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Competitive and Recreational rowing programs for East Bay Youth grades 6 - 12.

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Hi. I encourage your son try rowing with Artemis Rowing Club. He can join the boys novice high school squad - no experience necessary and he can get PE credit with Artemis . We currently have several BHS students in the club who have this arrangement. Most rowers at Artemis are not the traditional sporty kids, but they work hard, are dedicated to the sport and the team, and they do well at regattas. Artemis is a small club so your son would get more attention from the coach than he would at other rowing clubs in the area. My daughter is a nerdy kid who has been rowing since 6th grade and she loves it. You can bring your son to the Artemis boathouse and meet coaches and athletes at one of our Free Intro to Rowing Programs on Saturday 8/10 or Saturday 8/24 10 AM to 12 noon. Visit the club website
Www.ArtemisRowingClub.or for more information. Contact me if you have any questions about rowing mallannao [at]

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I recommend your 12 yr. old son try rowing with Artemis Rowing in Oakland. Artemis has a great recreational Middle School program. My daughter tried out rowing when she was in 6th grade and fell in love with the sport. Several kids in the program also did no sports prior to trying out rowing with Artemis and were hooked. I recommend Artemis because it is a smaller club so the coaches can give the individual rowers more attention. Also, the philosophy of the club is to do your best and have fun. But not having a win at all costs philosophy does not mean that Artemis rowers at the high school level are not competitive. In fact, Artemis has sent at least one boat to USRowing Youth Nationals every year for the past 6 years. Last year Artemis seniors placed 4th overall in their event. Now is a good time to check out Artemis as there is a Free 2 Week Trial. You can contact me for more information mallannao [at] You can also visit the club Web page
Good Luck!

My daughter has been rowing with Artemis since fall of 2016, starting as a middle schooler, and I have been delighted.  She has been involved in many athletic activities, from soccer to water polo to fencing, but none of them really took until she found rowing.  We tried it just as a lark at a learn to row day, she went because one of her friends at school was already with the team, and she never looked back.  I have seen her grow stronger and more confident (especially critical in those early teen years, and something I worried about) in a wonderful and supportive environment.  The coaches are tough but also compassionate.  The women's novice coach has worked with her girls not just on rowing but on their relationships, on diet and nutrition, and many other things.  They inspire each other and are unconditionally supportive.  It has been a perfect environment for her, she is thriviig and I cannot recommend it enough.

A word about sports and competition.  There are other programs out there, and they all vary in their tone, size, and how competitive they are.  The rowers at Artemis are competitive and work hard, but the emphasis is on kindness and humanity first and success never comes at the cost of those values.  Even without the "win at all costs" philosophy of other teams, Artemis has been successful, with multiple medals at regional events and a boat going to nationals this coming June (2018) and a presence at nationals in the past three years (that I know of).  I do want my daughter to be successful and learn the benefits of hard work and dedication, but in these early critical adolescent years my primary concern is her development as a person.  Artemis has been perfect for that, with just the right balance for my daughter.

It's wonderful that you are encouraging her interest! I've been a rower for ~45 years, and my child was recently was on Artemis and is now on Strokes. They are both fantastic programs, great coaches and kids, and both really different in their training, resources, practice commitment, way they develop the middle school program, expectations, size and funding. I would recommend trying both programs ASAP and letting her decide which is the best fit for her from there. Both teams have an intro session as well as summer camp, just let the middle school coaches know your daughter is checking out both teams.  Be prepared to spend lots of bucks/apply for scholarship, do your volunteer hours, and maybe fall in love with rowing too. Check if the high school you think she may be attending is associated with a rowing program and see if there are any opportunities there. I think the local races may be done for the season (May 5-7 is a big Sacramento race), but attending a race would be another way to see how the various teams work and how they are supported by parents, coaches and team-mates. Check the  regatta central website:

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Artemis Rowing — Learn to Row Camps

June 2015

My kid has really enjoyed Artemis Rowing. It’s a competitive crew program, primarily with sculling (rowing with two oars), with a fun, ‘chill’ atmosphere. This year Artemis has again qualified to row at USRowing Youth Nationals and will be going to Florida!

Starting June 15th, weekly Learn-to-Row camps are offered with Artemis Rowing for rising 8th through 12th graders. Sign up for one camp to see what rowing is all about, or sign up for several (with a discount) to get ready for the team in the fall. The weekly Learn-to-Row camps are held from 9 a.m. to noon throughout summer at the Jack London Aquatic Center. Grace R