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My husband is starting law school at Boalt in a few weeks. I am taking the first semester off work to get familiar with the area, meet some new friends, and hang with my 18 month old. I think that a fitness routine will really help with this transition and establishing a routine.

I am interested in trying crossfit because of the community element. I am also open to other gyms in the area that provide a sense of community with other mamas, etc... The big thing is the childcare. Please let me know if you have recs on crossfit with childcare specifically or other options w childcare ! Thank you!

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Hi, I don't have kids but I have trained at some crossfit gyms in the area. I went to Grassroots Crossfit for two years, and have always seen new parents bringing in their babies and leaving them aside when they do the 1-hour classes. One mom did her movements with her baby on her back when possible (rowing, pushups, running, etc), and just let the baby crawl around with the gym owner's dogs when she's doing other movements. Another weightlifting coach left his baby next to his weightlifting platform and put a tiny noise-cancelling earphone on the baby's head while he does his weightlifting reps. 

Other gyms are similar to Grassroots Crossfit in the sense that you CAN bring your babies there and other people always watch out for them when they do their heavy workouts. The babies seem happy and the parents get their precious workout time. 

There are other non-crossfit gyms that have childcare option. For instance, Bar Method in North Berkeley provides childcare at additional cost. 

Good luck, mama!

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I don't know about crossfit, but the local YMCA (Berkeley & Albany) both have drop-in childcare. 

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The timing never worked out for me while I was on leave, but I heard really good things about mama army.

There's no childcare per se, but kids are allowed and you can work out with your kid. 

Ironworks has childcare, but only at certain hours, and I don't think any are during the weekdays. 

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Highly recommend downtown Berkeley YMCA. My kids loved their child watch. 

Good luck.