Looking for cosmetic dermatologist

Mid 30s and looking for a derm who performs laser treatments. Not looking for Botox or fillers, but just want my face zapped to get a smooth clean slate. Yes, I wear sunscreen everyday and that helps :)

Any recommendations?

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Hi - I have experience from a personal and professional perspective.  I have had laser treatments done by a private dermatologist and plastic surgeon and I am also a trained and licensed advance practice clinician who has provider laser treatments in the past.  I have found the best rates to be at reputable medi-spas.  I have had a good experience at Skin Spirit.  They have many Bay Area locations -- but I drive from Berkeley to the Walnut Creek location because I trust their providers.  I have also never been pressured to buy products or treatments I wasn't interested in.  Happy skin care!

I go to AllSkin Dermatology in Berkeley and I love Dr. Dunn. I've not had any cosmetic treatments, but I know they offer them.