Kaiser Pediatrician for Nonbinary 12 year old

Parents, our 12 yo just came out as trans/non-binary.  I'm looking to find a trans-literate pediatrician within the Kaiser system, or a recommendation for a Kaiser campus that has particularly fabulous resources for trans tweens.  

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Kaiser Oakland has the PROUD Clinic.  It is SO fab. Our kiddo came out as trans earlier this year. PROUD offers counseling, meds, group therapy, transition services and more. 

and hey. Love y’all. It’s a road I definitely didn’t expect to be walking as a parent but here we are. Hugs. 

I asked a doc friend in the Kaiser system, and this is what they said: “There is a multidisciplinary pediatric trans clinic in Oakland that is amazing. Kids need to reach out to pediatrician who then puts in a referral (econsult) to child psych. They then hook the kiddo up with a therapist who takes the family through their journey until ready for a medical intervention and then the can be seen in Oakland Proud clinic.”