Experience with childcare at City Sports Berkeley?

Has anyone done the drop-off childcare at City Sports Berkeley on San Pablo, just south of Ashby? I went with my two year old and took a look at the child space when it was closed, and it looked pristine -- like, almost concerningly so, like nobody's actually brought their kid in. The whole gym is pretty new, I should say, so maybe it's just actually clean! I'm not a member but am looking for someplace nearby to join, and no childcare / bad childcare is a dealbreaker.

Also, I couldn't find any information online about their childcare hours, but the guy at the desk let me snap a picture of the schedule. So, if anyone else is starting from zero like I was, the hours are:

M-F 9am-noon / 5pm-9pm

Sat 830am-noon

Sun closed

One person on staff -- I assume a gym employee, not necessarily a childcare specialist -- and they don't change diapers, which is pretty standard. I believe it's $6/hour but I neglected to write that down.

Any insight is appreciated, or any recommendations on North Oakland / South Berkeley / Emeryville area gyms that offer childcare. Both East Bay YMCAs have it, but they're a bit far for us.


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We used to go to the City Sports on San Pablo (within the last 2 years). We actually became members because they offer childcare at reasonable hours, and our local 24 Hour Fitness did not. When we took our son to their childcare center and the first time, I was a little concerned because they had a very young (definitely under 20, and possibly under 18 year old) customer service type employee working in the center and he was not very engaging with us or the kids. Your assumptions are correct that the attendants are not childcare specialists. A few other times we took him, there was a female staff member present who was more attentive and communicative with us, but not really engaging with the kids. I never felt that comfortable, and my son was not too keen on going. For entertainment, they have a kids basketball hoop, a Little Tykes type car, and a television with cartoons. If your child enjoys those things, or independent play, like coloring, they might do well. At that time, my son was too young to enjoy that type of thing. Age groups can vary a lot and your child might be there alone or with a child much older/younger, or with no other children at all. I had always hoped to find my child a buddy there, but it never happened. The price we paid was a flat monthly rate, and I believe it was $20. Not too much info, but hope it's helpful. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.