Mandarin Immersion Schools, Berkeley/Oakland/San Leandro/Hayward


I’m seeking information on Mandarin immersion elementary schools in the East Bay. We are exploring where to lived based on where we can access Chinese-language instruction starting at kindergarten.

For Stonebrae Elementary in Hayward, are you very likely to get a spot if you live in Hayward but not the direct neighborhood?

For Yu Ming, what factors improve your chances in the lottery? Are there separate lotteries for Oakland and San Leandro or is it one lottery?

I see mentions of a new program in San Leandro at Madison. Does anyone know what their enrollment process looks like?

What are the private school options for Mandarin immersion? Are there any outside Berkeley?


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We weren't able to get off the waitlist at Yu Ming so we sent our kid to our local public elementary school and then had her go to Hanwen ( for after school Mandarin. It works out to like 45 minutes of Mandarin (traditional with zhuyin) and snack/play/enrichment activity time, which felt like a good balance. We've totally liked it, and don't regret it. I think it's helpful as they introduce more concepts that she learns math and science and social science in English at school, then she has Mandarin afterwards.

We've known people who went to Yu Ming and West County and as far as we know, they liked it as well though. Good luck!