Seeking advice and recommendations on schools for LGBTQ family

Hello! We're a two-mom family with an 18-month old son. We will be moving to Glenview in a little over a month. We chose the neighbourhood in part because we've read and heard good things about the Glenview Elementary - more importantly it's LGBTQ-friendly (although the BPN posts about this are little older). Does anyone have any recent experience they can share? We're also looking for recommendations on daycare, preschools and Montesorri in the neighbourhood. It would be super to hear from others. Thank you!

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We don't have experience with Glenview Elementary, but our kiddo (2) will be attending Duck's Nest preschool in August and we know over half of the families in their class are LGBTQ+ fams, including ours, and they have LGBTQ+ teachers, as well!

Hi - I’m in a two-dad family in Berkeley. I don’t have any specific thoughts about Glenview schools etc. From a Berkeley perspective, all our schools had other same-sex parents in our classes (often two-mom) and all the schools were very proactive about discussing “different families” with the kiddos. So I think there are likely lots of great experiences with you!

Thanks a million for both of your responses! It is very encouraging to know that schools in the area are doing the work to be inclusive. We’ll keep an eye out for Duck’s Nest. Have a lovely weekend!

My family moved to Glenview almost two years ago, and we're also hoping that Glenview Elementary will be a good fit for my family (not LGBTQ) when my kids are of age in the next couple of years. I started following Glenview Elementary on social media, and it's given a nice sense of the community and the politics of the parent community, only confirming that it is an inclusive and engaged place that celebrates the identities of its families and staff. I also attended the TK/K info night on Zoom right soon after we moved, and learned a lot.

Carolyn Carpenter has/had a play-based, queer friendly school in Glenview.  It's called Bloomers, and is run out of her house.  You can search BPN for reviews.  My child went there around 12 years ago, so not sure of the current status, but she's great,

My experience is not that recent (my daughter who attended preschool and aftercare there through 5th grade is now graduating from high school), but you might want to look at Lakeshore Children's center. Its staff and management is remarkably stable, so I would not expect a dramatically different vibe now than 7 years ago when the school had a healthy representation of LGBTQ families. It provides aftercare to Crocker Highlands, Glenview, and Cleveland elementaries, so it's a great choice if you end up with kids in both preschool and elementary.