Gyms and Exercise Classes with Childcare in 2023

Are there any gyms or exercise classes in the area that are still offering child care as of 2023? I've checked with a few places that I've seen people mention here in the past (Berkeley YMCA, Berkeley Ironworks, Berkeley Equinox, The Club at City Center in Oakland) and none of them are offering child care anymore, nor do they have any plans to reinstate it. I know I can go running with the stroller, but it would be nice to know of a few other options...

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CitySports in Berkeley offers a Kids Club. Momleta in Berkeley and Oakland are build around bringing your kiddos to workout with you. 

I haven't seen the gyms resume offering childcare (24 hour fitness in Oakland also ended it).

The only time I've found to work out at the gym with my kids is when they are taking swim lessons at the YMCA. I'll do a 5-minute warmup run, then 20 minutes of weights and some stretching to cool down, or a half hour of the elliptical. 

On the weekends when I go with my kids to the playground, I'll bring a towel and do the NYTimes 7- minute workout, or jump rope, while they play on the play structures (squishy playground flooring is great for those workouts!) I'm usually the only parent doing this, I wish there were more of us!

I'll also jog along while they scoot bike trails, the lake, etc. 

Good luck! So many parents focus on getting exercise for their kids while neglecting it for themselves. It's just as important for parents to get exercise too! 

Pure barre in Berkeley may still offer childcare, if barre is of interest. 

Not in Berkeley and no drop in care but Head Over Heels Emeryville offers no school day care if they get enough kids signed up. Most popular in those school holidays.

I bring my kiddo (11 months) in her stroller to the Fit4Mom classes and it works great! Outside classes happening most days with a bunch of chill, friendly moms. Parents also bring older kids (as long as they are in the stroller).

Lakeridge athletic club has great childcare and classes. It's in el Sobrante. 

I've been attending the Kensington Momleta group which is M, W, F from 9:30-10:30am at Kensington Park. The class is a mix of body weight, band work, traditonal cardio, and dance. She moves the group around the park throughout the hour, and you can do as many modifications as you need for your body or your baby's mood that day. Lots of toddlers come too and play while mom works out. The community is great too. Super friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend!

Vita on College Ave in Oakland (barre, yoga, pilates) has childcare about an hour each morning that matches with a class session (check the schedule).