Bay Springs Medical Group

San Francisco

1199 Bush St Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94109

  • Physicians (Nov 2020): Marilyn Milkman, Leah Tessler

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Aug 2004

Re: San Francisco Primary Care MD
Leah Tessler at Bay Springs Medical. Her office is on Fillmore at Geary. She's great and so is the nurse practioner there, Giana. I went there for 5 years. I only changed to have my baby in the East Bay, since I live here. stephanie

Re: Lesbian-friendly MDs (March 2004)
I saw Leah Tessler at Bay Springs women's medical group for many years (I switched to an EB doctor since I'm having a baby). She's great, as is the nurse practitioner in her office. I have some emotional issues in connection with a past medical trauma, and both practioners really made me feel heard and okay about them. The office is on Fillmore near Geary. A trek, but they are great.

Oct 2002

I went to BaySprings, which is an all female practice. When you are pregnant, you see all of the obs, so that you are comfortable with each of them, and when you deliver, it will not be a big deal who you get. I think there are now 2 midwives and 3 OBs, but I am not positive. They have a very low C-Section rate and are very supportive about your own choices. They are affiliated with UCSF, so they do all of their deliveries there. I felt that I got excellent care, and when I developed a problem in my pregnancy, they were all very attentive. My only critisism was the difficulty in getting through on the phones. That may have changed in the few years since I left. Otherwise, I had great experiences there for regular gynelogical care and my two pregnancies. Jenny B.

Aug 2002

I LOVE my certified nurse-midwife, Sue McDonald at BaySpring Women's Medical Group in SF. Sue cared for me during my first pregnancy seven years ago and helped deliver my son. It was a fabulous experience all around and a stark contrast to the cold and impersonal prenatal care I received during my second pregnancy, when we were living out of state. I still see Sue for my annual well-woman checkups and she has given me great advice on non-reproductive health and emotional issues, and often spends far longer than the alloted half-hour with me. She's truly a warm and caring person, as well as an extremely competant caregiver. Well worth the drive over the bridge! Leah

Sept 1998

re: Bayspring medical group. I have about 6 friends who delivered with the docs/midwives at this practice and ALL were very pleased. They delivered at UCSF (some weren't thrilled with the natal care in the teaching hospital, but they were in ICU for a week). I have seen Dr. Hecht (internist) there for almost a year and have been happy with the practice, service, wait time, and astmosphere. She has also been very good about calling me back when I've called the nurse. They were one of (I think) only two OB/midwife practices in the city. The other, Dr. Bookoff and the Bay Area Midwives have stopped doing OB (only gyn) as of October. I delivered with them 3 years ago and loved them. C.