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OK to put gDiapers in the garden compost? Jan 2012

We just started using gDiapers with the compostable inserts. I am planning on flushing the poopy inserts and composting the wet ones. Alas, when I called the Alameda County Industries office (for my city), they said they do not take compostable diapers in the green bin because the facility they contract with isn't set up to process diapers. I privately think they can process gDiapers just fine but I don't want to throw something into the green bin that the city has stated they won't take. So I'm left with doing home composting. Anyone have experience doing this with gDiapers? What works and what doesn't? I found a blog online that said that diapers overwhelmed their worm bin (too much fiber) and even with a hot compost, the ratio of food scraps to diaper didn't work out. There were just too many diapers and not enough food scraps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in Alameda.

It's true that the municipal green waste services in the East Bay aren't set up to compost human waste---please don't put your gDiapers in, because the compost is distributed to home gardeners who may be using it for vegetable gardens! Can you just flush both the wet and poopy inserts? If not and you are committed to composting diapers, you need to get a composting service that has an industrial composting facility designed to break down human waste (and to supply the resulting compost to places that will use it for non-food uses). There are two that I know of: Tiny Tots Diaper Service and Earth Baby. Tiny Tots uses EcoGenesis diapers and Earth Baby uses Nature BabyCare. We have Tiny Tots and love them; so far we have had great performance from their diapers, and they have terrific customer service. Another diaper composter
There's a different process and set of rules for legally compositing human waste, and the county is not set up for doing this. I believe the compost has to be at a significantly higher temperature, more concern about contamination/illnesses, etc. I'm sure someone more educated on this than myself will illuminate the problem.

There is, however, a special -- and fantastic! -- composting diaper service that's been in business in the Bay Area for some time: Earth Baby I know you've signed up to use gDiapers, but if composting and a small environmental impact is important to you, consider switching. To ensure the integrity of their compost, you have to use Nature Babycare compostable diapers and wipes and buy these products through their web site. I've found their prices to be reasonable. It's not the cheapest, but I'm lucky enough to be in a financial position in which I can afford a little more to support this service and their goals. I also buy Nature Babycare diapers and wipes elsewhere from time to time when pressed for whatever reason, and it's fine. They don't monitor you, but the point is to keep their compost input consistent and support their business.

The service picks up the dirty diapers and drops off new diapers and wipes (and other products you might purchase through them) once a week. I think you can set up more frequent service if needed but am not sure. I have two children in diapers and have found once a week is just fine. They sell their compost for large projects, like roadside landscaping. Give them a call! Composting Diaper Satisfied Mom

The city can't compost diapers because their composting does not reach high enough temperatures to kill any bad bacteria/diseases that might be in human feces. The diapers will still decompose, but with leftover germs which could make people who used the finished compost sick. The same goes with home composting. You can compost diapers through this company, but you have to buy their diapers and wipes: My friend does it and loves it. Andi