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Hanwen School offers Mandarin Chinese after-school classes & tutoringweekend workshops, and summer camps for elementary, middle, and high school children in the Berkeley, Albany, and surrounding areas. Children learn Mandarin Chinese and develop an awareness of Chinese culture. Games and activities provide constant opportunities for children to practice their language abilities. Some of our enrichment activities include arts & crafts, yoga, and kung fu. 

We offer small group or one-on-one Chinese tutoring.

Onsite piano and violin music lessons make it a convenient option for busy families.

We are located near University Ave and Sacramento St, near North Berkeley BART.

Parent Reviews

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Look into HanWen, in Berkeley. Right now, they have classes during the week - their next session begins next week, on Aug 24; they may have classes on weekends. Mostly remote.

Our daughter attended their aftercare program through her Kindergarten year, into the pandemic, and continued Zhuyin classes though Summer. We got into a Mandarin Immersion school this year and have a different schedule so we aren't continuing, but we've had a wonderful experience with the school and I would wholly recommend their program.

Our daughter (2nd grade) has attended both the summer camp programs and the after-school programs at Hanwen.  I am impressed with both programs. 

The summer camp offered an engaging program and interesting projects (she took woodworking) with the added benefit of learning some useful new Mandarin words.

The after school program is well organized, and incorporates a lot of fun and cultural activities including a Kung Fu class.  My daughter is learning a lot and also really enjoys her time there.  

They have set up a library of books from which students can borrow for extra reading practice.

Additionally, you can sign up for music lessons on site (our daughter does piano but I think violin is also available), which saves us a trip to bring her to music lessons since she is there during the week anyway.

Ron, the founder, is really committed to setting up a great environment for the kids to learn to read, write, and speak Mandarin.  It's a new school, and he is always asking for feedback and looking for ways to improve the school, which is awesome.  I would recommend Hanwen to anyone who wants their child to learn Mandarin.

Hanwen is a fantastic afterschool program. Our son, now 7, started attending Hanwen last year while in Kindergarten, and attends five days a week. The director, staff, teachers, and other students create a welcoming and fun community that nurtures creativity and respect. My son is enjoying the challenge of learning Mandarin. The art, yoga, and Kung Fu classes are also high quality, and provide great balance to the language studies and a chance for kids to play and have fun. And the community is welcoming and kind, even to a family like ours who doesn't have much prior exposure to Chinese culture or language.

I highly recommend Hanwen for anyone looking for a nurturing, educational, playful and well-organized after school experience.

My 5-year old son LOVES Hanwen.

He joined Henwen after school program at the beginning of his kindergarten year. After 3 months, he has learned the whole set of Bo Po Mo Fo (注音表) and dozens of Chinese characters. He learned songs, made a lot of art projects. Once a week, he puts on his cool Kongfu uniform to have Kongfu class. There is also Yoga for kids class weekly. But what he enjoys the most is the spacious indoor space which allows him running around safely and playing ball games with teachers and other kids.

As a parent who is from Mainland China, I have known many kids and adults who spoke Chinese with their parents when they were small, but gradually lost it after they attended school. That' s not what I expect to happen to my son. I kept speaking Chinese to my son exclusively after he was born. So I feel so lucky to find Hanwen right after the kindergarten began. I think Chinese immersion after school program at Hanwen is a good solution to keep kids learning Chinese. It offers not only the Chinese classes but also the whole environment of Chinese, books, games, movies, the teacher' s chat, etc, all in Chinese. Now my son splits his school day time evenly in English (5 hours) and in Chinese (4 hours). I am happy to see he enjoys Hanwen, feels belonging to it. I am also glad that Berkeley school bus takes him to Hanwen every school day that I even don' t need to give him the ride.