Living in Glenview (Oakland) with young kids?

My family is considering a move to Glenview (Oakland) with our one and four year old. I'd love to hear about what it's like to live there for young families. What is the community like? Where do people tend to go grocery shopping? Do most neighborhood kids tend to go to public or private school? Do people tend to stay in Glenview for the mid- to long-term or is it more of a transient place? How do people commute into the city - is casual carpool the best option or is there a way to make BART work well? My partner and I would love to hear anything you'd like to share! 

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The best Glenview-SF commute option is the Transbay bus, if that works for your schedule. The V line runs down Park Blvd, and the NX down MacArthur if you’re at that end of Glenview. Much nicer than BART, which I used to take before I moved to Glenview.

Hi - My family absolutely loves Glenview. My husband and I moved here 2+ years ago from San Francisco (we lived in Oakland prior to that, though). Now, we have a 1-year-old. Since being home all the time due to the pandemic, we have realized how many families of young kids live here. People are very friendly, and we are hoping to be able to socialize more once the pandemic is over. My son loves to stand in our front yard and wave to other kids, dogs, people walking by... Currently we are WFH, but pre-pandemic, I commuted to SF and my husband commuted to downtown Oakland. Our daycare is in downtown Oakland, and we drove there, my husband parked at his office, then I took BART into the city. Before having my son, I regularly took the AC Transit transbay buses and they were great. For groceries, we are long time Berkeley Bowl shoppers, but there's also Savemore, a convenient little shop for necessities on Park Blvd., Rocky's Market in Oakmore, and Farmer Joe's and the other shops in Dimond are super convenient. Not to mention all the shops in Montclair. Good luck!