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  • This fitness club was previously called Club One

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Personal Trainers at Club One

Feb 2012

Hello, I am looking for reccomendations for a personal trainer at Club One in Oakland. Please share any good (or not so good) experiences you may have had with the trainers there! I've reviewed the BPN archives, but none of the trainers reccomended in the past still work there. Thanks so much! Samantha

I went with Deborrah Cooper and I loved her!!! She pushed me to my limits and got me motivated into exercise. I am a 40-something mom with a full time job, with little to no time for myself. Deborrah helped me with the routine, even though I have not done any significant exercise during the last 20 years. You can also ask Michelle W., who is in customer service, to recommend somebody according to your needs. Good luck! Cristina

I see Annamaria Murphy every two weeks and I am so, so happy with her. She is kind, she listens, and she really knows what she's doing. I see results with her, and I basically just follow the detailed workout plan that she provides me after every meeting. I can't recommend her highly enough! anon

Jan 2003

Hi, I am looking for a recomendation for a trainer at Club One in Downtown Oakland. I need to get in shape and want someone who will motivate me. Any suggestions. Thanks

My friend who works out at Club One loves her trainer Mario. He has several clients who are mommies trying to get into shape after giving birth to a first or second child. I've seen him in the weight room and he's very nice. My cousin is a personal trainer and helped me design my program in exchange for helping her with a resume but if I were going to use a trainer at Club One, I'd go to Mario. Hope that helps. Sharon

It's been a couple years since I belonged to Club One (I moved or else I would still be a member!) but I really enjoyed working with Tara, a trainer there. I was about a year post-partum and wanted to get back into shape, and I've never really been a serious exerciser. She was positive, approachable, nonjudgemental, and tailored a training program to suit my needs and goals. She was very fun to work out with, kind of like working out with a girlfriend. I met with her three times a week for a couple weeks, then followed the program for a while on my own, then would meet with her again intermittently for variety and ''upgrades'' to my routine. I highly recommend her. Christina

I am not sure if you are looking for a man or woman to train you, but I can highly recommend two gentleman who I think do a great job both motivating and understanding the body's workings. Joe Motes has a more laid back style, but if you ask for it he will provide focused direction and challenging workouts. Joe can be reached directly at (415) 288-1001 x5223. I also find John Crowell to provide great drive and goal-oriented programs. Both guys work out of the Downtown City Center Club One. Good luck. Richard

I have been at Club One for over 10 years and just signed up 4 weeks ago with Mario Gayton a personal trainer. He was recommended to me by three other mothers at Club One. I really wanted someone to work on my posture issues, core strength and tone after having my 2nd and final child eight months ago.

I spent quite a bit of time/research seeking him out. What do I like about him? He is very thorough in his initial consultation. He finds out your goals, measures your body and notes where you need corrective work(e.g. posture, neck muscles etc.). He takes you through ''phases'' such as: stretches, corrective exercises, then specific strength building exercises/program and a nutrition component. He writes a program for you(computer print- out) and gives out written materials on stretches and exercises I also do at home. He's very strict about form - doing the exercises right to minimize injury and maximize your work-out. He gets on the floor with you and demonstrates/does the exercise with you. I love what he's done for me, and I hope to sign my husband up with him soon. If you'd like to speak further or talk to the people who originally rec. him to me pls email me. maya

Reviews of Club One

Feb 2004

Re: Looking for a gym near Rockridge for morning workouts
Check out Club One at the Oakland Civic Center (1200 Clay Street). It's the largest of the Club One facilities, so they should have whatever you need in terms of equipment/facilities. Opens at 5am M-F, so that should work with an early schedule. Convenient access on/off the freeway (12th street exit off of 980). And at 5am, I'm guessing you could find a parking spot right out front (never been there that early). We live in Rockridge and it's about 10-15 minutes door-to door. Probably costs around $80/month. We've been members for a few years now and like it.

Sept. 2002

My husband and I have been going to Club One at the Oakland City Center (by 12th Street Bart Station) for several years now and love it!! The facilities are great, spacious, and very clean. The luxury gym has three spacious levels including an indoor running track, basketball gymnasium, individual squash and racquetball courts, plenty of machines and weights, two group excercise studios, outdoor heated pool, spacious locker rooms, separate spa/steam room/sauna, they offer massages and facials, laundry service, childcare, etc. At the time I joined the club, I was able to get them to waive the registration fee for my husband and I. They offer a large variety of classes to choose from - I especially liked the Kickboxing class, but they have several different levels of classes for Spinning, Abs, and Advanced Body Conditioning as well. What I like most about this gym is the cleanliness and spaciousness. Sometimes I end up only using their spa facilities and never make it out of the locker room to use the machines! I've used 24hr Fitness in Berkeley and gosh, was it smelly and horrible!!! You should definitely check out Club One. I think you can get a complimentary trial membership. Miki

Childcare at Club One

June 2009

Looking for feedback on the daycare services at Club One Gym City Center in Oakland? Did you like it? Comments or concerns? I'm considering signing up for the gym and need childcare. Never left my 11 month old at a daycare. Thanks! Kelle

I'm a member at Club One City Center and used the daycare while my daughter was still eligible to attend. I always found the staff to be attentive and caring. If your child is crying for an extended period of time, they are quick to let you know. They're very organized and the area is well-maintained and clean. One drawback you might consider is that when your child becomes 4 yrs. old, they cannot attend anymore. This becomes a challenge when you still want to work out but no longer have this service available to you at the City Center location. There have been many times when I would have liked to have this service. I really wish that there could be another area set aside for ''graduates'' of the infant and toddler care. Judy

Sept 2006

Re: Pool and gym with childcare

I attend Club One at City Center in Oakland. The staff is great and I have no worries about my child. The cost is $2.00 per hour if you are a member and a max of 2 hours at a time. They take from infant to 4 yr olds. You need to reserve time the day before. Cannot do more than 24 hours in advance. az

Dec 2005

Re: Gym in Oakland that provides infant care
Try Club One at City Center in downtown Oakland. They have a great child care area, and they take infants at 6-8 weeks old and older children till 5 years old. I used it for both my kids and loved it. The club is nice and clean, tons of great classes, open till 10 pm (childcare goes until 8 pm) and on weekends. There is a pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and massage services. I have been a member since 1992 and continue to enjoy the facilities. And there are great restuarants within walking distance, the farmer's market on Fridays, city center, the post office etc. The club sells parking stickers for 2.5 hours for $1-2. Maya

Club One at City Center in Oakland has childcare. We've never used it, so can't vouch for it personally. It has windows facing the street, and just about every time I walk by and look in there are a couple kids inside. I think it's fairly reasonably priced, too.

Nov 2003

Re: Gym with Infant Care

I've had a great experience using Club One Childcare. My almost 3 years old daughter has been going once or twice a week since she was 6 months old. She occasionally complains about going now that she's getting older but once she's there, she seems to enjoy it. --Sharon

I go to Club One and they seem to have a really great child care program. I haven't yet left my daughter there, because I thought she was too young (she is now five months, so much older) but I did sign up and go in and meet the people who work there. Basically, you sign up the day before for a two hour slot, and they will make sure someone is there to care for your child. You pay 3.50 per hour - if you choose your times right, your child might be the only one there. I really liked the girl who ran the program and the kids always seem happy and content. I don't see too many really young ones there, though. If you have any questions, feel free to email me . Melanie

I have had two kids go through child care at Club One in Oakland and I was very happy with the experience. You have to call a day in advance to schedule however, so plan ahead. Regarding classes for taking your child, I've heard of some of the yoga studios doing ''baby and me'' classes but I'm not familiar with which studios they are as I haven't participated in them. Patty

Jan 2003

Re: Has anyone used childcare at local gyms?

I looked at a large number of gyms and clubs in the Oakland area last year before finally settling on Club One downtown. I've been pretty happy with their childcare in terms of quality (the ''teachers'' are mostly older, experienced Moms), safety, and cleanliness. My two year old, who goes usually 3-4 times a week, has remained healthy and happy, which is what I was looking for. Janice

I introduced my daughter to the on-site childcare at Club One when she was five months old and we have been going once or twice a week for over a year. I love this club so much that I drive from El Cerrito to downtown Oakland (15 minutes by freeway when there is no traffic).

My daughter is now two and seems very enthusiastic about going there. It's not unusual for me to finish my workout and go down to get her only to find that she reluctant to leave because she's having fun.

Best of all, I have lost over 25 pounds in the last 18 months by making this a regular part of our week. Sharon

For the past three years I have used the Club One City Center gym and child care. They take babies/children from 8 weeks to 5 yrs of age. I call 24 hours in advance to reserve a place for my child for up to 2 hours. I believe they charge approx $3-3.50 hour. I use their $40/month auto bill option which enables me to have unlimited childcare. They pay for my parking by giving me a parking sticker for the City Center West garage(good for 2.5 hours of free parking). They people are friendly and helpful, the center is clean and the club is great. I highly recommend Club One and their child care center. Talk to Rosanne, the woman in charge at 835-2073 for more info. maya