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Any frisbee games in Oakland/Berkeley/Albany?

March 2013

Hi, my family recently moved to the Rockridge area. I am interested in finding out if there are any frisbee or soccer games for my husband to play, in Oakland/Berkeley/Albany? He's in his 30s, used to play a decent amount but hasn't in a couple of years. It would be great to get exercise and meet new people outside of work. Thanks! new to the area

Hi- this is not exactly what you are looking for.. but if YOU want to play frisbee- we have a group of women/ moms who have been playing frisbee for a year or so now - were not great, but we get some good exercise and have fun. We usually meet on Wednesday mornings, 9am at Montclair park. Also Sunday mornings there is often a family game - kids included. For your husband, try looking here: http://bayareadisc.org

Lots of Ultimate Frisbee options -- start with bayareadisc.org. There are (among others) pick-up games in Berkeley on Sundays as well as league offerings (winter for sure, not sure about summer). anon

Pick-up frisbee for 14 year old?

Aug 2009

Hi - Our soon-to-be 14-year-old son loves frisbee, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of an informal, fun, regular pick-up type frisbee game on the weekends - Sunday afternoon would be just terrific - week nights are possible but might conflict with homework. We're in North Berkeley but can travel if need be. Thanks!

I saw an unsigned request for information in today's Parents of Teens about ultimate frisbee for kids in berkeley. You're in luck! I'm the coach of the ultimate team at berkeley high, and the season is just about to kick off right after labor day. We'll have a table at freshman orientation at BHS on the 24th. We welcome kids from the berkeley area, whether they're in school at BHS or not, and we are both casual and very competitive. The team practices every sunday from september through june, and travels to play tournaments and single games against other teams around the region. The team is coed, and one does not need previous experience to join. Nor does one need to be ultra competitive; we have always welcomed the casual player who just wants to run around, make friends, and throw the disc. However, we are a serious team, have two or more practices a week, do drills, have track workouts and hope to finally take the state championship crown away from Alameda one day. Please contact me at youthdirector [at] bayareadiscassociation.org for more details. thank you Jordan Rose, Coach, BHS Ultimate

East Bay Ultimate Frisbee games

Aug 2008

I'm wondering if anyone knows of east bay ultimate Frisbee games (informal, pickup), and if so, places and times. Thanks. anon

The UPA.org has listings of local pick up games: http://www.upa.org/pickup/listings/CA
Enjoy. anon

Seeking informal Ulitimate games

June 2005

Hi, I checked the archives and they mention a couple of Ultimate Frisbee games--one at Mills College and one somewhere in Oakland. Does anyone know if those are current? I'm looking for a recreational game: I'm too old to be chasing down college students half my age, but I love playing Ultimate. Thanks, Michael

Got some info that might help you.

We try to maintain a list of pickup games on the San Francisco Ultimate League site (which I maintain and host), and you can check it at: http://sfuc.org/pickup.html

The games referred to as ''OakTech'' used to be played at Oakland Technical High School (45th and Broadway), until they put in astroturf. Now those games are at one of two possible locations, listed and linked to maps here: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/oaktechdisc/

Wednesdays are more casual. Sundays can be quite competitive, even if we're averaging mid-30s...

There is also an Albany game occasionally, but don't know anything about it. And another loose game at a park off Cedar in Berkeley.

Good luck! Hope to see you on the fields! -Ben

There is an ongoing pick-up game in Oakland at Carter Middle School behind the McDonalds at 45th & Telegraph. This game has been going on in some form for almost 20 years and has always been very multilevel friendly. They usually play on Saturdays around 1 pm. There is a yahoogroup at: sat_frisbee [at] yahoogroups.com

We've been playing ultimate at Shephard Canyon in Montclair every Sunday at 10:30ish for over a year now. Its a very fun game that is not too competitive and with a very friendly group of people. We have a few of us over 35'ers (and over 40'ers) out there and some of us bring our toddlers and have them play on the sidelines with each other. Come and join us if you'd like. k

Nov 2003

After a long time, I'd like to start playing soccer or ultimate again. I am looking for a casual, mommy-friendly, game that meets on weekends - ideally in the Lamorinda area, but Oakland or Berkeley are also doable. Are there any out there, or is there an organization that organizes such thing? Thanks, skills needing sharpening

There is a very casual, but fun and also challenging (if you want it to be), game at Mills College every Sunday afternoon. We match players one on one, based on skill level. So, if you're a beginner or have low skill, you get matched with someone equal, etc. Its also a low pressure game where the attitude is to have fun. We don't even keep score, just play til everyone's done playing.

The game has been occuring there for more than 14 years now and some of the same people still play. Ages of players range from 18 to 50+, with most of us being in the 30+ range. Several of us now have kids and people bring their children to the game on a regular basis. I'm sure it'd be easy to organize some type of child care swapping during the game, although we have not done that yet. Mostly men, but a good number of women play too.

The game technically starts at 3pm each Sunday and lasts until dark. Realistically, people start arriving about 3:15 and we generally start about 3:30 or 3:45.

There is a casual ultimate group that meets Saturdays from 11:00 or 12:00 to 1:00 or 2:00 at Carter Middle School in Oakland off of Telegraph at 48th Street. I haven't been in 8 months or so but they have a yahoo group at sat_frisbee where you can get or request current info. Tadashi

Feb 2003

I'm looking for adult pick-up Ultimate Frisbee games in the Berkeley/Pinole area. Are there any out there? grappa

check out the website for the East Bay (Ultimate Frisbee) Winter League at www.ebwl.org. the league is under way and full, but look at the top of the page for links to upcoming tournements and pickup games. josh

Mills College has a good ultimate game on Sundays. The game is more mellow than most because we do not keep score and try to be friendly to new players, regardless of their level of play. Several players have babies/kids and many do not. Age of players range from 16 to 50+ with most of us in the 25-35 range. There's usually a pretty good mix of women and men. There are a wide variety of skill levels within the players who play although many are pretty good. We just try to have fun and enjoy playing with one another.

During winters, game is from 3:30 to 5ish. Once we get sun longer, game often switches to start at 4:30 or so. Start times are always approximate because it is frisbee time (and thus sometimes starts later than we'd like). It is on the soccer field just past the entrance to the college. Rachael