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  • Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone can recommend a gay or gay friendly internist of family practitioner for an adult in the east bay area, like in Pinole, El Cerrito, Berkeley, Oakland.


    Jeff East in Richmond Kaiser is family practice.  Don't know if you're Kaiser or if he's accepting patients.

    We love Dr. Fiscella's office in Berkeley. She just transferred to a new doctor and she's great too!

    For a pediatrician we love Dr. Annemarie Franks at Berkeley Pediatrics!

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Kaiser Internist - Gay Friendly

July 2011

I am looking for a gay-friendly internist at Kaiser Richmond or Oakland. I am a middle-aged gay man and a dad, looking for someone thorough, approachable and non- homophobic. Thanks!

Dr. Kiang at Kaiser Oakland is very LGBT welcoming. She also is the best primary care doctor I have ever had. Ever. She has been an incredible advocate for me getting the right care quickly. She is also highly regarded by her colleagues. She happens to have a few openings in her panel now since she just stepped out of some admin responsibilities. Kaiser Member Services in Oakland and San Francisco also has a list of doctors who are LGBT friendly but I don't know any of them personally. Kath

Carl Violano is an LGBT-friendly internist at Kaiser Oakland. You can go on Kaiser's website and read his blurb. If he isn't accepting new patients you can read through the profiles of the docs and it's usually pretty clear who is LGBT- friendly from those. sara

I can highly recommend Dr. Stephanie Scott at Kaiser Oakland, although I have no idea if she is taking new patients (I sadly haven't figured out how to check without telling Kaiser I want to change doctors, which I don't). On the gay-friendly front, she is a lesbian mom of 3. On the doctor front, she is just really sensible, and has been particularly great for issues like my chronically strained ankle (referral to a PT), and even with advice for some things I couldn't get covered by Kaiser (suggested myofacial therapy for my back pain, which has been enormously helpful and provided a lot of self-help skills, even though it wasn't covered). If she has an opening, snag it! Carrie

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Lesbian Friendly Kaiser - Oakland Physician?

Sept 2006

I am new to Kaiser Oakland and am looking for a primary care doc who is comfortable discussing lesbian and/or woman specific health concerns. Sadly, when I called the new patient outreach office and voiced my request, I was met with an uncomfortable silence on the end then was given a referral to what they felt was their most 'liberal' doctor (??!!). I can't believe that in this area that Kaiser's new ''Thrive'' campaign doesn't include outreach to diverse groups. I sure would appreciate Berkeley Parents Network input. Frustrated & Sad

Do not despair! Kaiser's LGBT employee organization, KP Pride, has compiled a list of Nothern California providers that have offered to be available for referrals such as yours. I apologize for not knowing how to access the list, although Member Services would be a good place to start. If you have trouble finding someone who knows about the list, please e-mail me and I will help you. kh

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lishiana Shaffer if you need a good OBGYN! I dated women for 10 years before marrying my wonderful husband a year ago and giving birth a couple months ago. She is very queer-positive, and supportive/open to all kinds of questions about women's health. Good luck navigating Oakland Kaiser. There are some gems, but I sympathize with your frustrations! sarah

Lesbian-friendly primary care physician

March 2004

I'm looking for a new primary care provider (I have Blue Shield through Alta Bates, where I work as a nurse), and I've looked through the archives here, but the most recent posting is from 2002. I'm looking for a female physician, lesbian friendly, who is up to date. I have chronic sleep problems of many years, and I think anxiety, neither of which has never been addressed or treated. I want someone who can help me with these. I'd be willing to drive to SF if necessary, doesn't have to be in the East Bay. Any suggestions? Thanks!


April 2002

Hi, I'm looking for a lesbian-friendly primary care physician in the East Bay. The doctor doesn't need to be gay, just comfortable and hopefully experienced working with lesbian families. I am considering Dr. Andy Ross of the Alta Bates Medical Group. If anyone has worked with Dr. Ross or another physician they can recommend, I would be most appreciative. thanks, Jane

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