Sports for teen girl to fulfill PE hours

Hi - my daughter needs to fulfill PE hours but feels like the sports and PE classes at her high school are very competitive and she's not into it.  Does anyone have suggestions for an exercise class for teens or a low key sports league that might work?  We live in Oakland but are willing to drive to Berkeley or other nearby towns.  My daughter is on the petite side so basketball is probably out.  I checked the archives but some things aren't current anymore.  Thanks!

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Can she take a yoga class? Our school has yoga and it is a pe credit.  Also, be very sure to get approval for the outside pe in writing that it will count towards her pe credit.

Good Luck!


my daughter’s high school also gives mainly organized competitive sports options. I pushed and got her permission to take yoga at an outside studio as an option. I hope these schools can open up the possibilities of healthy movement for non sporty kids. 

A friend of mine's high schooler took yoga at a local community college for her high school PE credit. It was a positive solution for them.

I recommend Ultimate Frisbee. You don't need any particular body type to excel at some aspect (throwing, defense, etc.) One of the best players I know is tiny. It is a competitive team sport, but has a different ethic than many others. Check it out: