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Nurse for laser treatment of face?

Jan 2012

Hi. I was in touch with cosmetic services at Kaiser Walnut Creek about treatment of persistent facial redness and broken capillaries. I learned that they use a nurse for their laser treatments. I wanted to see if anyone has advice or thoughts about using someone other than an MD for laser treatments of the face? Has anyone had this treatment at Kaiser Walnut Creek, and how did things go? Or are there other medical centers/doctors that you can recommend for this type of work? Thanks for your help. anon

I am liking American Laser on Telegraph, across from Whole Foods. I was able to get a very good rate, with some negotiating. Ask for Kyndra....
I had my varicose veins in my legs treated at WC Kaiser 2 years ago by probably the same nurse....Suzanne something? She had a British accent. I can't speak for laser, or facial work, but she was extremely competant w/ my legs. It wasn't a party, but it was tolerable, and worked. I hope this is a little helpful. no more v veins.
A well trained nurse can absolutely provide excellent laser services. MD's can too. Competency is often an issue of interest, training and experience, not just related to an earned degree. I have a nurse providing laser services in my office, because she is skilled, with good judgement and a great sense of artistry and of how the skin works. I also use the laser because I want to be able to follow a patient's results and tailor their treatment as things progress. If you are comfortable with the nurse you meet, the clinic has a good reputation and your friends have been successfully treated there, do not be concerned about getting treatment just because it is by a nurse. She may have more experience doing this than the average doctor. Elizabeth Lee, MD

Laser for rosacea broken blood vessels on face

Dec 2011

Hi. I am looking for a great but affordable doctor or laser center in the east bay or Walnut Creek to have my rosacea on my face treated. Thank you! anon

I hate giving this out because then I can;t get an appointment when I need one, but Janet at Diablo Laser. There is no one else I trust. I have to tell you that it was extremely painful for me to have this treatment. I only had one and I need 12-16 to clear up all of my issues, but Janet is THE WOMAN. Leslie
I highly recommend Janet Leary of Diablo Regional Laser Center in Walnut Creek. I have been her patient for close to 20 years. I used to be embarrassed about my red face, but it's no longer something that I worry about. I go back for touch ups occasionally. Be sure to schedule some downtime for right after your treatment. You will have ''bruising'', and if you are working near the eyes there will be swelling. I go to work after my touch up sessions but there will be more of a reaction if it's your first time. By the way I have gone to other laser practitioners and they were a waste of time. Most of them are afraid to treat you with a strength that bruises and then you get no results. Along with my recommendation for Janet, I recommend that you never walk out of your house without sunscreen. If you have rosacea you need to be protected from the sun. I do have a friend that takes Coumadin (a blood thinner)and she wasn't a candidate for laser. She experienced good results with Metrogel. I didn't, but that is a medication often prescribed for rosacea. You could always try that. happy skin

Laser treatment for aging skin

April 2011

Does this service exist? I'm looking for someone to help me manage my aging skin, which seemed to take a turn for the worse the day I turned 40. Mild rosacea. Uneven tone. Dryness. Freckles. Ruddiness. Ick. I made the mistake of booking a consultation last week with a dermatologist who specializes in photo facials. This turned into a hard sell for thousands of dollars in laser treatments, which apparently I must undergo or else I will look like one of those people in her photo album with the bulbous noses and scarlet, blotchy faces. Really, I don't think it's that bad. I'm hoping to manage this with skincare and makeup tips, although I would like to work with someone trustworthy who will direct me to appropriate treatment (laser or otherwise) if it would be beneficial. I'd love to find someone in Walnut Creek or nearby if possible. Thank you! Don't want to look like W.C. Fields

Well I think it's clear from the tone of your posting, that you should not do laser at this time. It's important to do what feels right to you, and what you are ready for. Remember that just because you make a decision now not to do laser photofacials, doesn't mean is this is for life. If in 3 or 5 (or more) years you change your mind, you can always do it then.

As someone with Rosacea, I can tell you for sure that a 'skin guru' is not a reality. While facials are helpful for some skin types, they are very irritating to rosacea/aging skin types, and actually make you even more red.

For now, my advice is to take a deep breath, and then buy the best sunscreen you can find. You should get this from a dermatologist, not Walgreens. I'm sure you could get it from the doctor you already saw without having to make another appt. Then get some mineral make-up (I like Bare Essentials on 4th street) which will do a nice job of covering up the red. It won't help your skin, but will cover things up nicely until you are ready to take the next step. good luck Michelle McGee, Blue Sky Skin Care, offers exactly the kind of skin care you are seeking. She uses only the best products, has a background in nutrition and detoxification (does seasonal group cleanses), and offers a superbly relaxing and pampering environment. The drive to her studio is 30 minutes from Berkeley and well worth the trip. Nori

Rosacea laser treatment - where?

Nov 2011

I've finally had enough of the persistent red, flakey skin. I've heard from a few sources that the creams aren't really so effective. (but let me know if they really work for you) I'd like to try the laser treatment. Can anyone recommend a provider? or identify any that proved ineffective? Prefer Oakland, but could travel a bit. Also - any idea how much this costs? (will call but maybe I need to brace myself first) does anyone have any experience getting this covered by insurance? too rosy for too long

Hi, I have had Rosacea for many years now. I have recently been having laser treatments. Before you do the laser which is not cheap ($300 per visit for 3-5 visits) I would try Metronidazole topically. It works really well for the redness and iritation. Additionally finding a very mild facial cleanser can help. In my experience, insurance will not pay for laser as they consider it experimental. I was able to get it reimbursed through my pre-tax health care account. However, they would only allow for certain severe kinds of Rosacea that includes pustules and skin thickening after trying other treatments. That said, the laser has worked at reducing my overall redness and breakouts but it is painful and costly. If you do it I recommend Dr. Tomi Wall who is in the building across from Sutter Hospital. Good luck. lots to consider

Fraxel and other lasers - effective?

May 2010

I'm hoping to get feedback from someone who has had a Fraxel laser-- either type. How important is it to choose the right doctor for a laser procedure? The cost is $1500 for 1 session with an experienced doctor in SF or $1000 in the East Bay with a less experienced doctor (and that adds up--especially if you need to do it 4 times). Or would you recommend doing the stronger version once and getting it done? Any thoughts on pros and cons and your experience would be terrific. And: how do you find a good doctor (my friends don't get lasers:) My skin has becoming more and more bumpy (not acne; these are the underground bumps that never go away) and very orange-peel in texture. I am ready to try anything. Retin-A and Obagi have not made a difference. Any help is so appreciated! 48 going on 60

I went to 'the experienced SF doctor' for fraxel, because my neck was more wrinkly than I liked. It looked much worse after the surgery (permanently), than it did before - completely crepe-y. He recommended doing it several more times. He did it one more time, and it changed nothing. It was a terrible mistake to try this. never again
I had the 'bigger' treatment of cost 4K and was quite a big deal. The results were good but it was quite painful and the healing process took about 3 weeks or more. Have the moderator give you my information so we can talk in person....I am happy to share. anon
I just did my first full face Fraxel on April 29th. I think it was worth it. I went to Dr. Sara Wasserbauer's office in Walnut Creek. Her nurse does the actual procedure. I've also had Titan performed there by the same nurse. I will be going back for more treatments. I really liked the Fraxel. The results are almost entertaining because so many things are happening in such a short period of time. I had the procedure in late morning on a Friday. Had to go to work afterwards, just looked red and strange. Saturday morning I started to swell up. I had a bunch of weird tissue coming to the surface and sloughing off. There were areas of brown pigment also. Sunday I was extremely swollen in the face. Monday, called in sick to work because the swelling was so bad, especially in the eyes. I did not go out of the house those three days because I looked so bizarre. Material continued to appear and then slough off. Then I started to break out, pretty heavily in the chin, and in various places on my face. I don't know if the Fraxel is beneficial in the long run for the acne. It seemed to 'boil off' all that other stuff, so maybe? It's 10 days later, and all the redness is gone, my skin looks better, my undereye area looks better (I've also had fillers there previously, and I didn't think this would help as much as fillers, but this was a nice improvement on it's own merits) Also I have an old scar which is less visible. I've had lots of laser treatments - CO2, Vbeam for redness, laser for freckling. Still I showed improvement. If you have not had any of prior treatments I would think you would show even greater improvement. One important issue. It is critical that you wear sunscreen, wear hats, and protect your face afterwards, especially during summer to protect your newly surfaced skin. If you aren't going to wear sunscreen, don't get this done. This is not a substitute for a facelift, but you will have nicer skin. I can't wait to do another treatment. The Happy Fraxeler

Laser treatment for dark sun spots?

March 2010

Hi, I'm 36 and I have had sun spots start to appear on my face since my 20's. They are not *really* bad, but I would like to lighten, and even remove them completely. I had a consultation with Dr. Tomi Wall and she recommended laser. She said that my spots weren't so severe that it wouldn't take more than 2-3 treatments to see results. My questions are: 1 - has anyone had this type of treatment done and what was your overall experience? how severe were your spots? 2 - how much did your treatment cost? 3 - did your sun spots come back? how soon? 4 - any experience with Dr. Tomi Wall? She's in the same practice as Katie Rodan (of proactiv) Thanks

Most definitely get this done. I'm a veteran of several types of lasers. I've had freckles removed, which I believe is the same laser. I had excellent results. Basically, you will look like someone put out a cigarette on your face for a couple of days. Then the scabby residue will fall off. As far as the spots coming back - you will need to be religious about protection from sun exposure. Always wear sunblock. That is the only way. I'm so lucky to have this technology available to me, otherwise I would be a blotchy mess. frecklefree

Cosmetic Surgeon who does fraxel treatments

Nov 2008

I am looking for a highly skilled, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, affordable cosmetic surgeon who does fraxil treatments. I want to get rid of acne scars, sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles. Looking as young as I feel

I highly recommend Dr. Robert Aycock and his staff, on San Miguel Road in Walnut Creek. I have had laser work done, restylene, as well as plastic surgery. I am very satisfied with all of his work. His number is 925-937-8377. kl
I highly recommend Dr. Robert Aycock in Walnut Creek (925-937-8377, website is I had some work done this past June and continue to see him for office procedures. He is low key, laid back and HIGHLY professional. The people in his office are friendly as can be and there is PLENTY OF PARKING! His surgery center is in Greenbrae. I am an ICU RN and work very closely with doctors so believe me when I tell you, he's a good 'un. Susan
Hi I've had some procedures done by Dr. Michael Cedars in Oakland, including Fraxel and have been very pleased. He is very honest and dependable. In addition to Fraxel he also used a laser machine on me called the MiXto laser to remove aging spots and the V-Beam laser to remove red spots. I really liked him and he never gave me a hard sell or tried to sell me anything he didn't think would work. Patty
Please call Dr. Elizabeth Slass Lee in Berkeley (on Regent St) She is a terrific, caring, knowledgable M.D. who has a terrific bedside manner and is truly dedicated. Her number is (510) 704-2170. I guarantee you will love her. A former patient.
Dr. David Hicks in Concord does not do Fraxel treatments exactly- he uses a ''light based therapy'' system from a company called Sciton, and it is much, much better than Fraxel's machine.There are many differences, but in general, the Sciton system is more versatile, can do many more types of treatments, and is more effective in fewer treatments. The Fraxel is a laser system; the Sciton is a laser system along with a type of intense pulsed light system. So,the Sciton can do an excellent job on acne scars, sun damage, and fine lines. His contact info is: 1333 Willow Pass Road, Suite 202 Concord, CA 94520 925-695-0123 rachel

Laser treatment for facial rejeuvenation

April 2008

I've seen lots of ads lately for laser treatments to rejuvenate the facial skin ... supposedly they can boost collagen production, minimize redness and brown age spots, etc. Do they really work? I've seen ads for something called Laser 360 and Genesis Skin Rejuvenation ... I'm sure there are lots of options. Has anyone had success with these? If so, which practice did you go to and what kind of laser do they use? Was there downtime, redness, peeling, etc.? And how much does this cost? It seems everyone requires a consultation before quoting a figure but I don't want to spend time going to a place for a consultation if the treatment isn't effective. Thanks! Anon

Hi, The procedure I recommend is TITAN, is no abrasive, no peeling, no redness. Is laser and works strictly on your collagen, google it and look for pictures before and after, I did do it a year ago, and I am very pleased, I am schedule for another one this next week, sometimes you need more than once, depends on your age and your wrinkles too. I lost over 60 pounds and my skin was sagging back then, now needs a little around the lips (smiling lines I call them). The doctor I recommend is Dr. Matsuoka, from Kaiser Union City, Cosmetic Surgery Department, their phone number is 510-675-4454 they do botox, restyline, etc. etc. you name it. I am very happy with the results, you can only do your cheeks, or your cheeks and neck or your neck and forehead, or wherever. About the price, could start from $1,200 and up I believe, not to sure about the prices, depending what are u going for. They also have an easy plan payment, and is good for a year I think, or even 18 months? Good Luck Susana

Laser therapy to reduce redness

April 2007

I have long been embarrassed by my red nose & upper chest. I thought they were simply byproducts of my Irish heritage, but upon a recommendation from a facialist, I consulted with a laser therapy office. Apparently this redness is built-up sun damage (despite my near- obssessive use of sunblock) and can be corrected with laser therapy. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had laser treatment for a similar problem. Did the treatments work? Are you pleased with the result? How bad was the swelling/bruising and did you really have to hide for a week? Would you recommend your practitioner? a whiter shade of pale

I've had laser treatments for facial, neck and upper chest redness from sun exposure (I have light, not really pale skin, but work outside), and they helped quite a bit. They're expensive, and it usually takes more than one treatment, so I didn't have enough to really eliminate the red, but went far enough to significantly reduce it, and I'm very happy that I did.

I went to the Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Institute in Greenbrae, Dr. Diana Parnell, 415-461-1036. She is excellent, their fees are not the highest around, and I've found the atmosphere to be friendly and comfortable. I had treatments there (both from her and the highly trained and skilled nurses) for other things as well (laser removal of brown sun spots, laser treatment of thickened skin on my nose, and botox in my brow), and I never had bruising from anything- very brief redness at most (like one day). If you go for the complete laser facial resurfacing (way outside my budget), then apparently you are in recovery for a few days.

In case you're wondering, the laser stings, but it's very quick, and if you need to take a little break between zaps they're very nice and understanding.

Long ago, I went to a different doctor to try a laser treatment for my facial redness and I had hideous bruises for over a week- he obviously did not know how to calibrate his machines properly.

In case anyone's wondering about botox, I love it, it makes me look a lot friendlier and more relaxed to not have a chronically crumpled brow, and when done right you don't feel or look ''paralyzed''- I still have a very expressive face! Less red, spotted, and crumpled

Laser Treatment for Broken Bloodvessels on Face

May 2005

I have several broken blood vessels on my face, (mostly under my eyes) that seem to have worsened over time and after pregnancies and such. I have heard that laser treatments can remove these unsightly marks. Does anyone have any info on this? Or suggestions on different types of treatments? I would love recommendations for Doctors and/or specialists in this area. Also, how much does something like this cost? Julia

I saw Dr. Natalie Mar in Oakland in Nov. 2003 and she removed the red spider veins on my nose with a laser. It worked very well; however, after a year they have all come back. She tells you at the beginning there is no guarantee that they won't come back. It cost me $300. I would be interested to see if there are cheaper doctors out there. $300 every time seems very expensive. Short-term results
I've had treatments for several cosmetic dermatological conditions, including broken facial blood vessels, (also for brown sunspots on my face, thickened lumpy skin on my chin and nose, varicose and spider veins on my legs, and a large darkened and reddened area on my chest and neck (sun damage)). I had botox also. Geesh- this makes me sound like a cosmetic junky, but I'm really not- just getting older, have had way too much sun exposure, and am not quite ready to face ALL the consequences! Oh yeah- I'm also single and looking!

I went the Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Greenbrae, 415-461-1036 for all these processes, and have been extremely happy with them all the way around. The treatments for the facial spider veins were $300. each, the same as you paid. When I called around before choosing a doctor, it seemed that $300. was the going price for that particular laser. Some of the other treatments at the CLSI were less than at other places and I chose them partly by price, but also because I was very impressed by the level of experience and training of the (2 women) doctors there. They have something like 16 different lasers for treating different conditions.

My only previous experience with these things was a number of years ago- I went to one doctor for the face veins, and a different one for the leg veins. The first doctor was a brute, and left my face so bruised that I looked like I had been beaten up for over a week. In the second case, the treatments just didn't do much.

My facial spider veins are the result of Rosaecea combined with too much sun exposure which is a common cause- they were pretty bad, both superficial and deep (but not as bad as I've seen them on some people), and I needed 3 treatments to make a really significant difference because some were deep (my skin looks MUCH better now!).

I too was told that they would likely recur to a bothersome level in 1-3 years because of the underlying Rosaecea. But it turns out that Rosaecea is an auto- immune condition, and they are having some success in using a cream called Elidel, which is used for other auto-immune skin conditions, to calm down the Rosacea and thus slow the return of the broken veins. It's not a cure (there is no cure). And, of course, religious use of strong sunscreen is an absolute must.

So- if you got the results you wanted for your level of problem with a single treatment, for $300., I would say that you did well, and should keep it up to prevent them getting as bad as mine. You might ask your doctor about Elidel, or try out my place. anon