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Pilates Studio with Childcare services

Jan 2008

Does anyone know of a pilates studio or course at a facility that offers childcare? My husband and I would like to take a class together on weekends but need care for our 20 months old toddler. Sandy

The Downtown Berkeley YMCA offers pilates on Saturday mornings at 9am, a time when Childwatch services are available. The YMCA Childwatch has low ratios and well trained staff. For questions about the Childwatch, contact Heather at 510-665-3241 or hcunningham [at] For questions about the Saturday morning pilates class, or other ones, that are offered at the Y, contact Noel at 510-665-3245 or npanganiban [at] Eden

Try The Dailey Method ! Not strictly pilates, but rather a hybrid of pilates, strength training, yoga -- all set to contemporary music -- seriously, the most amazing one-hour work out you've ever had. And, YES, men are welcome and do attend (albeit occasionally). Childcare is available on Saturday mornings at 8:30a and 9:45am as well as throughout the week - check out the website for more info -- and look at the reviews on - Happy Healthy New Year! happy customer

Pool and gym with childcare

Sept 2006

Hi, I'm in my last trimester and have been physically active. I'd like to continue that after my baby is born and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a pool/gym with childcare, preferably in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Has anyone used the Berkeley YMCA's childcare? How was it? Any thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated anon

We've been very happy with the Kidwatch program at the downtown Berkeley Y . Lots of other good programs for kids, too. Only complaint I've heard is that sometimes there are too many kids and you have to wait for someone to leave before your kid can go it. But mine are older and that's never been a problem for us. We're huge fans of the Y and its youth programs. Dad

The downtown Berkeley YMCA 's childcare is great! It's always staffed by great people, my son always has a good time there, and at $3.00/hr, you can't beat the price. Anon

I attend Club One at City Center in Oakland. The staff is great and I have no worries about my child. The cost is $2.00 per hour if you are a member and a max of 2 hours at a time. They take from infant to 4 yr olds. You need to reserve time the day before. Cannot do more than 24 hours in advance. az

Gym in Oakland that provides infant care

Dec 2005

Hi All, I'd like a recommendation for a gym in the Oakland area that provides infant care. The past recommendations are a few years old. Thanks a bunch! Elaine

I go to the Courthouse Athletic Club on Telegraph Avenue near Summit Hospital. -another mom

Try Club One at City Center in downtown Oakland. They have a great child care area, and they take infants at 6-8 weeks old and older children till 5 years old. I used it for both my kids and loved it. The club is nice and clean, tons of great classes, open till 10 pm (childcare goes until 8 pm) and on weekends. There is a pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and massage services. I have been a member since 1992 and continue to enjoy the facilities. And there are great restuarants within walking distance, the farmer's market on Fridays, city center, the post office etc. The club sells parking stickers for 2.5 hours for $1-2. Maya

Club One at City Center in Oakland has childcare. We've never used it, so can't vouch for it personally. It has windows facing the street, and just about every time I walk by and look in there are a couple kids inside. I think it's fairly reasonably priced, too.

Gym where I'd feel comfortable leaving my 6-month-old?

Nov 2003

I've read the couple of postings dating a few years back about childcare at the Berkeley YMCA that did not sound very promising as a place I'd feel comfortable leaving my 6 month old daughter while I work out. But, I am desperate to resume an exercise program, so can anyone recommend a gym that does offer trustworthy childcare where I could exercise without worrying about the safety of my daughter? Has anyone had experience at Club One in Oakland? Or, better yet, does anyone know of classes that I could do with my daughter? Anne


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    Has anyone used childcare at local gyms?

    Jan 2003

    Has anyone used the child care at local gyms? The Berkeley Parents website has many postings about Berkeley Y, but little about other gyms. I'm particularly interested in Courthouse, but would love to hear about any others. schackmermin


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    Childcare at Yoga classes

    I'm looking for a relaxing yet tone-shaping yoga class in the Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area that has a child watch on spot. I've tried the one in the Berkeley YMCA, but it didn't work for me...(small space, too many strollers in and crying babies..). Any ideas?

    You didn't say how old your baby was, but Saraswathi Devi at Yogalayam has a couple of baby/mom classes with childcare providers at hand. On Monday mornings at 9:30 to 11:00, she has a class for moms and toddlers (over a year). The kids are in the same room as the moms, but an adjoining room has toys and scarves and a childcare person, so the babies stay with mom or go off and play as they please. Her post-partum yoga class is for babies under a year and I believe it is on Thursdays from 10:00 to noon. -- Ilana