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  • Parents, our 12 yo just came out as trans/non-binary.  I'm looking to find a trans-literate pediatrician within the Kaiser system, or a recommendation for a Kaiser campus that has particularly fabulous resources for trans tweens.  

    Kaiser Oakland has the PROUD Clinic.  It is SO fab. Our kiddo came out as trans earlier this year. PROUD offers counseling, meds, group therapy, transition services and more. 

    and hey. Love y’all. It’s a road I definitely didn’t expect to be walking as a parent but here we are. Hugs. 

    I asked a doc friend in the Kaiser system, and this is what they said: “There is a multidisciplinary pediatric trans clinic in Oakland that is amazing. Kids need to reach out to pediatrician who then puts in a referral (econsult) to child psych. They then hook the kiddo up with a therapist who takes the family through their journey until ready for a medical intervention and then the can be seen in Oakland Proud clinic.”

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 Gay Friendly Pediatrician for upcoming adoption

March 2014

My partner and I are in the process of adopting and in need of a gay friendly pediatrician. We live in Rockridge; the Oakland/Berkley area would be ideal for us. We gravitate to younger doctors, meaning doctors that are closer to graduating vs. closer to retirement or somewhere in the middle. We are new parents so a pediatrician who is responsive, reliable, and able to deal with new parents who might be a bit high maintenance. Thank you in advance for your help! Travis

Annemary Franks at Berkeley Pediatrics is fabulous in every way. Not super-young -- I'm guessing late 40's or early 50's -- youthful and experienced enough to be very wise. We've been totally happy with her. 2 mom family

Diane Halberg, MD - works at the Claremont outpatient clinic of Children's Hospital Oakland. Ilene D

Hi very highly recommend Dr. Deirdre Bernard-Pearl at Sage Pediatrics on Solano Ave. in Berkeley. (510) 520-7337. She is one of the best pediatricians around and would be great fit for your new family. Additionally, she's a very warm, caring person with a great approach. Shana S.

Gay-friendly Pediatrician near Berkeley

March 2010

My partner and I are expecting a daughter (via surrogacy) this summer (YEAH!) and so we are looking for a pediatrician in/near Berkeley who is gay-friendly and who is OK with the whole surrogacy thing. My guess is that most pediatricians in Berkeley would fit the bill - but just wondering if anyone (esp. other gay dads) could; recommend a pediatrician. We are first-time parents and we know that finding a good pediatrician is critical. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. John

Kiwi Pediatrics is a great practice. I think one of their docs imight be queer and they've always been fantastic with us (two moms). They are incredibly responsive (we have a kid with very complicated medical issues) and front office staff is very, very friendly with us. We have Dr. Winokur but have also worked a lot with Dr. Salzberg. Love them both. Jaime

One possibility is Annemary Franks at Berkeley Pediatrics . Also, join the Our Family Coalition and get on the email digest. You can also check out their guide at Congratulations, Rachel

You should definitely check out Berkeley Pediatrics . They are a terrific practice in general, and seem not concerned one tiny bit about all kinds of family variations. All the doctors there seem great. Congratulations! === East Bay Parent

I would recommend our pediatrician, Annemary Franks . She is just fantastic in all kinds of situations that we've faced. We are a 2-mom family and she couldn't be more supportive. I would assume she'd be cool with gay dads and surrogacy, but you can talk to her about that to check. (If the receptionist says she's not accepting new patients, ask to talk to her, and maybe she'll slide you in.) She's at Berkeley Pediatrics (a wonderful practice reviewed on BPN a lot) at 848-2566. Also, I would suggest you join Our Family Coalition ( for LGBTQ-parented families. They have a listserve where you could also pose this question or future ones and get lots of feedback. Good luck and congratulations.

Queer-Friendly Pediatricians

April 2006

We are looking for a pediatrician who is queer family savvy/ friendly. The pediatricians who take our insurance (Blue Cross PPO) AND are taking new clients are: Janet Perlman, Jane Hunter, Li-Hsia Wang, Elizabeth Salsburg, and Robin Winakur. Does anyone have any experience/ knowledge of any of these in relation to working with queer families? Thanks.