Math Tutor for Rising 6th Grader in Albany

We are looking for someone to tutor our rising 6th grader in math and Mandarin - could be the same person or two different tutors, so please recommend anyone who fits either category!

Our first priority is math, where our daughter has gotten behind the past couple years and is now suffering a severe lack of self-confidence. She's gone from saying math was her favorite subject (3rd grade) to saying she hates it. It's very sad and we are hoping that working with the right person can improve her confidence and help her to enjoy math again. 

We are also looking to supplement her experience with Mandarin, which she studies in school. 

Schedule to be discussed, but late afternoon / evening and weekends at our home in Albany will be best, probably 2-3 times a week. Would also love to hear feedback on what hourly rate is appropriate for tutors these days. 

Thanks so much for any recommendations! 

Parent Replies

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Have you checked out Mathnasium? My daughter is going to 5th grade and was in Mathnasium from February to early June. She went from I hate math to neutral about math. They teach kids some “tricks” to make math easier. My suggestion, if you feel that your kid is behind, to enroll them is the summer, so by the time they start 6th grade, they will be in much better place. Also, Mathnasium always asses the kid math knowledge first and create a plan accordingly. 

I did some Zoom tutoring for 5th graders as an OUSD volunteer, and what I noticed is that very few of the children know their times tables.  Sure, you can always look them up on a paper, or use a calculator, but the problem is when you have to do multi-step problems (like adding fractions with different denominators), that slows you down and you lose track of what you were trying to do.  I always say understanding is more important than memorization, but in this case I think memorization of the "addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts" is essential.  And one way to memorize things like this is to make your own flash cards.  Your student can help make them, and then  you practice with them 15 minutes a day, I think you will see progress.  You can do that on your own, so s/he will make better use of the time with the tutor.