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Andre Bertrand
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Mathnasium is a math-only learning center that offers both math help and enrichment to students in grades 2-8.

NOW also offering online tutoring; same individualized attention and frequent interaction with a live instructor.

Each student in our program receives a customized learning plan based on our proprietary teaching material. We also help with school homework and test preparation.  At Mathnasium, we make math make sense !  

Parent Reviews

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Mathnasium is a high quality tutoring service. My 7th grader is skilled at math but learned inadequately through her public school education. Through a customized curriculum and an 1-on-1 tutor provided by mathnasium, she has not only caught up with foundational math but accelerated beyond grade level with excellent profiiciency. Mathnasium uses an initial baseline assessment, then tailors a curriculum specific to the student's needs, and re-assesses/ reviews the student's capabilitiies throughout the tutoring program. Mathnasium can be applied to any age, and the director is friendly, approachable, and accomodating. Mathnasium is a remarkable local resource to achieve mastery of foundational math concepts, that will be the pivotal platform for higher math learning. Mathnasium is very flexible with scheduling, which is a huge advantage during busy afterschool schedules. My daughter enjoys the mathnasium sessions and appreciates the face to face 1-on-1 tutoring. Win for all. No battles at home!

I am very happy with Mathnasium. My daughter (nine years old) has been going to the Berkeley/Albany Center for almost a year.  She enjoys the tutoring and now feels very confident with her math skills.  I believe Mathnasium is especially essential for my daughter's education now that we are in the midst of Shelter in Place.  Andre, the owner of the Berkeley/Albany and the Piedmont center is offering on-line tutoring which means by daughter hasn't missed a step from the program. (Unlike her school, Andre was able to get the online program off and running pretty quickly)  The online program is easy and uses the same materials, methods and tutors that he had at the center. My daughter's progress hasn't slowed at all and it's easier for me since I don't have to drive her to the center!  She continues to enjoy the sessions and looks forward to her next session.   I'm confident my daughter will be ready for next year's math despite the school shut down this year, and its all due to Mathnasium. I encourage anyone who wants their child to stay on track with their math education during the shut down and beyond, to try Mathnasium.  Once you speak with Andre, you  will see that he is a caring, responsible owner and father who cares about giving children a good education in math. He provides an excellent service and he has a special knack in choosing the right tutors. His tutors are personable, knowledgeable and patient. My daughter loves all of them although she may have some favorites.  During this trying time of home schooling and sheltering, I'm so grateful for Mathnasium.

Try Mathnasium in Albany. They are great. 

Mathnasium is the best!  the structure really works well for my daughter (4th grader) and motivates her to do well.  It's not a drop tutor program that just helps with homework.  The student really has to be committed to becoming "math fluent"  and once that's achieved harder tasks aren't as daunting.  I wholeheartedly would recommend the Albany branch.  Andre really cares about his students and really wants to see them succeed!