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  • We'd appreciate recommendations for a good, engaging hair stylist for a 25year old with long, dark straight hair.  She's in a wonderful wedding and wants to get ideas, a good cut and perhaps some highlights.   Thx much 

    I have been going to Karen Jones for over 10 years. I absolutely love her. Not only is she a great person and fun to hang out with but does an awesome job on my straight thick hair. Over the years we've done long styles and short styles and bangs. I've always liked the results. She is at the New Florence Salon in Emeryville. http://www.newflorencesalon.com/new-page-1/

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Hairstylist for long hair w/ split ends

Oct 2008

I'm looking for a good hairstylist in or near Berkeley, who is good with long hair and split ends. I really like the person I've been going to and the way he cuts my hair but I want to find someone who knows how to do ''dusting'' and really deal with the splits. Anyone have good experience with a stylist who has taken good car of your ends? anon

I have had several great cuts from Kipp Hamilton, owner of O Maru Salon at Shattuck and Rose. 510-549-3610. Most recently he took me from overgrown, damaged, thick hair, down to about my bra band, to a lovely, layered short bob just above my shoulders. My partner said ''Wow!'' And it actually looked just about as good after washing it! kl

I don't have a stylist specifically for long hair with split ends but I can tell you that for a number of years, I refused to have my stylists do more than a trim because I wanted to maintain the length. I was constantly battling split ends because the trims never really got to all of the splits. One stylist finally convinced me to have a major cut for the health of my hair and that really solved the split end issue. My hair has never looked so good and I have no more split ends. I couldn't believe that that was all it took. I had been blaming it on dry hair to combing it while wet, etc. Just my 2 cents in case you haven't gone this route. good luck. anonymous

La Nana salon in Albany/Berkeley area is the place you need to go.There are a couple of good hairstylist there.I have gotten my hair cut with two of them(Betty and Cissy) a couple of time since last two years and i was very happy each time.I have long hair with layers but no split ends. The phone# is: 510-525-8700 Susan