeeding, cloth diapering. You provide child's lunch. M - F 8 am to 6 pm. ~ Isa

Contact: Carolyn Carpenter, 510-530-9413

Nov 2006

Our daycare provider Carolyn Carpenter runs Bloomers, a small family daycare licensed for 6 children in her Glenview home. My twin daughters attend part time and we were immediately struck by Carolyn's warm, caring nature. She has a professional background as a preschool teacher, is attentive and flexible to families' needs. Other things we like: no TV watching, lots of books and stories, predictable yet flexible routine to the day, age appropriate toys and activities, reasonable rates. She has openings for a couple of kids, depending on their age and days needed. Write or call Bloomers directly for more information, see contact info below. License #013417902 Contact: Carolyn Carpenter, zuzu_s_petals[at] or (510) 530-9413