Considering a move to Glenview

Hi there, my partner and I are considering a move to Glenview! We really like what we've seen so far of the neighborhood. Originally we were pretty keen on Trestle Glen and/or Crocker Highlands, but as first time home buyers, we felt Glenview is more appropriate for a young couple starting a family. Would love general feedback on Glenview! Is Glenview generally accepting of different cultures? Are there any community events? Would a young couple in early 30s feel at home -- we aren't looking for nightlife, but are looking for a community feeling and activities like farmers market, and neighbors generally walking around and friendly to each other. How does Glenview compare in 'vibe' to neighboring Crocker Highlands / Trestle Glen?

Open to all feedback, including any guidance on specific streets that are coveted and especially kid/baby friendly!

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Glenview sounds like just the place for you and your partner! I've been coveting this neighborhood for ages now, myself. My daughter takes piano lessons from a woman in this wonderful neighborhood and I always see people out walking dogs and chatting with each other. Such a great vibe! And there's a couple of different neighborhood listserves you can get on and great shopping & dining down in the Dimond. I recommend it highly! Feel free to hit me up for more info if you like.


I live in a neighborhood adjacent to Glenview (Dimond -- the other side of Dimond Park from part of Glenview), and I'm on the Glenview neighbors email list called Glenfriends.  I don't know how you join (used to be a Google group and I joined many years ago).. Maybe if you email glenfriends [at] you can find out.  Once on the list, you can ask about schools (Glenview Elementary has just finished a complete reconstruction), shops, commuting -- whatever interests you.  A small plug for a gem on my side of Dimond Park: the Dimond Library branch.  Before COVID, it held weekly story hours for young children; in the summer there were weekly entertainers for kids, too.  I am sure those things will return when our normal lives resume.  It's a wonderful library and the closest one to Glenview.

We moved to Glenview last October with similar goals and it has exceed our expectations.  We are mid/late 30's with a 1 year old and it has proven an ideal area to start a family.  There are many other young families with newborns and younger children. The neighbors are extremely friendly, lots of people out walking dogs conversing. From every indication I see, this area is fairly diverse and very welcoming to all cultures, lifestyles, and ages.

There's the row of restaurants and shops on Park Blvd which should prove walkable from most of the neighborhood, but also the Lakeshore (Saturday) and Montclair (Sunday) Farmer's markets are short drives (/bike rides). We've worn out our stroller tires going back and forth between Dimond Park, and I share the sentiment of the earlier response regarding the Library. 

We had originally looked at places in Trestle Glen and Crocker Highlands ourselves, and I will often take the little one through them on longer walks through Trestle Glen Rd and I would say they all have a similar feel, but I prefer the access to Park Blvd down through Dimond Park or walks up through Sausal Creek trails. It creates a little more of a walkable ecosystem of things that make life as a new parent just click for us.