Ultimate frisbee at Berkeley High

My son will be a freshman at BHS this fall and is looking around for a PE alternative. He's interested in ultimate frisbee. Wondering if anyone has experience with the club? My son is enthusiastic and hard-working but he'd be a beginner at the sport and isn't naturally a strong athlete. I'm curious if there's a way for a kid like him to participate or whether it's a better fit for kids with more skill/experience. And if you have another idea for a club to try, I'd appreciate that too.  Thanks!

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Hi. I encourage your son try rowing with Artemis Rowing Club. He can join the boys novice high school squad - no experience necessary and he can get PE credit with Artemis . We currently have several BHS students in the club who have this arrangement. Most rowers at Artemis are not the traditional sporty kids, but they work hard, are dedicated to the sport and the team, and they do well at regattas. Artemis is a small club so your son would get more attention from the coach than he would at other rowing clubs in the area. My daughter is a nerdy kid who has been rowing since 6th grade and she loves it. You can bring your son to the Artemis boathouse and meet coaches and athletes at one of our Free Intro to Rowing Programs on Saturday 8/10 or Saturday 8/24 10 AM to 12 noon. Visit the club website
Www.ArtemisRowingClub.or for more information. Contact me if you have any questions about rowing mallannao [at] gmail.com

The Berkeley High ultimate team is a fantastic program and has room for kids who are either more or less athletic/competitive.  If your son only wants the PE credit, it's a great way to go, but chances are he will love the team environment.  Very supportive, very positive.  It's a very large squad, and there are multiple teams to suit different players.  

I highly recommend Ultimate Frisbee to kids starting at BHS.  My son (just graduated this spring) is NOT very athletic, but was welcome and supported at Ultimate for two years and completed his PE credits.  Some of his good friends who are very athletically talented stayed with the team for 4 years and got to go to Nationals and win.  It is a super welcoming community.  LOTS of kids play--boys and girls and while they play very competitively on the most advanced team (Red), there are 3-4 other teams that are open to students of all abilities.  Parents are very involved as it is a volunteer-run organization and the kids take a lot of responsibility for the team and the culture.  Students help lead practices and students ref their own games.  Encourage your son to try it.  There will be other kids who are new to the sport and everyone is welcome. 

Berkeley High Coup (as the Ultimate team is called) is an awesome and welcoming group of teens and families. Typically there's a freshman team and then two upperclass teams (one more competitive than the other). It's a great sport and there are players at all skill levels. The PE credit bit has worked in the past for students who make the time commitment required by BUSD, but check on it early on as the district has threatened to change the policy several times. As for being a beginner, it would be a great idea for him to throw the disc around and start running to get in shape. It's a game with LOTS of running and throwing! If he's curious about other clubs, lots of kids like cross country in the fall too. During orientation there will be tables in the courtyard with lots of clubs and activities to learn about. Good luck!