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  • I'm looking for a cloth diaper service in the South Bay and haven't found any. Is anyone aware of an option?

    EarthBaby and TinyTots both offer compostable services, but they seem to contract with the same industrial composter as the City of San Jose (Zanker/GreenWaste), meaning that their services have the same impact as just buying compostable diapers directly and throwing them out once used. Still way better than conventional diapers, but not as good as a cloth service (or maybe home-washing cloth diapers). Any advice is appreciated!

    Tidee Didee serves the East bay, not sure about South Bay. I’m in the East bay and they were the only service i could find! They are unfortunately out of commission currently because they moved locations and are getting their new one set up, and they done have an estimated opening date yet :( we are new to cloth diapers and ended up laundering them at home. It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be!

    Unfortunately I don't think there are any left in the Bay Area. Did want to clarify, though, that if you want compostable diapers to be composted, you must use a service. Compostable diapers can't be placed in food/yard waste bins for cities that offer that service, and can only be put into the garbage. San José has single-stream garbage so pulls the food scraps out for composting, but they have no way to know that your used diaper is compostable so would not be pulling diapers out. So even though the industrial composter is the same company that the city uses, you're paying for a different service/outcome. You might consider a compostable service for the early months with a switch towards home-washing as your baby gets older. We used a cloth service for the first six months before doing it ourselves and found that was a good balance for our family (since older babies use many fewer diapers!)

    Just a note of encouragement if you choose to obtain and wash your own cloth diapers!  It takes some work to buck the convenience and ubiquity of disposable diapers but it can be done, not too bad, really, and better for the environment and the checkbook.  Finding no cloth diaper service in our area (Berkeley) when we needed them (3+ years ago) we ended up buying a bunch of pre-fold cotton diapers and snap-on waterproof covers and used the same set for 2 kids through potty training.  It's a extra laundry and slightly unconventional but totally do-able.  Even kind of peaceful to hang the diapers on a clothesline if you have that option.  We are a 2 parent family and were both working full time plus - daycares and nannyshares adapted without issue.  Good luck!

    I don't have info on cloth diaper services, but can you share more about your skepticism around EarthBaby? Their website certainly claims the diapers are being composted (https://earth-baby.com/how-it-works), and not sent to landfill, but if you have some specialized knowledge here, that would be helpful to hear more about. Best wishes finding a cloth service!

    I did cloth diapers for both of my kids and I would just recommend washing them yourself. People make a big deal about it but it's really not.

    I wondered the same thing (in Berkeley) but couldn't find a cloth service when our kiddo was born.  I elected not to do home-wash cloth diapers because (a) I'm lazy and (b) I wasn't convinced that the inefficiency (water/electricity use) of my small home washer was worth it, as compared to a large-scale industrial laundry process.  So I went with EarthBaby, and I would just like to put in a plug for their FANTASTIC service.  Seriously.  Mid-pandemic, when US mail only showed up twice a week, UPS left our packages all over the neighborhood, and the grocery deliveries stopped coming altogether...EarthBaby never missed a beat.  We have never had an incorrect order, they take away our diapers like magical clockwork, they communicate really well about upcoming holiday schedules or product changes, etc, and our driver is super nice.  Sorry this doesn't answer your question, original poster, but if anyone else on this thread is wondering, EarthBaby will make your life easier.  And as someone else mentioned, since you can't put diapers into your green bin, this felt like my best shot at keeping them out of landfill.

    We did cloth diapers at home, and honestly washing was not a big issue. Until babies have solids, everything washes out really easily. After solids, we used a flushable liner to flush solid waster and then washed the diapers as normal. I am one easily grossed out by bodily functions, and I found it easy enough to do. We bulk ordered sodium bicarbonate, did a cycle on hot with a rinse cycle, and air dryer (usually in the sun). It is extra laundry, but the plus side is both of my kids potty trained around 18 months -- a common bonus of cloth diapering -- so it was pretty temporary.

    When my eldest was born in 2014, both Ecobaby and Tiny Tots were great diaper services. Not sure if they're still around but worth a look. With my second, I did Elimination Communication (if interested, see godiaperfree.com) & loved it - really wish I'd known where to look for instruction resources for EC the first time around. Good luck.

    Just saw this truck in our neighborhood: https://dyper.com/

  • Cloth Diaper Service

    May 9, 2022

    I reached out to TideeDidee and apparently they may be closing their doors soon, which is why they removed pricing from their website. I see TinyTots has gone compostable. Any cloth diaper services left in the Bay Area (East Bay in particular)?

    https://diaperwagon.com/service-plans-and-info seems to serve Sonoma County, for those who live there.

    Check out https://dyper.com/.  They deliver diapers made from bamboo, will pickup and compost.  Obv not the same as cotton cloth diapers, but might be worth a try.

  • We've loved using Tidee Didee but they recently told us they're "closing their doors"! What other cloth diaper services are in the area that you recommend?

    I think they became the only game in town when Tiny Tots stopped doing cloth a few years back, sadly. But maybe someone else will know of one--or maybe Tiny Tots will consider a return to cloth service? It is likely a tough market with water rates as high as they are right now, unfortunately.

  • Cloth Diaper Service

    May 24, 2019

    Looking for a cloth diaper service. It seems that Tidee Didee is the only one? There's nothing on their site about how they wash their diapers, how much water is used, etc. I'm wondering if others have used another cloth service?

    Thanks for any input.

    While not a cloth diaper service, we used Earth Baby - a compostable diaper service.  It's more expensive than traditional disposable diapers but we felt that the lower waste was well worth it.  After using traditional disposables a few times for travel, I began to prefer the quality and texture of the compostable diapers and used them exclusively for 2 kids.  We used the service in Oakland and San Francisco.  As a bonus, they're very flexible with regards to ordering/exchanging diapers as babies grow.

    I didn't use this service, but found it manageable to soak and wash diapers myself. I invested in a couple of dozen prefolds and half a dozen wraps and made it work. I couldn't stand the thought of all that landfill waste....

    We use Tidee Didee and they are really great and super responsive, so I bet if you called in or sent an email they'd get back to you right away with that info.

    I used tiny tots for three kids and the service was great. They have been around for years, offer compostable diapers in addition to cloth, delivery of baby items from their store, are a local family run business and I am pretty sure they use a low water method to wash their diapers.

    This may not be helpful, but I washed them at home, and it wasn’t really as big a deal as it’s made out to be.  Especially for your first or only baby because you are not doing a bunch of other kid laundry at the same time.  It’s cheaper than a service, you can choose your own detergent, and it’s better for the environment if that’s your motivation for cloth over disposable.   But if you don’t have a washer and dryer in your house, it would be too hard.

    I have the same question. So sad to see Tiny Tots ending their service. 

    Tiny Tots diaper service.  We used them for 3 years.  They take away the dirty ones and deliver you clean ones, it was great.  If I recall correctly they had information on their website about their cleaning methods/water consumption.

    Sorry, I went to the Tiny Tots website and it looks like the don't do cloth anymore -- just compostable diapers.

    We used Tiny Tots (they’ve since stopped offering cloth service) before switching to Tidee Didee. Tiny Tots was awful; diapers were tattered, burned, stringy, and inconsistent sizes. They often miscounted and delivered the wrong number as well. Tidee Didee has been wonderful. Their customer service is good — I’m sure if you call with your questions they can help you. Besides, they seem to be the only cloth service available!

    We used Tiny Tots twice and loved them. Great customer service. 

  • Best diaper service?

    Sep 4, 2016

    We are due in early November and trying to find a good and reliable diaper service — preferably one that can offer us compostable & cloth diapers — that serves Oakland.  Has anyone had good experiences with a diaper service in the Bay Area? Are there services that you like that provide all cloth or all compostable diapers? Thank you!

    I have not used them yet (baby due in October), but have heard good things about Tiny Tots in Campbell (they cover the whole Bay Area though). I actually couldn't find another service that did both cloth and compost. Other folks may know more than me though!

    Tiny tots diaper service has both compostable and prefold diaper service. Earth Baby (which we use now) has only compostable diapers. Tidee Didee offers only prefolds. I used all 3 services and stopped on compostable for daycare and wash my own cloth diapers at home. I think all services are basically the same only their online stores are different. If you get a referral you can get a free pack of diapers from Earth Baby. If you start with one service on your registry think about low start-up costs and flexibility b/c you will have paid at least one month increment.

    I have lots of opinions about cloth and compostable diaper services b/c diapering is full of waste and yuck. Making it green and fun (with cloth) is just better.

    Earth Baby composting diaper service! They serve Oakland/Bay Area. We used it for our son and it is amazing - zero landfill waste, zero. Wipes, diapers, their packaging and the bags are all composted commercially and become saleable compost in 14 weeks. Excellent responsive customer service. It will cost you more than buying the giant boxes of disposables, but if not adding thousands of disposable diapers and that human waste into landfill is a priority for you, I highly recommend Earth Baby. For our household it was so worth it. Check out their free trial. https://earthbaby.deliverybizpro.com/p-35-how-it-works.html

    We have been very happy with Earth Baby, a compostable diaper service. Their diapers are not strong enough for overnight use, but otherwise they are great! 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Which diaper service?

April 2013

The archives haven't been updated in awhile- which cloth diaper service do you recommend? From what I can tell, it's between Tidee Didee Diapers and Tiny Tots. We are sticking with cloth rather than compostables due to sensitive skin. Too much laundry

We use Tiny Tots in Campbell but I think they serve the whole Bay Area. We LOVE them! Their customer service is the best and they are so helpful. Ann D.

We love Tiny Tots (though I hear great things about Tidee Didee too). We've used Tiny Tots for 18 months, though, and they are just wonderful! If we use fewer diapers than normal, we'll sometimes get a call to make sure we didn't forget a bag or to see if we should adjust anything. When we forget to put the diapers out for pickup, the driver will call and see if we want him to loop back around for them after a few more stops. I always get quick responses when I have questions about changing sizes, and I love that we can add other baby supplies to the order and they will drop them off along with the diapers--that saved me several times in the early months! We chose them mainly because we also use compostable diapers, which wasn't an option with Tidee Didee. (On a side note, we also love the combo service--you just put the compostables in with the cloth, so no need to juggle multiple diaper pails!) Another cloth-diapering mama

If you are truly concerned about sensitive skin, I would caution you to look into what kind of chemicals the services use in their laundry cycles. I was really surprised at how many times and with what chemicals the diapers were washed - seemed to undo any environmental benefit of cloth... Plus all the driving for delivery/pick-up... I ended up using the service (tidee didee / abc) for a few months then started doing it myself once the baby stopped pooping quite so often! Marnie

We used Tiny Tots for our eldest and now again for our twins. (During this time we have lived in SF, Oakland, and now Berkeley.). I have zero complaints. They're flexible, responsive, reliable, and reasonably priced. I would totally recommend. Danae

I don't have any basis for comparison between options, but will say that my family has been really happy with Tiny Tots. We've used them for 2 consecutive kids, since 2009 and have always gotten great customer service - e.g. they have occasionally messed up the order but are very responsive and will send drivers on extra runs to remedy whatever the problem is. They also have great product selection that you can get delivered with your order (for covers, wipes, diaper pail liners etc.) - it's nice to have that all available in a single service. Tiny Tots fan

I have three daughters - 15, 9, and 2 - and have used Tiny Tots for all three. Customer service is awesome. If they ever deliver fewer than you're supposed to have - rare - they will either mail them, or have the delivery person come back with the correct number. My youngest hasn't used a disposable diaper in her life! I also buy all her covers from their boutique. You can have your payments on auto-pay as well. Love Tiny Tots

I only have experience with Tiny Tots, but I couldn't recommend them enough. We have been using them for several years now (2 kids and will for another one due this fall). It's a family run business that's been around for decades. They are extremely helpful with diapering questions and potty training. They have always been prompt and professional. If I didn't get enough diapers they would get them out to me asap, so as not to run out. Any minor problems we've had is quickly and easily fixed. Their boutique is great too and you can buy stuff and have it delivered with your diapers. I think they have more products in the store than listed online, so you can call to check for something specific (we used to live in the South Bay near their store and loved shopping there). Kristin

Earth Baby diaper service vs tossing in green bin

April 2012

A friend recommended the Earth Baby compostable diaper service but they're pricier than Tiny Tots cloth (our alternative) and so I'm wondering, if they're fully compostable, why wouldn't I just buy the Nature Babycare diapers Earth Baby uses and shake out the poop in my toilet and toss the soiled diapers in my own green bin -- rather than pay $29.95 for delivery and pick up? Am I missing something? Thanks! Back to diapers

Human waste cannot be composted in the same way normal green waste is. It has to get super hot. I believe liquid waste is fine but fecal matter is different and has lots of bacteria in it. While it can be done at home, like a composting toilet, you'll need the proper set-up for it. Composter

I'm pretty sure you can't put human waste of any kind in the green waste bins, and diapers are specifically forbidden here in Oakland (Waste Management of Alameda County). Just because something is compostable doesn't mean it should go in the community compost bin. Sometimes It's Worth Paying Other People to Take Your Poop Away

I use the Earth Baby service and my understanding is that the city cannot handle soiled diapers in their composting system as they're still considered human waste even if you 'shake the poop' out. If you want to double check I'd recommend you contact your city just to be sure. (On a side note, I do like the service a lot & the products are good. Figure as long as I'm choosing disposable over cloth it's worth a little more to keep them out of landfill.) mama of an earth baby baby

Because you CANNOT (well, you are not supposed to) put ANY (poop & pee) diapers, even if it is labeled compostable/biodegradable into the City's (most city's) green bin. However, you CAN compost nature babycare (among others) in your OWN 'green' bin/composter at home that you turn yourself - but only the pee ones. To learn more about doing it at your home you can find info here: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/look-composting-diapers-food-a-62342

The city DOES NOT allow for composting of diapers in their bins - they don't want any human/animal waste in there. I know that in Toronto - you can put diapers and animal wastes/kitty litter in their green bins, but it hasn't caught on over here yet. anon

I think the difference is that you know that the service will actually compost the diapers. Your green bin waste probably doesn't get composted--many waste management companies use green waste to cover other trash in the landfill each day to meet requirements. However, this green waste will be layered over and over with non-biodegradable trash, and even if it composts on its own, will never leave the dump.

Still, it beats throwing away regular disposables! Sympathetic Diaperer

Do you have a kid? I can count the number of 'shakable' poops our 18 month old has had on one hand. No idea if it's just my kid or what (she eats a pretty varied diet), but that would really, really not work for us, the amount of poop left on the diaper would be substantial.

We did think about using the NC diapers and composting the pee ones, tossing the poopy ones, but ended up deciding that the $30 a month was worth it to have the peace of mind that the diapers were actually be composed, and not have to have two separate waste bins in her room, basically. L.

Just to clarify some of last week's responses--it's not just that the Bay Area cities don't accept diapers in green bins; it's that they don't have composting facilities that are designed to safely compost human or animal waste. So PLEASE don't just throw diapers in--another family might then go and get a load of compost and put it on their vegetable garden and end up sick. Throwing compostable diapers into the garbage doesn't work either (though of course you can do it)-- once the waste is sealed off from air, they won't break down. If you really want to compost diapers, the only option in the Bay Area right now is to use one of the diaper compost services, where they have large industrial composting operations that can process the waste. For what it's worth, we've been very happy with Tiny Tots for this. An Oakland mama

Compostable diaper services

Jan 2012

We're due to have our second child this spring, and I'm exploring the option of using a compostable diaper service. So I'm looking for reviews from those who have used either Tiny Tots compostable service or Earth Baby. I've checked out the BPN archives, but in addition to what's there, I'd love to know...

1. What do you think of the quality of diapers they provide? Any thoughts on how the compostable diapers compare to major disposable brands like pampers and huggies?

2. How many diapers do you go through in a week/month (and for what age child)?

We used cloth with our first, and one thing I noticed when we were traveling and using disposables is that we went through far fewer diapers when using disposables, just because they were so much more absorbent, and I didn't have to change them as often. I'm wondering if this is also true of the compostable diapers provided by tiny tots or earth baby. Thanks for any feedback you can provide! Love the idea of composting

We've been using earth baby. We chose them over tiny tots because it worked out to be cheaper (I don't think this is true if you do a combo of cloth and compostable, which only tiny tots allows you to do, but was true for only compostable).

We really, really like the fit of the nature's best diapers, and did not at all like the fit or feel of the ones TT uses (a friend gave us some to try while we were deciding). We've found the company to be very responsive and friendly, and had no problems with pick up / drop offs.

At ~15 months, we go through about 5 a day. Usually a little less, but we just used that for planning a vacation and it worked out about right. They are comparable (or even a little better) to 7th generation disposables, but seem to hold their shape better and not sag as much. Even if we were to stop the service we'd keep using the same diapers. l.

Hi - I'm going on three years with Earth-Baby compostable service. I got my son out of diapers just in time to have a new baby in them. I have had a great experience with them. Their customer service is excellent, their website is easy to navigate (it has been improved since they started) and I feel really good about not adding to the landfill. Our kids are in daycare, so cloth was not an option, but I really feel like this might be the best of all worlds -- no water usage to wash cloth, nothing in the landfill. The people who run it are parents and are very thoughtful about things. If your baby suddenly outgrows a size, they'll take unopened packs back, no problem. They can also accommodate vacation schedules easily. You set up your account with a recurring delivery, but you can change it at any time. And if you realize you need something between recurring deliveries, you can add it on to your next pickup. It's all pretty easy.

You asked about the diapers: they are great. I actually used Nature BabyCare diapers even before we found out about Earth Baby, because a friend recommended them. They are very absorbant, but also feel soft and breathable, without all the plastic-y feeling of other diapers. They fit well, stay on well, and are way less bulky than cloth diapers. My only complaint is they don't make a newborn size. They do run small (so I change to the next size up at the bottom of the weight range for that size), but unless your little one is a real heavyweight, you'll probably need to do something else for at least a couple of weeks before you can do the Nature BabyCare. They do make a pull-up, which my three year-old is in at night, and we've been happy with that. Nature BabyCare diapers are more expensive than store brands, but not terribly so. Earth-Baby sells them to you for less than I can buy them on Diapers.com, so you're not getting ripped off there. They charge a monthly fee for the pickup, no matter how many diapers you send. The fee has increased since I started with them, but it's still very reasonable.

EarthBaby's front door pick-up and delivery is very easy. They sell other stuff on their website, too, including the compostable bags you need to collect them in. We inherited a DiaperGenie, which doesn't do compostable bags, so I do transfer the diapers each week into a compostable bag, but if you have a different collection bin, you won't have to do that smelly task.

In terms of how many diapers I go through, that really depends on your babe. My daughter is a once a day pooper, so we probably only use 5-7 diaper a day with her, even though she's still an infant. My son was an every-other-feed pooper, so we went through a lot more. But I think the compostable diapers are more like disposable ones than cloth in terms of absorbancy. Anyway, I definitely recommend Earth Baby. It's a great service! I'll sign with my name, because I think if you tell them I referred you, I get a free pack of diapers or something. Shannon

Congratulations! And good for you for exploring compostables. We've tried both Tiny Tots and Earth Baby this year. Based on my experience: Go Earth Baby.

We've been solely using compostable diapers for our baby (our first, now six months old), with an occasional disposable here and there during travel. We've been totally happy with our decision.

We started with Tiny Tots because Earth Baby did not (at the time) service our area. Initially, we thought the diapers were great - surprisingly absorbent and very few leaks - although they felt a little 'paper-y'. But as our baby grew they no longer fit very well. We started having more frequent leakage because of the ill fit - neither the size up or size down worked quite right.

Then we got word from Earth Baby that they started servicing our part of town. The brand of compostables that Earth Baby uses is - for us - way better. The material is softer and they have great elastic waist and leg bands, translating into a better fit and far far fewer leaks. They are more like disposable diapers in fit and feel than the brand used by Tiny Tots. We felt bad leaving Tiny Tots (they have great customer service), but for our baby the Earth Baby diapers are AWESOME. The absorbency is comparable to brand name disposables but without the weird gel-ball filling and the guilt. We love them.

You've probably worked out that the pricing is comparable between the two. Oh, and it might just be our babe, but it's a very rare occasion when he gets diaper rash. His butt is very happy in compostables.

As for how many we go through, it varies. Right now at six months old we might be using 40-55 a week? Sorry for the big range - I'm just guesstimating. We used MANY many more when he was a newborn!

Good luck with your decision! Compostable Diaper Lover

Experience with Earth Baby Diaper Service?

Oct 2010

Hi, We are considering using this service for our new baby and wondered what experiences others have had with the products and/or company? http://www.earth-baby.com/pages.php?pageid=14 I've used the brand of wipes they sell but not the diapers. I'd love any comments about quality and fit of diapers (I tend to have slender babies) as well as anything about the service itself. Thanks! Susan

We have used Earth-Baby for 8 months now and LOVE it! The pick up and delivery are always reliable, N.Berkeley pick up is on Thursdays. We use the diapers and wipes. If you have a slender baby, I do, the diapers are great, nice snug fit not super bulky. You will know immediately if you need to go up or down a size, because a blow out will happen. They work overnight as well, no leaks. My son is 8 months 18lbs and wears a size 3. You can order the starter pack and everything you need comes in it to get you going. You have to use compostable bags for the waste, we use the bio bags in our diaper champ, and have had no problems. The diapers start fitting at around 8lbs, so if you have a small baby, my son was 6lb 13oz when he was born, you may need to wait until the baby is a bit bigger as the newborn diapers did not fit him right away. After the start up fee of $25.00, we pay about $18-20 per week including the diapers, wipes, pick up and delivery. Very worth it in my opinion. They are a wonderful company and provide excellent customer service. I've called them many times with a last minute addition to my order and they are always happy to help. Good Luck! The Kuehnl Family

I used this service for a couple of months and I found it too expensive. You pay $30/month for pickup and drop-off, but you still pay full price for the diapers in addition to the $30/month cost. I liked the diapers (and I have a skinny child) but I have serious doubts about how Earth Baby is able to compost them; the diapers themselves do not claim to be compostable, and searching through articles about them on the web reveals that they are only 60-80% compostable materials.

Tiny Tots (http://tinytots.com/) also has a compostable service and when I switched to that my costs went way down. You can even get a 'hybrid' cloth/compostable service. I used them until my daughter potty-trained and highly recommend their customer service as well. Sarah

We've used Earth Baby for a year and love them - the products are great, the service is even better and you feel good about not clogging up our children's world with their diapers! The diapers seem to be standard size. Only hint: the adhesive on these diapers isa bit different than on toxic ones. At first I didn't see that there was a 'designated' area for the diaper tabs to be stuck to - so I was just blindly securing the diapers, and every so often one wouldn't stick very well. I thought it was a manufacturing flaw, but now it's not an issue at all. I would recommend Earth Baby to everyone - it's my new standard baby shower and new baby gift - one month of the service to get started!

I have to say that I am 'over the moon' about Earth Baby. Finally, I get the convenience of disposables with the peace of mind that they are truly composted. My daughter started getting vicious diaper rashes with the cloth diapers and it stopped the second we switched over to Earth Baby. The hamper does get really stinky though and we moved it outside our house to avoid the stink- the cloth did not seem to reek as badly. The diapers seem on par with other disposables as well. It costs slightly more than using cloth, but it's worth it when you think about all the water you are conserving. Brasa

We've been using Earth Baby compostable diaper service since my daughter was born April 6th, 2010. We have been very happy with it. The diapers fit well on our child who has always been the long and lean side. We put her in a size up from her weight range and we've had only occasional overflows. The only downside is that it is a little pricier than the other options. But, we feel like it's been totally worth it for the convenience and ecological benefits. We also have a few other friends who have been using it and are happy as well. They also deliver things like nursing pads & diaper balm with is really handy. The nursing pads are also compostable. We also bought a daiper champ that works well with the compostable bags. I'd definitely recommend the service. Sara

We've been using Earth Baby for about a year now, and I have no complaints. I LOVE the Nature Baby Care diapers and wipes - I was using them with my son even before Earth Baby started delivering to my neighborhood in SF. I used to buy them from Diapers.com, but Earth Baby sells them a bit cheaper, so it's not like I'm paying extra for the diapers in order to use the service. I have no complaints with Earth Baby. Their website used to be a bit confusing when you were placing new orders, but they've fixed that. They've never missed a delivery or a pickup, the billing is very simple and hassle free, and it's easy to reschedule deliveries or pickups when you are on vacation. You always get someone on the phone or by email if you need to troubleshoot something. Most of all, I feel really good about decreasing our impact on the environment. You can't deny, disposable diapers are convenient (and we didn't have a choice of cloth, because my son was in daycare), and this way, you get to have the convenience without the guilt. Love the compostable option

Tiny Tots Compostable Diaper Service

March 2010

Is anyone using Tiny Tots compostable diaper service, either alone or with cloth diaper service. We have been using cloth diapers from them for the past 8 months and have been happy with the service, but cloth is not working great for us right now. Our daughter is getting frequent diaper rashes and disposables work a bit better for her to prevent the rash. We would use the Broody Chick diapers they offer, so I would also been interested in hearing any experience with that brand. It is a bit more expensive than cloth or disposables, but I am really struggling with all the plastic that goes into the landfills. Diaper Help

We don't use Tiny Tot's, but I had similar concerns about all those diapers in the landfill. We have been using gDiapers for the past 3 years (first son recently potty trained and his brother is 8 months old). We've been super happy with them - we compost the pee diapers and flush the poopy ones and haven't had any plumbing problems (you have to break up the diaper when it flushes). Check them out - www.gdiapers.com I might have some coupons around if you want to email me. Also, my boys NEVER get diaper rashes with the gDiapers (they're pretty breathable), but they usually do within an hour or two in a disposable. We switch between the gDiaper biodegradable refills and cloth (when I'm not feeling lazy). Good luck! cmz

We have the mixed service (started with cloth only) and we use the inserts. I actually use them in gdiapers, which is what we use when our son takes a nap because it keeps him drier longer. The soakers have adhesive backings, but I don't use them because they leave stickiness on the gdiaper lining. We just stuff them in the gdiaper without using the adhesive backing. We've never had a leak. They work well for naps, but I don't know if they would hold up for our son overnight. Pam

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Nov 2009

Has anyone in the area started using the Earth Baby compostable diaper service (http://www.earth- baby.com/home.php)? According to the website, service in our area just starting in October. Seems like a great idea. We have used this brand of disposable diapers and wipes (Nature Babycare) and they work great. Unfortunately, I was aware of the problem that municipal landfills are not the ideal environment for these compostable diapers to break down quickly. So this seems like a great solution to me, but thought I was ask if anyone has experience with the service before signing up. Thanks Jennifer

We've been using Earth Baby diaper service for about a month and a half now, and we love it! You do have to buy the Nature Babycare diapers and wipes from them in order to use their service, but the cost of the diapers is very close to what you would find elsewhere. Plus, it's really convenient to order online. They have great customer service if you have any questions. Laurel

We've been using Earth Baby since they started up in Oakland a few months ago, and we have been very happy so far. It's very satisfying to see how much less garbage we have each week! The diapers are pretty good quality in terms of absorption and fit, too. For me it's well worth the extra cost, which is around $29.99 a month (plus they make you buy the diapers from them--not sure how their price compares to Target). satisfied customer

Oct 2009

Hello, I was wondering if anyone was familiar w/ Earth Baby Compostable Diaper Service and could share feedback? My co- worker recently told me about them, it's a diaper service that picks up/ delivers compostable diapers instead of cloth and then composts the diapers into soil. My son's 20 mths and we've used cloth diapers since birth but they're getting pretty unbearable. We're expecting our second and I'm not sure I'm up for double diaper duty w/ the cloth and would love another green alternative. My understanding is compostable diapers sent to a landfill aren't much different from tradtl diapers so the fact that these are actually composted sounds pretty compelling. Any feedback or thoughts would be much appreciated!! Carrie

I have been using Earth Baby Diaper service for a few months and am quite happy with them. I too was feeling guilty about the waste of disposable diapers, but my day care doesn't do cloth diapers, so I didn't start out with cloth, like you. I had been using Nature Babycare's diapers since my son was born, which are compostable (and GREAT!) but knew that it didn't make much difference as long as they were going to the landfill. Anyway, I'm feeling much better about the Earth Baby service. They pick up our used diapers once a week (we just leave them on our porch) and once a month they deliver my recurring order of diapers, wipes, etc. If I miscalculate (so far, I'm having a hard time predicting exactly what I need for monthly supply) I can add in an extra order, to be delivered with my pickup. They charge a monthly fee for the service (and it doesn't matter how many kids you have), plus you have to buy the diapers from them. For what it's worth, they sell the diapers slightly cheaper than Diapers.com, so I feel like I'm getting a fair deal. You have to use compostable bags to put them on a porch, but I still use the diaper genie, but just cut the knotted ends and dump the diapers into a big bag at the end of the week. My only complaint is that their billing is a little confusing. But I understand they are trying to fix it. Shannon

My baby is 9 days old & has only worn earth baby's diapers (actually nature babycare diapers). They just started delivering in the East Bay, but I was so eager to get my hands on them, I had them delivered to a friend's house in SF before the baby was born.

I like the mix of convenience & eco-friendliness. They deliver to your door, then pick up the dirty diapers & compost them, using a fraction of the resources needed to wash/disinfect cloth diapers, and no toxic chemicals (cloth diaper services need to use bleach). They deliver wipes, too. Their goal is to eliminate disposable diapers and wipes from landfills (go, diaper activism!) Other companies offer what they call compostable diapers. However, they will not likely compost in landfill, and/or contain non-compostable ingredients. You canb0708>Tidee Didee Diaper Services t do it yourself, because you cannot put human waste in your own compost. This is the only service that will pickup the diapers and compost them in their facility that does it safely with a minimum of energy. They have a GREAT rep w/ parents via Natural Resources, the eco baby store in SF. I'm so excited to have another option! The size 1 is a little big on our newborn (7lbs @ birth; 7lbs 7oz now). We've had a few leaks, but we're new parents, so we're still learning how to put them on securely.

The person I spoke to there is Karen, info [at] earth-baby.com. She's a mom, so she gets it. Super nice & really helpful. A in Berkeley C

Tidee Didee Diaper Services

July 2008

Does anybody out there in BPN Land have any experience with the Tidee Didee Diaper Service of Sacramento? I'm expecting a new baby any day now, and I contracted with ABC Diaper to supply cloth diapers. On the day of the initial delivery, I received a phone call saying that the owner of ABC had retired and that Tidee Didee had taken over the business. I opted to go ahead and continue with Tidee Didee, but so far, I'm not filled with confidence, since they are an unknown quantity (no reviews on BPN, for example), and there seems to be a certain amount of confusion and chaos in the switchover from ABC's business practices to Tidee Didee's (example: the first delivery, yesterday, was incorrect, confusing mine with that of another family). If anybody knows anything more about the takeover of ABC or about Tidee Didee's reputation, I'd very much appreciate the information. anonymous

Our kids are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 and we started with Tidee Didee Diaper Service when our first son was born. We loved it and then I decreased the number of diapers per week this last month and it has caused total confusion in our house. I'm not sure if it's us or the diaper service. My husband has talked with James, numerous times. You can email me if you have other questions. Jamie

We have been using ABC and now Tidee Didee for 20 months now. We did like the excellent personal service ABC offered via email or phone, and did utilize their local plant a few times to swap mistakes or otherwise drop off or pick up ourselves. Since Tidee Didee bought them I would only consider their customer service to be barely acceptable, however. I have had issues contacting them and getting them to respond. I am disappointed too in the acquisition.

I wasn't aware they were closing the local office, but even if they are we are staying with them unless we have significant problems. Any way you buy your diapers they are being delivered, whether to the store (which you then have to drive to) or to your home (via online delivery). Other than they are going make the trip once a week, not a whole lot of difference, and not enough to outweigh the other benefits we get, though I too am disappointed that they will no longer be local. As you eluded to, it's not like they are making the trip only for you. Peter

Which diaper service do you like best?

Jan 2008

Hello! I have a couple of questions about diaper services. I looked at older posts and it looks like ABC and Tiny Tots are the two big services. I have a couple of questions: 1. Which service do BPN members like best? Which service provides different sizes of diapers? What kind of wraps should we buy? Lastly, the baby is due in Feb. when should we sign up for the service, before or after she arrives? Seems like a dumb question but I am clueless! We live in Berkeley, thanks! soon-to-be-mom

We use ABC and they're great. You can sign up with them anytime before the baby comes. They'll give you your starter set and then leave you alone. Once you have your baby you call them and they'll start weekly service. You can have them bill your credit card once a month. One less thing to worry about which is a bonus with a new baby! Congratulations!

We used ABC. I have no experience with Tiny Tots so cannot compare. But we used ABC from late 1999 until early 2007 for all three of our children. They were always there when they said they would be, the drivers were always very helpful and friendly, the rates were competitive, they provide different sizes of diapers, do vacation holds, sell wraps and other supplies, were very easy to work with. I really appreciated my time with them. I credit the cloth with helping all three of my kids want to be toilet-trained on the early side (they were done with diapers at 2.5 yrs boy, 22 mos. girl, 23 mos. boy respectively). I have only great things to say about ABC and would recommend them in a heartbeat. anon

This was me about 2 months ago. We chose ABC and honestly I didn't see any real difference. My baby is due on the 15th of January and they brought our first order about two weeks ago so that I have diapers and once the baby is here we call and they will start our regular service. I have a girlfriend who uses Tiny Tots and she also agrees it just depends on which one you want. Both diapers come to you clean and ready to use. As for wraps, we got 3 with our diapers (we opted not to have the garbage pail) and have also purchased some I will buy more once we know what the sex of our baby is ;D
Take Care & Good Luck Newbie to Diaper Service Too

I am currently using ABC diaper. Though Tiny Tots delivers to the East Bay, I chose ABC so that on the occasions when I forget to leave my diapers out or had underestimated the amount I need, I can quickly run over to pick up or drop off. Their service is very convenient. You can chose to have a set of diapers delivered to you prior to the due date, so you have them on hand. They carry five sizes of diapers and diaper covers. But you can also buy diaper covers from various online resources like ThanksMama. I've been using Bummis and have been very satisfied with them. The ABC Diaper web page will recommend that you order 80 diapers to start with (40 delivered one week and followed by 40 the next week so that the number of diapers at home + number of diapers ABC will deliver + number of diapers ABC will pick up = 80). At our peak, we were on the 120 diaper subscription. So you may have to make some adjustments during the first couple of weeks depending on how often you change the diaper. Crystal

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Searching for a diaper service

Dec 2006

My boyfriend and I are expecting our first baby in May 2007 and we are planning on using cloth diapers. Can anyone recommend a good diaper service? I know the main ones are ABC and Tiny Tots, and I checked the BPN archives and the questions/responses were pretty outdated. We live in Oakland if that makes a difference, and we live in a third-floor walk- up (not sure if this will affect us getting door-to-door service!). Thanks! Mary

We use ABC and have been perfectly happy with them. We have friends who use Tiny Tots and have been equally happy. I think they're pretty much equivalent. Both should deliver to Oakland (ABC definitely does). We live in an apartment building, and have them leave the diapers outside the building. We're responsible for them in case they get stolen, but after 14 months haven't had a problem. If you give them a key, they might leave them inside the building. I know you didn't ask this, but for diaper covers I would recommend buying them online. I haven't managed to find a store that sells a decent selection of diaper covers. I've used babyworks.com and liked their selection and speed of shipping Sarah

ABC and Tiny Tots are still the only diaper services around. We also live in Oakland and used Tiny Tots. We were extremely happy with them. I've also heard really good things about ABC. We just went with Tiny Tots because they had a slightly wider selection of products that we weren't sure we would or would not use. Anon

Using diaper wraps with diaper service

Oct 2006

Hi, I am expecting and trying to figure out the world of cloth diapers. I want to use a diaper service and was going to go with ABC because I live in Oakland and don't want Tiny Tots wasting all that gas driving to me. I also wanted to use the diapers with velcro attached so I don't have to use pins or fasteners.

ABC said that theirs don't have velcro, but you can fold them in thirds and put them in diaper covers that have velcro or snaps. They said that doing it this way, you don't have to use pins or anything to hold the diapers on.

So, my question is, has anyone tried this method and does it work? It sounds a little complicated, and I am suspicious it won't work. Thanks Daria

ABC is right - you just fold up the prefolded diaper (funny term) and put it in a diaper cover which has velcro or snaps for closure. you can use a Snappi to hold the diaper in place first - it's like a plastic stretch thing that has little teeth that grabs the fabric.

anyway, it's very easy to do and the diaper stays put inside the cover. No matter what, you're going to need the diaper cover to keep the wet etc contained.

and btw, i LOVE using our fuzzi bunz if you're at all amenable to washing your own - it's not that big a deal at all, though in the newborn days, it might be easier to go with a service. but really, we wash every few days: one cold cycle no detergent, one hot cylce with detergent and a scoop of oxyclean, one final hot cycle, then air dry. Jennifer

The diaper wraps do work, though we had a lot of bad poop leaks until our baby reached about 10 pounds and her thighs got a little chubbier. Now that she's on solids, we never have a leak. The cheapest of the velcro diaper wraps I've found are the dappi wraps, for sale on ebay new for packages of 6 for $20, including shipping. Nicer wraps can run up to $10 each. Elizabeth

I'm sure you'll get lots of advice on this, but I'll throw mine in anyway. What the diaper service is advising you to do is what I did with both of my kids--the diaper covers with the velcro. They're not cheap, and you need to keep getting bigger ones, but they're not hard to use and they work fine. An even cheaper alternative, which I did eventually with my second child, was pins and the old fashioned plastic pull-on covers. I probably wouldn't do that with a newborn since they're wet so often. The covers don't breathe that well and it might lead to diaper rash. But, for an older baby I actually found that method to be the easiest and the cheapest. Those plastic covers wash off really easily and I never poked my daughter with a pin, which is something I'd worried about. Cloth Diaper Fan

Hi--Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth diapering! I *love* Tiny Tots. They are already driving all around the east bay, and as far away as Modesto, etc. so I wouldn't think adding you would make much difference. I've seen studies saying that cloth diapers have less of an impact on the environment even taking the transportation costs of a diaper service into account. But either way, Tiny Tots and ABC use essentially the same types of diapers. They're the flat cotton kind called ''prefolds'' because they're sewn into layers. You fold them onto your baby and then secure them with a thing called a Snappi Clip that has essentially replaced pins. Then you wrap a waterproof cover over the diaper. You can forego the Snappi clip and just wrap the prefold diaper into the diaper cover, but until the baby's poop is more solid (after they start eating solid foods at about 6 months) you get much less leaks using a Snappi. There are great how-to videos on the Tiny Tots website, here: http://www.tinytots.com/how_to_videos.html

There are other, fancier and more expensive ways to cloth diaper, but if you use a diaper service you are going to use prefolds with covers. The cloth diapering community on LiveJournal is a great resource--search the memories section for how-to links and tutorials. Here are some LiveJournal links to get you started: http://babyslime.livejournal.com/151952.html http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=clothdiapering http://community.livejournal.com/clothdiapering/profile (you have to have a free LiveJournal account and join the community to read the members' recent postings)

Have fun! I love cloth diapering for a lot of reasons, and I really love my diaper service! Cloth Diapering Mama

I have used ABC for almost three years and previously used disposables with my older child. I *love* cloth diapers and ABC is a great service. I found cloth to be more convenient on a lot of levels -- no running to the store, almost no garbage. ABC also sells a number of other baby items that they delivered to our door. To answer your specific question: the diaper covers are easy to use and keep baby's clothes dry, which is especially important when they are sleeping. No pins are necessary, though we used a rubber ''grip'' on the diapers themselves to keep them on a little better -- this is especially helpful if/when you take the covers off while the child is standing. kiwiroot2000

I used cloth diapers for my daughter, we used Tiny Tots, but I don't think it matters too much which service you use. You do not need pins. There are a couple differnt tecniques for folding a ''prefold'' cloth diaper for your baby. You will need to buy wraps for your baby, they have velcro and keep the diaper on and the cloth inplace. I think Rockridge kids sells wraps as well as a lot of online sites. You can usually use the wrap a couple times before you need to wash it. Try out a couple differnt brands of wraps, some will work better than others. Amy

A great resource for all things related to baby elimination is http://www.diaperfreebaby.org/ (click on local groups to join the East Bay email list). The members of this group know all kinds of different cloth diapering and waterproofing methods and products and where to find them. Wish I had found this resource much sooner! Re: your post, I do use Tiny Tots, but apparently they have a pretty established delivery route in the East Bay so as long as they are already here... I wanted to go with ABC but I needed training pants and ABC was low on them. Montclair Mommy

I use ABC's service and have liked them a lot. The diaper covers they sell (called ''diaperaps'') have snaps and velcro (use both or just velcro) and they do work to hold the folded-in-thirds cloth diaper. They come in packages of three and I'd definately recommend getting at least six so laundry isn't quite as urgent. Congratulations! Kim

Hi, YEAH, I'm glad you are going to use cloth which is the best option in so many ways. I've used ABC Diaper and the other company in somewhere I'd need to pack a lunch to get to. I think ABC had better customer service, response time and product than Tiny Tots.

I used wool diaper covers and never used pins. The wool was fairly water proof and so durable my kid grew out of them before they wore out. There was also a thinner cover I used (cotton ?) from Japan- something like Nikki, that also worked well. Both these types of covers had velco. They worked well- I'd used them all again. indigo

Folding the diapers in 1/3's worked fine for us. We used a diaper sevice (ABC) for the first 4 months. I don't know how folding without clips would do for a toddler though? After 4 months we changed to Fuzibunz and wash them ourselves. They are great! Very easy to wash. it felt like a big initial investment (about 200$ but) i've used the same diapers for almost 1 year and he still has room to grow. I do a little more laundry (2 loads a week). sold on fuzibunz

Yes, the diaper covers work. We used ABC service for 3.5 years with twins, and always used their diapers and the Litewraps covers. There is really not much to it--you lay out the diaper cover, place the cloth diaper into it, folded into thirds lengthwise. Then you unfold the top of the diaper so that it spreads out against the wide top part of the cover. Place your baby in, face up, and pull cover plus diaper around the baby, then fasten with the velcro. Some of the covers have snaps for added security, but we always found we could pull the wrap tighter if we didn't use the snaps.

The down side of the velcro is that it gets old, especially if you machine wash and dry your covers sometimes (which we did, when they had poop in them or just got too cruddy.) So you might end up needing new covers before your kid grows out of them, especially in the older sizes.

Other than that, we loved the cloth diapers, loved the service, were so glad we skipped the disposables that always left a weird residue on our kids Loved cloth diapers, glad my kids are potty trained now

Thousands of us have used ABC method that you describe, and it works just fine. We had their service for at least a year with each of our kids. Yes, there are leaks, etc... but that'll be true with any non-disposable diapers. cloth diaper fan

I started using ABC Diaper Service in July when my son was born. The cloth diaper thing was new to me as well. They provide prefold diapers that you place in the diaper cover as you described. When you go to change the diaper you discard the cloth into a diaper pale and place a fresh one in the diaper cover. The cover has to be changed if anything leaks onto it, usually after 4-5 changes. It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I use disposables at night since they have higher absorbency.

I use the Lite Wraps that ABC sells. They work pretty well and are easy to clean. ABC has provided excellent service. I haven't had any problems. Good Luck! New Mom

Yes - It works just fine - and it works diferently for each kid. Folding all or part of the ABC cloth diaper into thirds absolutely works. When my kids were in ABC diapers we had a bunch of great velcro diaper covers. We washed the covers ourselves (but sent the diapers to ABC) Others at the day care we were at had snapped or velcored covers. You can probably even find some used ones for sale or for free on BPN (we handed our various sizes down right after my kids outgrew them). ABC may sell diaper covers. ABC is great, and if you miss puting your diapers out, you can usually drop them off later that day cuz they are so near by (to Berkeley anyway!)...but I can barely remember those days.. Anon

I have been very happy with Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers (see, for example, www.nurturedfamily.com) My son has been wearing them for 20 months. They do not fasten with velcro, but with two rows of snaps. I do not use a diaper service, though. rasa

We used ABC for both of our children (last time over 6 years ago) with success. You'll need some kind of water-resistant cover anyhow and we used velcro-closing Diaper-Wraps (cotton outside, water-resistant inside) over the cloth diaper without any problems. When my babies were older, during naps I'd sometimes use double cloth diapers inside. Enjoy!! ANON.

We have used the cloth diapers with covers very successfully. They are probably a bit more cumbersome than ones that are all one piece (my friend uses pocket diapers and loves them) however, as far as I know if you want to use that kind the only option is buying the diapers and cleaning them yourself. We really appreciated using the service at least initially. We moved on to doing it ourselves when our baby got bigger and the diapers we bought would last a little longer as it is definitely an investment. As for using Tiny Tots vs ABC. We use Tiny Tots as someone signed us up as a present. So, I know they are already driving up here for at least us. Good luck
loved not washing the diapers

Go for it! It was actually quite easy. We were able to use them for 16 months anon

When we were expecting we were overwhelemed by the world of cloth diapers & planned on using seventh generation chlorine-free diapers, but then my Mom did all this research and found some great companies for us. Our son is almost 13 weeks old and we're still using our own cloth diapers - and have even started using them when out & about.

For a great explanation of the new world of cloth diapers (ie if you still think they only come in big squares) check out http://www.diaperdecisions.com/faqs.php#Q6

You should definitely stop by Baby World on Telegraph and get some ''snappis'' which are fastners you can use with any of the folding diapers (old school traditional ''pre-folds'' or the contours). That's the only store with them in town.

For good covers that don't leak (especially if your baby is long & lean like ours): http://www.bluepenguin.biz/covers.html Amazing friendly service & high quality (we use the wrap)

We got our diapers (we're using the contours, plus some fitted) at this site: http:// www.thanksmama.com/ as well as some of the velcro covers you're asking about (the bumkins super whisper wraps)

p.s. our son has yet to have a diaper rash! (odds of getting this go up 61% with plastic) cloth diaper converts

I too was unaware how far cloth diapering has come. My last memory had been of helping my mom with my little sister over 25 years ago. I had all my pins, etc. ready. What a pleasant surprise it was to use the velcro wraps! It is very easy to fold the diaper, wrap and go. I tried the Y-snaps, but found those more difficult than a plain wrap. I used ABC diapers for all 3 of my children and LOVED IT!!! I potty trained all of them before the age of 2 (even my son - and some say boys are harder). I am sure that they were potty so early because of using cloth diapers. Do not be afraid because of the wraps, it is easy and you'll get the hang of it very quickly. Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming addition LOVE CLOTH DIAPERS

i'm a new mom and chose to use cloth diapers as well. i ended up choosing ABC because i'm also in berkeley and had several good recommendations for them. i've had nothing but good experiences with them and they're very helpful over the phone. i use the cloth diapers and diaper covers with velcro/snaps (litewraps) without the pins or snappis. they work great! the method is easy and the covers hold the diaper in place. of course, you always get the occasional leaks, but that can't be helped... good luck! new mama using cloth

I have used ABC diapers with the ''lite-wrap'' covers since my 20-month old's birth. It's super easy and uncomplicated. You just need someone to show you once and you'll be a pro. Also, they are a very nice company that gives great service -- very happy with ABC

We used Tiny Tots and were happy with them.

You can use the diapers from either service without pins or fasteners, as long as you use velcro diaper covers that fit well (ie, right size, elastic still works around the legs). However, you'll have fewer leaks (both kinds) if you do use pins or a fastener to keep the diaper snug.

That said, we never bothered using fasteners or pins with our boys. Dressing them in onesies (top that snaps in the crotch) seemed to help keep the diaper plus velcro cover on pretty well and we didn't have too many problems with leaks. It may look complicated but it's only the first five times that will be hard. The next 5,000 will be a snap, until baby starts to wiggle and you have to learn new tricks :) Good luck! - Charis

Yes, it works fine. And many cloth diapering aficionados believe that using separate prefold diapers and covers works much better than using all-in-ones (where the absorbent layer and the outer cover are sewn together) for various reasons.

You fold the diaper, stick it in the cover, and fasten the cover just as you would a disposable diaper. When you remove a wet or poopy diaper, you drop the diaper itself into the pail and either re-use the same cover (if it isn't soiled) with a fresh diaper, or you drop the cover in your own laundry pail or hang it up to dry.

The only drawback to using this method with a diaper service is that you do have to launder your own covers. Supposedly you only need to use a clean cover once every day or two, but my son managed to dirty them almost every time (around the leg elastics) so we bought more than a dozen of them and I still needed to wash at least every other day. Whether this was diapering incompetence on my part or just particularly runny poop on my son's part I don't know -- he was a remarkably FREQUENT pooper for an exclusively breastfed baby, that's for sure.

Other than the laundry, though, it's only a teensy bit more work than using disposables. And there are a great many choices in cover styles available. You definitely don't NEED a fastener on the diaper itself, but if you find you want to use one, there are things called snappi-clips which hold the diaper closed even without the cover on. They are little metal comb-like things attached with a rubber cord and fasten on the outside of the diaper, so you don't have to worry about poking your baby or your thumb with a pin. Holly

More advice about Diaper Covers & Wraps

Final bill from diaper service says I was short 49 diapers!

Jan 2005

I was with ABC Diaper service for about 2.5 years, and finally gave up on the cloth diapering thing when my second about 5 months old. When I got my final bill from ABC, they said that I was 49 diapers short, for which I should pay $75. I simply cannot believe that I somehow lost or threw away 50 diapers, even over the course of 2 years. Where would they be? That's a lot of diapers. I seem to remember someone complaining about this same problem with ABC in an older post, and I am wondering whether ABC might have a practice of charging for diapers that they (rather than the customer) either lost or miscounted. Has anyone else had this same problem? How was it resolved? Have others successfully used ABC and cancelled without this problem? I am trying to decide whether to just pay the bill, or make a stink.

Don't pay the bill! I too had this problem with ABC when our first was done with diapers. They must have a counting problem, or have mathematically-challenged staff... but I knew that all our diapers had been returned and not diverted elsewhere, and simply told them I would not pay. With our second child we used Tiny Tots diaper service, and had no problems with them at all. Richard

oh, yes- complain and follow through. same thing with us last year- I agreed to pay for about 5 and they dismissed the erroneous bill for the other 55. Don't pay it! chris

Nubby Bits and Cotton Balls in diapers?

Jan 2005

I'd like some feedback from ABC diaper users about the quality of their diapers. I'm wondering how thorough ABC Diapers is at culling out the old diapers that have developed sharp ''nubby bits'' and cotton balls at the ends of the diapers. I'm currently using Tiny Tots diaper service and I'm finding that they frequently leave in old diapers that have large cotton balls at the ends of the diapers that make the diaper uncomfortable for my baby. I'm considering switching diaper services, but wonder if I'd encounter the same problem with ABC too. Thanks in advance for the feedback. Anon

I'm not sure if what you're describing is exactly the issue I have with ABC Diapers, but I do find that maybe one out of four diapers from ABC has some pilling that I would have thought would be uncomfortable for my daughter. She hasn't ever ''complained'' about it (she's 2.5 and almost potty trained now). It doesn't seem that they are the older diapers that are the problem--the older ones actually seem softer to me. I think that they've bought different lots and some are just not as soft as others. I have used the ones with pilling for things other than diapering (ie, cleaning bottom, laying down for changing on the bed, etc.) so that they didn't go to waste, but sometimes I had to use them for diapering.

I'd suggest going with whichever service is more convenient for you rather than switching due to this issue (unless Tiny Tots supplies just too many diapers that are uncomfortable). I stay with ABC because they closer to my house than Tiny Tots. Lori

I have been using ABC diaper service for the past 15 months, and I think they probably have a similar issue with old diapers. Most of the diapers are really soft and nice, but for some reason there are others which are rough and filled with pills. Others are thin and obvioulsy worn. I've wondered if I should be setting the bad ones aside (because some are so bad that I decided not even to use them) and telling them about it. Maybe they have to rip before they get replaced - don't know. mom using cloth diapers

We started with Tiny Tots but got such poor customer service that we switched to ABC. They are much nicer, much more helpful, etc. And yes, their diapers also have the rough little nubbies on them...I have a special request for extra soft diapers and they are usually good about responding. there are still an occasional bad one each week which we don't use and return w/ the used ones. Occasionally, we get more than just a few bad ones so I call and remind them that they have to be extra, extra soft and then they are usually better for a few months again. So they do have the same issue, but they are responsive (you have to stay on them a bit) if you make special requests....good luck. anon

We did not have that problem when we used ABC diapers in the summer/fall of 2004. Have you tried calling Tiny Tots about the issue? A dad

I use Tiny Tots for my 2-month-old, and have not had any problems that you mention. I would suggest calling up Tiny Tots and speaking to Tim, the owner, or someone else there about your problem to see if they can help you before you switch services. I have found everyone at Tiny Tots to be very responsive with any issues we have had with their service. Lori

ABC vs. Tiny Tots

July 2004

Can anyone offer recommendations between ABC and Tiny Tots diaper services? Both seem comparable in price, so I would appreciate any comparisons or experiences with either or both. Thanks!

We use ABC and find them to be super-friendly and always willing to make extra effort to help, and deliveries tend to be problem-free. I haven't used Tiny Tots so I can't make a comparison. Jen

We used ABC since they are located in Berkeley. I thought it may be less wasteful to the environment in regards to transportation costs. Both services cost the same and offered the same intro deals. Twice when we forgot to put the diapers out we delivered them ourselves! They are very nice and helpful and quick to respond to requests. sharon

When I was very pregnant, someone urged me to go with Tiny Tots instead of ABC because Tiny Tots had more diaper sizes. I am not sure if this is true, but I have been very satisfied with Tiny Tots. Their customer service is friendly, fast and efficient. One time they called me before I could call them to tell them I needed less diapers. You can also order many products that they will deliver with the diapers. Tiny Tots has a thorough description of their cleaning process on the website. I forget what ABC told me when I inquired about theirs, but I remember the answer was vague. Anita

I really like ABC. They're friendly, local and family-owned. They also carry Little Forest products (great sunscreen), as well as wipes and diaper covers. The used to launder large items - not sure if they still do. And, they bill my credit card = one less bill to deal with. I really missed ABC when my first stopped needing diapers. ABC fan

I've never used Tiny Tots, but like ABC quite a bit. The drivers are friendly, the staff seems to know me when I call with questions, and they're always ready to fix a problem. If you're near Berkeley, and you forget to put your diapers out for pickup, you can drop them off without too much problem. I think Tiny Tots is in Santa Clara, which is way too far for us to drive. The one thing I don't like about the service (which could be true of both) is that some of the diaper fabric pills up alot, which I suspect would be really uncomfortable. I end up using those for other things, when possible, so my daughter's bum isn't rubbing against the rougher fabric. Lori

We\xc2\x92ve used Tiny Tots for about 8 months and are happy with them. The diaper count was slightly off almost every week in the beginning, so we gave up keeping track. We fill out their \xc2\x93diaper audit\xc2\x94 form periodically and they adjust the count without any questions or charge. The folks there seem very friendly and casual, so it works for us. The service is reliable, and once when the count was once way off (~30 diapers delivered instead of 70), we called and they delivered more the next day. Heather

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Clueless about diaper service

October 2002

We're due in a few months and decided to go with cloth but are pretty clueless. The Web site's recommendations are now 3 years old. What is your current experience with ABC or Tiny Tots (are there others?) Which is cheapest? And do I have to buy/wash wraps separately, or is that part of the service? Any hints/suggestions on how many to order or what to order? Do they give you buckets that keep odors inside? Jen

I was clueless too, but now feel like an old pro. We have used ABC for three months and like the service. Our delivery man is Wyman and he's great. Haven't tried Tiny Tots, but did a price comparison and found them roughly equal. I liked that I could drive down to ABC's Berkeley office if I needed to buy or exchange something. Tiny Tots is in the south bay. I also liked that I didn't have to do anything but put the soiled diapers in the bag they provide (which fits in the pail they sell)--no rinsing or washing. Put the bag(s) out once a week and come home to clean diapers.

ABC provides the diapers on a rental basis and sells covers and other supplies. You can buy their covers or get them elsewhere if you find something you like better, but either way you wash the covers yourself. I bought their introductory package which includes a pail and several covers for a reduced price. The pail comes with a deodorizing disk, which you can replace periodically. Just ask the driver for one. The pail doesn't seal really tight, but we haven't found it to be a problem. If you breastfeed, you'll find that the odor isn't bad. I can't comment on a formula-fed baby's diaper smell. Regardless, they won't smell any worse than disposables in a pail, unless you get a diaper genie, but that's a whole different discussion.

As for how many to order, they'll recommend you get 80 per week to start. This turned out to be too many for my baby, but initally it was worth having extra just in case, especially to double diaper at night. We quickly took the order down to 60 per week. Also, you initially get a newborn size diaper and then switch to a standard size at about 2-3 months, depending on your baby's size.

As for covers, I like the covers they sell, but there are lots of choices out there. I ordered Kushies covers off the Internet and like them. I also bought Cotton Wraps at Waddle and Swaddle on Shattuck and like them alot. Both brands go through the washer and dryer with ease. Good luck! Lori

We like tiny tots. One advantage has been that you can shop and they will deliver items w/ next diaper drop off and bill you with your monthly bill. the pail is a bit smelly but it is ameliorated by an extremely smelly deodorizing disk and frequent sprinklings of baking soda. before the babies start solids it's not offensive and we kept it in the baby room. once they go on solids it is more 'ripe,' so we keep it in the hall outside her room and keep the baking soda handy. I also use tilex to eliminate mildew when we change bags weekly. the service sells wraps. they are separate and you must wash them yourself. you get good at getting poop off them w/in a few days. i like the prow wrap brand wrap, gerber, and nikki. the latter are the most moisture permeable. Jessica

Good for you for choosing cloth! We use Tiny Tots and have been very happy with them. Once when I forgot to put out the diapers, they dropped off new ones the next week anyway; they just took me at my word that I'd be returning them all. A handful of times last spring there were not as many diapers in my order as I had returned the previous week, so I just called them up and said it was incorrect and they said ''no problem - do you want the difference added to your next week's delivery, or a compensation on your account?'' Everyone is friendly - absolutely NO complaints!

As for wraps, we started out with Cottonraps (which we got from Tiny Tots). They are of nice quality, but I eventually switched because the velcro piece was too big -- you'd think that would be a plus, but I found that because the velcro covered the entire area at the end that wrapped around (look at one and you'll see what I mean), when my daughter got to the upper end of the weight for that size wrap, the velcro would sort-of peel pack and would cause a rash/scratched area on her legs. So we switched to another brand (I think it is Diaperaps - it's whatever they sell at Rockridge Kids) which has a smaller velcro piece and have not had any problems. I think the key is to get one with a breathable fabric. Don't buy the cheap ones as they are less breathable, which means a higher chance of diaper rash.

As for a pail, we did not get one from the diaper service, although they offer it. We bought a Diaper Champ. There were some recent reviews of it on this newsletter and I'd agree with what everyone said then. It works well enough; not great. Cloth diapers are larger and therefore don't slide down as easily as paper ones would. It keeps the smell out pretty well. It probably would do better at that if I cleaned it more than once every 18 months. :) More frustrating is that by its design the diapers pile up in a mountain inside the container - so, although it's rather large, a lot of the space is naturally wasted. We did not experience any smell issues until after our daughter started solid foods - several months after that, in fact. We beat the smell and space issues surrounding the Diaper Champ by purchasing a large Rubbermaid tub with a lid that we keep in the laundry room. Every 2 or 3 days, I empty the diaper pail and put the dirty diapers in the plastic bag from Tiny Tots, then tie it closed and put it in the tub. When you open the lid of that tub... whew! But otherwise it's fine. Happy Cloth Diaper Mom

We have been very happy with Tiny Tots. Good customer service. We have had very few complaints, and they were very responsive every time we called. You do have to buy and wash your own wraps, but you can order wraps and other supplies over the phone or internet and they arrive with your next diaper order. We've used the ProWraps and like them. All in all, very pleased with Tiny Tots. I haven't heard anything bad about ABC. A couple of our friends use them and like the service fine. Jolie

We've been using ABC since 1997 and are happy with the service. You have to buy and wash the wraps yourself, though I think they do give you three to start with. They also provide a plastic bin and plastic bags for the dirty diapers. They'll advise you to order 80 diapers per week for a newborn. You can decrease the number in increments of 10 as your baby gets older. Their facility is in Berkeley near 4th St., which is convenient if you live in Berkeley and miss a weekly delivery or pick-up. We've used cloth diapers at home and paper diapers in daycare and preschool. Jennifer N.

I can't compare since we only used ABC, but we were happy with their service. The wraps that they sell, however, were not our favorites. No, the service does not include wraps. You have to buy those separately and wash them yourself. This was ultimately the reason that we switched to disposable (for shame!) when I returned to work full time -- the wraps were too expensive and laundering them too much hassle. We were up to a dozen of the things and still had to wash them at least every other day -- maybe we were doing something wrong, or maybe it was just the shape of our son's butt, or simply the fact that he pooped a lot, but despite the standard advice that 4-6 wraps will last several days, we had to put on a fresh wrap with almost every diaper change. (Of course, your mileage may vary.) Of the wraps you can buy locally, we ended up liking ''LiteWraps'' best. But I have heard from many cloth-using moms that Bummis (which, as far as I know, you can only buy online) are really the best. I recommend checking out borntolove.com. I don't know if you are considering washing the diapers yourself, but if you are (or will be) an at-home mom, apparently it really is a good way to go -- not really that inconvenient, much cheaper than a service and better for the environment too. A service, however, is at least a good way to ''test out'' using cloth without too big an initial investment. As for the pail, you can buy a pail from the service, but it is not an ''odor control'' type, just a big bucket with a lid. Which is fine, actually, for the first six months, since breastmilk poop does not smell bad! But if you use any formula, or after your baby starts solid foods, you may want something a little more airtight! Holly

We use cloth diapers and love them, so I hope you do too. We live in Lafayette, and use Tiny Tots. We have never had any problems with them. I'm not sure how they compare in cost to ABC, but I am sure they are pretty comparable. You have to buy the wraps on your own, and wash them on your own. We like the Diaperaps covers the best--you can buy them online at www.diaperaps.com--and we use the Snappi Diaper Clips to keep the diapers together (much easier than pins!) Tiny Tots gives you a bin and deodorizers to throw your used diapers in, and yes, sometimes it smells a little. I have mine in my son's closet, and also put a Renuzit deodorizer in the closet, which seems to do the trick. In terms of how many to order--I think that we started with 80/week when my son was a newborn (yes you are changing diapers all of the time!) But, when you order, the service can recommend how many to begin with. Good luck! Meredith

I used Tiny Tots, and was very pleased with them. There was a small mix-up when I cancelled our service about the number of diapers -- their computer said I should have more than I did have -- but they were quick to take my word for it. One thing I especially liked about Tiny Tots is they have a large store of wraps, rash care, breast pumps, etc, that they will deliver with your diapers.

I have not used ABC, but my friend loved them. Their prices seem to be comparable. I recall it was about $16 a week.

The service will not launder your wraps. In fact, if one should slip into the service pail, you will likely never see it again. I washed mine with my regular laundry and hung them to dry. You can buy wraps from Tiny Tots or from www.weebees.com. I like the Proraps for velcro and Alexis Featherlights for pull-on (you will need pins with pullons). Tiny Tots can sell you an inexpensive pail that holds a week's worth -- ABC probably has a similar offer.

Have fun diapering that brand-new bottom! Catherine

We use Tiny Tots. Both services are the same price. We like them pretty well, but you have to make sure you count the diapers they bring each week to make sure the number equals what its supposed to be. they are hand counted. Also, if you need to change the number you get for the next week, you have to call by tuesday at noon for the following week. that is a pain bc i have no idea on tuesday if i will run out or not and need to order more. i don't know what abc's policy is.i would ask them when you have to call in to change your order number for the following week. they sell wraps but i didn't like the plastic ones they sell. we get Nikki's wraps . they are awesome! the cotton/poly blend are the most waterproof. you can get them at babybunz.com. they are around $14 each but well worth it. the first few months we only needed a few wraps, but the last couple months, his movements have been more volumous, so we have about 10 now. Julie

It sounds like this topic has been thoroughly covered and almost everything I would say has already been said. But I did want to add that when we ordered our service a year ago there were coupons from ABC and Tiny Tots in the phone book. I think we got a few weeks free. Or maybe it was free wraps or other supplies. I forget the details. Anyway, I recommend you check it out. Both Tiny Tots and ABC had identical offers. Their prices were also pretty much identical. I basically flipped a coin and went with ABC and have been very happy. (Wyman is also our driver--very nice guy if you happen to be home when he comes by.)

Also, you have to ask for the deoderizer tablets (leave a note if you're not going to be home,) which are handy if you buy a dirty diaper bin from them. I didn't realize this until I finally called. You can also get extra bags for the bin if you ask. I've found that changing the bag halfway through the week really helps with the smell. So does dumping the poop into the toilet if it's solid enough. (As others pointed out, the smell isn't an issue while your baby is exclusively on breast milk.) Good luck! Aimee

We had ABC Diaper Service. Their staff is very nice & happy to help whenever/however possible. Also, a lesser known fact that they have training pants is an added plus when you are ready to transition to underwear (when you use their training pants you don't have wash out the accidents). When my son was finished potty training we went into the office to turn in some training pants that we had forgotten to put out on our last pick-up day & the staff in the office were so sweet. They came & gave my son a high-five & told him how proud they were to meet ABC's newest graduate. I would highly recommend them. Romy

Service: We are happy with Tiny Tots but when I compared them with ABC they seemed similar. The 80/week they start with were not enough when our baby was a newborn - we got 110 a week for the first month or two. When I have extras, I wet them with warm water to use instead of wipes. Now he is 2+ yrs. and uses only 45 a week, so it does decrease with time!

Wraps: I ordered a variety from Tiny Tots to try them out, but quickly went to exclusively buying Nikkys from Babyworks (www.babyworks.com) - Nikkys aren't cheap but seem much more breathable and have worked out great. Every time I order new ones, I order 2 more in the next size so I have them on hand when I think he might be outgrowing the old ones. I found that when I had trouble with leaks, usually moving a size up stopped it, even if it looked like he still fit in the smaller size. I usually had 6-8 of each size, but if you have your own washer you may be able to get by with less as the baby gets older. We didn't wash with each wet diaper - only if ''soiled''.

Smell: I found the chemical disk they give you unbearable and not something I'd want to expose a baby to. As others said, when he was on breastmilk only smell wasn't a problem. When he started solids, we worked out a way to keep the pail outside, using a plastic tub as a place to set the diaper until the change is done. It is a big pain to get the diaper outside many times a day, but much better than the smell would be. -Charis

I love Tiny Tots. You get a starter kit that includes a big plastic covered bin and a how-to video. I think they recommend 80 diapers a week to start. We started and have stayed with 50 per week since we use disposables at night and for going out of the house. We pay $52 for 4 weeks. You can always change your order and it is very easy to call them about vacations and how you want to handle them. We forgot to put out our dirty dipes out for pick up recently, and they gave us loaners. You do have to purchase and wash the wraps separately. I got a bunch passed down through friends. You only need one per day -- get 5 of each size. hae

I want to give my two cents about diaper services: Having used both ABC (w/child #1) and Tiny Tots (w/child #2), I highly recommend Tiny Tots and would never again use ABC. ABC staff twice didn't believe us when r diaper count was short. They accused us of having some of their diapers when we didn't and asked us to pay a hefty price for them. When I explained to them that we had given them all their diapers and had none, I was appalled at how they spoke to me. When in a similar situation with Tiny Tots at the end of our two years of diapers with them, they cheerfully said not to worry about the discrepancy and didn't bill me. I urge everyone to use Tiny Tots. Richard

Hi I know you got a lot of info, I just wanted to mention that at first it'll seem like the cloth diaper covers will be too costly because your baby goes through so many a day, and outgrows them so quickly. But the growth slows down and they stay in the same size a long time as they get a little bigger. Also the poop frequency goes down, and you can reuse the covers that are just holding a pee diaper, so the cover-washing gets much easier.

Also, we just switched to snappy clips and nylon pants for our 15 mo old, and I think if I have another baby I'll start out w/ the clips since they hold poop in a little better than just the velcro cover (less washing=good). Kristine

ABC vs. Tiny Tots

February 1999

To the people asking advice about diaper services, I'd like to highly recommend the ABC Diaper Service. I have only used this service and not the others, but so far I've been really happy with their service. I did compare prices when we first starting looking for a diaper service and ABC compared favorably. But what really got me to appreciate ABC was meeting our diaper guy. The person who picks up our dirty diapers and leaves the clean ones knocked on the door when he brought the first pre-birth load and introduced himself, explained the service, told us what time he would be at the house, etc. He is a really nice person and has so far been extremely prompt and even brings the bag right up to the door rather than leaving it out by the street (very convenient for those rainy mornings when I haven't showered and don't feel like parading around the neighborhood in my stay-at-home nursing outfits!). The other services may be just as good, but I really like ABC. Hope this helps. Gretchen

We are using ABC Diaper Service and have no complaints. The company has been accommodating when we've called to change our order and even to arrange to pick up diapers before our regular delivery day (it took several weeks to figure out just how many diapers we need). I chose ABC because they are in Berkeley - it just seemed plain silly to have diapers driven here from the Central Valley when there is a company in town. And the proximity makes it quite convenient to pick up a load of diapers if the need arises - or drop one off if you forget to put out dirty diapers on delivery day. Monica

We've used Tiny Tots for nearly 11 months now and have been really pleased with them. As far as I can remember, Tiny Tots and ABC are very similar...I think we went with Tiny Tots because their ad in the Yellow Pages offers you one month free with two paid months, a $45-$50 savings. Tiny Tots is always here first thing in the morning to pick up and drop off diapers, and their driver is friendly. Their billing is efficient and a no-brainer; we authorized them to charge our credit card every month and they send a receipt along with our diaper order at the end of the month. Tiny Tots also has a store in the South Bay and you can order items from it and they'll bring them to your house free with your next diaper delivery. We've done this with diaper covers and it's easy...maybe not the cheapest, but you do get 10% off if you order 6 diaper covers at the same time. Christina

In response to the post about Tiny Tots vs. ABC. I've been using Tiny Tots for over two years now and have found their diapers and service to be top notch. On the rare occasion of a mistake in the diaper count they have overnight delivered the remaining diapers to me at no cost. The staff is friendly and very capable. Besides cloth diapers, they sell and will deliver all sorts of other baby things - tushie disposable diapers, ointments, potties, clothing, hats, breast feeding supplies. They have a monthly newsletter that I also enjoy. And if you're having problems using cloth diapers or would like a lesson they will send out a rep, at no cost, to come by your house and spend time diapering with you (plus they have a video you can get free of charge).

Tiny Tots has also been sending free Baby magazines to UC Berkeley's Social Services department (where student pregnancy counseling is done) for years and years. That's originally why I starting with them and their good service has kept me with them. Marian

To the person choosing between ABC Diaper Service and Tiny Tots: There is a world of difference between the two! I had the unfortunate experience of having a bag of ABC diapers picked up by the garbage collector on a winter morning. The owner of ABC actually suggested that I go to the dump and dig for the bag of diapers so that I wouldn't be charged for them! Needless to say, I switched diaper service providers. Tiny Tots treats its customers extremely well and provides stellar service.

Re: diaper service, I used Tiny Tots and was quite satisfied with their service. It was three years ago and at the time I think that they were less expensive than ABC. Lori

Re. the person who wanted feedback about diaper service, we've been using Tiny Tots for the past 6.5 months an dhave really liked them. They're really helpful, their diapers are clean, soft, and seem reasonably priced. They also give a 10% discount on other products like diaper covers, breast milk bags, etc. for those who get their service. Lisa

I used Tiny Tots with my first daughter and decided to try ABC with my second daughter. At first, things were OK with ABC, but when I had particular problems either with diaper count or with missing one of my pick up days. The woman at ABC was very condescending in her explanation of how diaper counts work and insisted that I must have just lost some so I would be responsible for the cost of the missing diapers. She also said that I would have to pay for extra diapers when I forgot to leave mine out one week, in order to get my order delivered the next week, or I could drop them off at the processing plant in Berkeley. I don't feel that customer service was this woman's #1 priority. I did speak to another person (a man) about my diaper count, and he adjusted it with no problem. After that I decided to switch back to Tiny tots, but the woman told me I was missing 10 diapers! Where would they have gone? I told her I wasn't going to pay $10 for 10 diapers that I didn't have, and she told me that I would just have to let the process play itself out. (I presume she meant she was going to send it to a collection agency or something!) She was so rude about it that I was flabbergasted! Well nothing ever happened with that, and I continue to be happy with Tiny Tots' service. Leslie

We used Tiny Tots twice, and both times experienced numerous discrepancies/mixups with the # of diapers delivered. Their customer serivce agent always took me at my word, which leads me to believe such problems are common for them. (They would always send the missing diapers by UPS overnight). Patricia

I also had a nightmare experience with ABC a few years ago. They overcharged me an entire week's worth of diapers. They claimed to have left a load of diapers that never appeared (and wasn't scheduled). When I disputed the bill and refused to pay, they argued again that the diapers had been delivered, and that I must have misplaced them (100 diapers!) in my house somewhere. I tried again to explain that the diapers had never arrived, but it was my word against theirs, and they refused to consider they had made a mistake, and threatened to take the matter to a collection agency. Only when I my attorney write them a letter did they back down. With a delivery system like theirs, this could happen to anyone. That experience made me switch to disposables! Perhaps others might not go so far, but I truly recommend you find another company.

We've been using ABC Diaper Service for nearly 4 years now and I have to speak very highly of them. There was a reason we chose them over Tiny Tots but it's been so long that I don't remember what it was. There was a third diaper service we looked into as well, maybe they were in San Jose? In any case, for awhile we had two in diapers. Over the past four years we've had nothing but the best of service. Jesse, the delivery man, brings treats for my dog who momentarily forgets to act like the guard-dog she thinks she is (NOT!). They have a promotion where if you pay for 12 weeks you get either an extra week or two diaper covers free. Every three months their office calls me to ask what size diaper covers I want before they put through the charge. We've also gone on numerous vacations, including one that was long enough that we suspended service altogether (you return all but 10 diapers for vacation). Never have they raised any issue about our diaper count being lower than the original (sad to say, some have bitten the dust ) nor have they complained when we mixed sizes. Because they're local it's easy to drop off extra diapers or to purchase items when it's not delivery day. HINT: it saves a lot of money once you can switch to every-other-week delivery. Also, if you have an older child in diapers or training pants it's cheaper because you pay for total diaper count, not two separate services. Sophie

Looking for a diaper service

April 1997

To Stewart & Anne's request re: diaper service.
I just started using Tiny Tots diaper service again after 9mos of going without it and I can TRULY say they are WONDERFUL! Our driver is very sweet and very punctual and the customer service line is excellent. The diapers are always fresh and our daughter's bottom is rash free again! I can't believe I ever stopped using cloth. I also recommend the diaper wraps for newborns that they carry, but also like the brand diaperwraps-lite. Cotton & Co. and Rockridge Kids both carry this brand of velcro wraps as well as this great little device called a dappi-snappi. You can also find newborn and small wraps at baby consignment stores (cheaper than new) like Lillian's, Baby World, Darla's and Lauren's Closet (all but Darla's are on College Ave.). I knew someone who had tried ABC after using Tiny Tots b/c it was a little cheaper and still thought Tiny Tots was the BETTER service. Good luck and happy baby!

I used Tiny Tots and liked it a lot. But one caution: they charge you rent for all diapers, even clean ones you have in your possession. In the beginning, I thought they only charged for actually cleaning the diapers, and ended up paying for several weeks when my kids (twins) were too tiny for the diapers I had had delivered prior to my delivery date. So if, like me, you end up using paper diapers for a few weeks be sure to return all the clean diapers. kim

I use ABC Diaper service (at the recommendation of a neighbor). I've been quite pleased with their service. They were also very slightly cheaper than Tiny Tots. As an alternative to disposables, they only become cost-effective when you can go to every-other-week deliveries. But of course there are many other reasons to use the service, including ecological and health.
Good luck!

We used tiny tots for year, and they were fine, they had a deal which maybe they still have that if you sign up for soemthing like 12 weeks the last 4 are free. Liz

I just wanted to let you know that I used tiny tots diaper service from the time my daughter was born until she was about 1 1/2 years old. The people at tiny tots really worked with me. I knew very little about changing diapers and I did not know anything about cloth diapers. They sent out an order of diapers about 2 weeks before my due date ( which ended up being a month before my daughter was born since she was 2 weeks late) and I called them after my daughter was born to set up a regular schedule with them. My first order came with a video to show me how to work with cloth diapers. However, that was not enough for me so they sent out someone to show me how to put on the diapers. All this was before my daughter was born. It was really cute. The guy had a little doll and showed me the different ways to diaper the baby. Before I signed up with the diaper service, I called around to compare the prices to the other company's in the area. THere was one place that was cheaper, and when I told tiny tots, they matched the price (which was really great). Another plus for tiny tots was the fact that when my baby turned 4 months old and I started bringing her to the sitter, tiny tots agreed to deliver the diapers to the sitters house. I lived in a secured apartment building and there was no place for me to leave the diapers for pick-up, so this worked out great for me. They gave me an extra hamper, so I had one at the sitter and one at home. On Wednesday morning, I would bring all my diapers over to the sitter and leave them on her front porch where tiny tots would pick them up and deliver the clean diapers. I would then take half the diapers home,and leave the others there for her. If I had any problems, I would just give tiny tots a call. They even offer you a discount if you refer others to their service. I hope this helps you with your search. Good luck to you and your wife with your bundle of joy. Yolanda

FYI - I used ABC (I think, its been soo long now) and the thing I remember is one day my diapers were stolen off my porch (where I had to leave them for pick up/drop off) and I had to pay for the lost diapers. It was only $1.00/diaper, which is inexpensive given how much cloth diapers cost new, but it still was almost $75, which was an awful burden at the time. Judy

Dawn wrote: >I use ABC Diaper service (at the recommendation of a neighbor).

I'm that neighbor (hi Dawn!) We've been using ABC for nearly two years now and love them. We contacted ABC, Tiny Tots and another diaper company-whose name escapes me- before my son was born. We were initially going to go with Tiny Tots because they had some promotion then, but changed our mind when they didn't get back to us on a call. ABC has been absolutely terrific. Jesse, our delivery-man, gets extra stars and smileys for always bringing a dog biscuit for my dog, Bookeet. Oh how I wish mailmen would take a lesson from him! There was also someone there who very knowledgably answered my partners probing questions about what chemicals they used and the environmental impact.

Someone mentioned giving back unused diapers; you don't need to do this. You pay a fixed rate based on how often you get deliveries and your average diaper usage. Theoretically, if you get 60 diapers per week, then 60 are at your house and 60 are being laundered. In reality the amounts vary. So for example if you go away for the weekend and use disposables, you may hand in only 35 and have 85 at home, but you still pay the same amount. If you consistently have a lot more at home than at the laundry, that means it's time to have your number of diapers reduced. If you have more at the laundry and not enough at home, that means you have to up your count.

Regarding diaper covers, the two brands I like best are Diaperwraps with the extra tabs that prevent the child from opening them (this isn't necessary in the Newborn and Small size so get the cheaper ones then) and the Snap-i-wrap, Cottn'n'wrap covers. These latter ones come in a larger size which I've been using since my son is starting to outgrow the Diaperwraps XL size. The Natural Baby Catalogue has those el-cheapo ones which are just some vinyl and velcro. These are fine for the small sizes but the velcro is weak and won't last a long time. Same problem with the Dappi brand. I recently bought one of these and the first day I put it on my son the diaper completely came off and he had pee dripping down his leg. I think there're some articles on cloth diapering at http://www.parentsplace.com that you might want to look at. Sophie

I have used ABC diaper service for both of my kids. Whenever I have called with questions the staff is very helpful and Betty usually will ask how much your baby weighs to make sure that you have the right size equipment ie, diapers and wraps. We chose ABC over Tiny Tots because they are a local business and if we forgot to put the diapers out, we could drive them down and not miss out on the delivery.

They will check pH of urine (if rash is a problem) to see if you may need alkaline diapers. If you want to try the next size diaper, you can get a few in your next delivery to try. They also deliver many other items, like wipes, cotton disposible diapers, earthquake kits. If you pre pay for 12 weeks you can have an extra week free or two diaper wraps.

Step One pre school as well as some others in town, use ABC so we didn't have to worry about toting diapers to and from school. Denise

re: diaper services--my family has used ABC diaper service continually for the last 12 1/2 years, and have never had a problem dealing with them. i occasionally forget to put the diapers out in advance of the driver, and he always rings the doorbell and waits patiently while i go get them. changes in service have always been easily accomodated, and when i forget altogether to put the diapers out, it's easy to drop them off. i recommend supporting this company. Gaeblers