Laser for Broken Capillaries on Face--Recommendations?

I have some broken blood vessels on my face that I'd love to get rid of. I've seen that some kind of laser treatment is the best choice. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for places to get this procedure done? Or what specific procedure I should be looking for?

 I've been to spas in the distant past that layered on sales pressure--or who I wouldn't trust to not, for example, suggest more treatments than are necessary.

But on the other hand, one technician got rid of a red spot on my face with the brush of a laser. She wasn't sure it would work and it was an aside from a different procedure--I can't remember what it was. 

I'd appreciate any recommendations, especially near El Cerrito/Berkeley. It's been years since I've done anything for beauty treatments and I'm nervous--mostly because I don't have a huge budget for this:) I can't afford to waste time/money. 

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I have gone to Kaiser Cosmetic Dermatology for this and have friends that do also. Since the cosmetic procedures aren't covered by insurance anyway, my understanding is anyone can go there (not just Kaiser members). I don't know if they have anything close to you though - I live in Oakland and go to the SF Mission Bay office, but they also have an office in Walnut Creek. I feel strongly about going to medically licensed folks for these treatments and have always liked the care I've gotten. If you go to SF I really like Sarah Briones RN. 

I have this issue as well. Over the years I’ve had good luck with dermatologists who are willing to do it for free when I go in for skin checks.  I don’t know the technical term, I just ask if they can zap the spots and they know what I’m asking for. Good luck, not the worst problem to have but very annoying!

Dr. Ingrid Roseborough's office does this, I can't remember what it's called though. If you call them they'd tell you.

Try VariLite for facial spider veins.

I am a 76 year grandmother who grew up with lovely, translucent, somewhat sensitive skin and lots of positive attention for my looks. Probably at least 15-years ago I became bothered with broken capillaries that appeared in a small area on my left cheek, likely from driving around without sun screen in my youth. (So I was told.)  As a very happy Kaiser member (and I still am) I went to the cosmetic dermatology practice at Kaiser-Shadelands in Walnut Creek.  Laser treatment was recommended but I was required to attend an informational class before being allowed to have treatments, which were purely cosmetic and not a covered benefit.  In the class we were warned that over time the damage could reappear or spread to new areas. As I recall the first treatment was mostly successful but I went back for at least one more--and the sessions were expensive.  Each "zap" cost a set amount and they added up fast.  That said, I believe my skin was improved and do not recall any regrets at the time.  But over the last 5 to 10-years the capillaries and other red marks  have appeared where I was zapped. These are in a wider area and almost impossible to cover with makeup base, which I rarely ever used before now.  I have thought about inquiring about newer lasers--and the possibility of a "refresher" treatment--but am very hesitant to do so lest I end up looking even worse.  My advice is to do research, ask lots of questions, and think carefully before you decide.   If I had it to do again, I probably would not do it.  Good luck.  

I've had this done using an Excel V laser at the cosmetic branch of the Dermatology Center of the East Bay in Pill Hill, Oakland, and it worked great and was almost painless. 

I don't have a recommendation for a specific practitioner, but the treatment you need is IPL - Intense Pulsed Light therapy - which is done with a laser and probably what that technician used on your red spot. I had broken capillaries on the sides of my nose and some on my cheeks from rosacea, and it really helped. It feels like someone snapping a rubber band with a hot needle on the end of it onto your face, so it's definitely not pleasant, but it works. Good luck!