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  • Hip Hop/Breakdance class for 4-year-old

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    I am looking for a Hip Hop/Breakdance class for my 4-year-old son in Berkeley, Albany, or El Cerrito. Grateful for any suggestions.


    They have a “Teddy Bear” dance class for 3-5 year olds!

    In very north Oakland you will find Destiny Arts, which is a wonderful dance studio for kids' hip-hop classes. It's a warm and welcoming community and it's not just about the dancing, but also social justice and peace. My daughter has been taking classes there for two years and we love it.

  • Breakdancing classes

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    My 6 year old son wants to take break dancing classes.  Does anyone have any recommendations? 

    I spent a bunch of time last year looking for breakdancing classes for my then-6 year old. Most places start at 8 years old. The only place I found was Head Over Heals Athletic Arts in Emeryville. They are pretty expensive and the classes were ok (my son didn't love it as much as he thought he would, though this may be because he wasn't as good at it as he imagined he would be!). Ultimately, we might still be doing it if we lived on that side of town, but the drive during rush hour kinda killed it for me. (Maybe it will be more convenient for you.)

    Breakdancing classes and more for kids!  http://www.destinyarts.org/pages/classes/

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Hip-hop for 9-yr-old, without sexy moves & music?

Sept 2011

My 9-yr-old daughter wants to take jazz/hip-hop dance, but everything I've seen in this genre (friends' kids performances, camp dance group) has little girls performing seductive moves to raunchy, explicit music. Any recommendations for something less sexualized? Am I just way out of it?

Destiny Arts Center should have just what you need. Check it out at http://www.destinyarts.org/.

My 10 and 12 year olds really enjoyed Destiny Arts Center hip hop dance classes and summer day camp. I would say that the instructors were conscious of the adult nature of some hip hop music and were judicious in their choices. Plus, they have some great dance and martial arts instructors. Albany Mama

Hip Hop Dance lessons for 10 year old girl

Aug 2011

My 10 year old would like to try out hip hop. A patient teacher that takes the time to really teach the kids would be a bonus. Any recommendations for evening or weekend classes that meet in the Berkeley/Oakland/Orinda/Lafayette area ? Thanks so much! - she really wants to dance!

Kids 'N Dance'N Theater Arts has great hip hop classes in Oakland and Lafayette. Check out kidsndance.com Anin

Destiny Arts Center in North Oakland! A Destiny parent and fan

I didn't see the original post, but I'd strongly recommend Cerrito Dance Arts (near Potrero/EC del Norte BART). Fabulous and low key dance studio with great hip hop.

I highly recommend Drew Looner! He teaches hip-hop, b-boy and b-girl styles to kids, and he is FANTASTIC. His music is totally appropriate content. His moves are inspiring and fun. He teaches at La Pena, 4 pm mondays. My daughter *loves* it. Mommy's lil b-girl

Hip Hop Dance Class for 8 year old Boy

April 2011

I'm looking for a hip hop class for my 8 year old son. He loves to dance at home, but is shy about taking classes. Does anyone have recent experience with the classes at Destiny Arts Center, or other places? I'm looking for a Saturday class. Thanks!

My 8 year old daughter has been taking a class at the downtown YMCA and she really likes it. there are 2 other boys in the class and their teacher does a really good job of making all the movement ''gender neutral'' (as well as picking family friendly music). The class is for 7 to 11 year olds and they run in 8 week sessions throughout the year. Also, they usually let you try a class out for free if you ask the teacher before you sign up so he could see if he would like it. Angel

My son loves the hip hop classes at Destiny Arts Center! He's been taking classes at Destiny for 18 months. The kids in the 7-12-year-old class represent the full age range, which is great -- the older kids help the younger ones. The class is high energy, and the kids always seem to be having a good time. The Destiny community is wonderful, and all their classes are backed up by the themes of community building, developing non-violent solutions to problems, and building self-confidence. Elisa

Berkeley Hip Hop Class for 7 year old

Sept 2007

My 7 year old daughter is very interested in learning hip hop. Does anyone have any recommendations for a class afterschool in Berkeley, Albany or El Cerrito? I am aware of both Destiny Arts and the East Bay Dance Center, but was hoping for something closer so that I can juggle pick-up/drop-off schedules for both of my kids. Thank you!

I have two daughters who attend Katie's Dance studio on San Pablo in El Cerrito. They are in tap, jazz, acrobatics and hip hop classes. They love it! The classes are offered at various times. They are just now beginning the new semester, so now is a good time to contact them. (510)524-1310 www.katiesdancestudio.com Keisha

Katie's Dance Studio in El Cerrito (on San Pablo, across from the Guitar Center) has hip hop. It's a fun, but serious studio. My daughters (5 & 7) took tap and jazz all this past year and loved it. heidi

Hip Hop or Jazz dance for 9-year-old boy

April 2007

Looking for a hip hop or jazz dance class for my 9yr old son. He loves to dance! He is so agile and feels the beat! I am having trouble finding something for his age group. Any suggestions? Thanks

Try Katie's Dance Studio on San Pablo in El Cerrito. Both of my daughters have taken jazz, tap and hip hop there and love it. They are thrilled to have boys dance there, and recently started a new class just for boys around your son's age. I think it is on Thursdays, but call to find out. (Boys are also integrated into classes with girls, if he prefers that.) Dancin' Mama

Amazing choreographer and dance teacher Lateef Swain is teaching two inspiring hip hop classes - FOR BOYS ONLY - at the Rhythm Room Dance & Movement Center in Lafayette (phone: 925.283.4801, website http://www.rhythmroomdance.com/). The atmosphere is great, the music is cool and I am sure your young dancer will have the time of his life while rapidly developing his talent. a mom of a dancing boy

You might want to try Flamenco dance for your son. It's a really fiery, rhythmic and fun dance form from Southern Spain that is very machismo for boys. There are also a lot of opportunities to watch Flamenco in the Bay Area (check out www.sfflamenco.com for monthly listings of local performances by many different groups) so he can see it and decide if he would like to try it. As far as a teacher goes, there are many, but I would recommend Yaelisa. She is an awesome artist who really connects with the kids, teaches them to respect the art form and keeps their attention easily with healthy challenges. She also sets up performances for the kids, which I think is neat. She has kids classes (ages 6-12) in Alameda and Berkeley. Here's her website with class info: http://www.caminosflamencos.com/ Best of luck! The bay area is full of dance! Holly

Kids 'N Dance has Hip Hop for age 8-12 on Mindays at 5:00. There are boys in the class and you are welcome to do a trial class. We are at 3841 Macarthur Blvd. in the Laurel District. 510-531-4400 Kris

For martial arts, hip hop, african dance and more, have you tried Destiny Arts at St. Augustine church on Alcatraz near College? http://www.destinyarts.org/programs/dance.html Or Malonga Casquelord Dance center (formerly Alice Arts Center) at Alice St & 14th St downtown Oakland? This is a state of the art facility. http://aliceartscenter.org/ dancer mom

Katie's Dance Studio in El Cerrito prides itself on welcoming and encouraging boy dancers. Call to ask to visit some classes. -- El Cerrito mom

Hip hop classes for daughter, 6 1/2

Sept 2005

My daughter, who's 6 1/2 would like to take hip hop dance classes, does anybody know of a good teacher in Berkeley? Christie

World Dance Center , at the top of Solano Ave., has hip hop classes for kids your daughter's age. I don't personally know anyone who's taken that class, but their other classes are great. You can view their schedule at: http://www.brasarte.com/modules/week/. anon

Corey Action at New Style Motherlode in Rockridge is excellent. Newstylemotherlode.com

I just saw a flyer at Head Over Heels for hip hop classes for ages 6-9. It's a 60-minute class, and if you have one of the flyers, you can try one class free during the month of September (flyers are inside the gym). Classes are Tues and Thurs 5-6 p.m. Head over Heels is located at 1250 45th Street, Suite E in Emeryville. Phone 655-1265. While Emeryville may seem far, it's pretty easy to get to. HOH also has gymnastics, circus, etc. Janna