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Recently we received a notice from our child's school indicating that he's not testing at grade level for Math. He's in 8th grade, so this is a critical moment to support him before the additional rigor of high school.  The situation is exacerbated because the school has had a hard time keeping a math teacher in the role, and he's had a revolving door of subs and temporary solutions.   I'm looking for input on Mathnasium or other programs that can help him get on track.  

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Kumon. It’s a bit of a grind, but it will slowly but surely solve whatever math issues he has. It’s a daily commitment but it truly works.

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We've had good experiences at both Mathnasium and Classroom Matters. I like the fact that Mathnasium starts with an evaluation, which then identifies which areas your child needs to work on, and then they work on those, making sure the child has a solid foundation. Plus, our kid, who hates school math, loves going there. But at Classroom Matters you can have a private tutor, which is also nice, especially if your kid needs help with homework. Our older kid got some tutoring at Classroom Matters and we were happy with their services also.