Any cloth diaper services left?

I'm looking for a cloth diaper service in the South Bay and haven't found any. Is anyone aware of an option?

EarthBaby and TinyTots both offer compostable services, but they seem to contract with the same industrial composter as the City of San Jose (Zanker/GreenWaste), meaning that their services have the same impact as just buying compostable diapers directly and throwing them out once used. Still way better than conventional diapers, but not as good as a cloth service (or maybe home-washing cloth diapers). Any advice is appreciated!

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Tidee Didee serves the East bay, not sure about South Bay. I’m in the East bay and they were the only service i could find! They are unfortunately out of commission currently because they moved locations and are getting their new one set up, and they done have an estimated opening date yet :( we are new to cloth diapers and ended up laundering them at home. It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be!

Unfortunately I don't think there are any left in the Bay Area. Did want to clarify, though, that if you want compostable diapers to be composted, you must use a service--compostable diapers can't be placed in food/yard waste bins for cities that offer that service, and can only be put into the garbage. San José has single-stream garbage so pulls the food scraps out for composting, but they have no way to know that your used diaper is compostable so would not be pulling diapers out. So even though the industrial composter is the same company that the city uses, you're paying for a different service/outcome. You might consider a compostable service for the early months with a switch towards home-washing as your baby gets older. We used a cloth service for the first six months before doing it ourselves and found that was a good balance for our family (since older babies use many fewer diapers!)

Just a note of encouragement if you choose to obtain and wash your own cloth diapers!  It takes some work to buck the convenience and ubiquity of disposable diapers but it can be done, not too bad, really, and better for the environment and the checkbook.  Finding no cloth diaper service in our area (Berkeley) when we needed them (3+ years ago) we ended up buying a bunch of pre-fold cotton diapers and snap-on waterproof covers and used the same set for 2 kids through potty training.  It's a extra laundry and slightly unconventional but totally do-able.  Even kind of peaceful to hang the diapers on a clothesline if you have that option.  We are a 2 parent family and were both working full time plus - daycares and nannyshares adapted without issue.  Good luck!

I don't have info on cloth diaper services, but can you share more about your skepticism around EarthBaby? Their website certainly claims the diapers are being composted (, and not sent to landfill, but if you have some specialized knowledge here, that would be helpful to hear more about. Best wishes finding a cloth service!

I did cloth diapers for both of my kids and I would just recommend washing them yourself. People make a big deal about it but it's really not.

I wondered the same thing (in Berkeley) but couldn't find a cloth service when our kiddo was born.  I elected not to do home-wash cloth diapers because (a) I'm lazy and (b) I wasn't convinced that the inefficiency (water/electricity use) of my small home washer was worth it, as compared to a large-scale industrial laundry process.  So I went with EarthBaby, and I would just like to put in a plug for their FANTASTIC service.  Seriously.  Mid-pandemic, when US mail only showed up twice a week, UPS left our packages all over the neighborhood, and the grocery deliveries stopped coming altogether...EarthBaby never missed a beat.  We have never had an incorrect order, they take away our diapers like magical clockwork, they communicate really well about upcoming holiday schedules or product changes, etc, and our driver is super nice.  Sorry this doesn't answer your question, original poster, but if anyone else on this thread is wondering, EarthBaby will make your life easier.  And as someone else mentioned, since you can't put diapers into your green bin, this felt like my best shot at keeping them out of landfill.

We did cloth diapers at home, and honestly washing was not a big issue. Until babies have solids, everything washes out really easily. After solids, we used a flushable liner to flush solid waster and then washed the diapers as normal. I am one easily grossed out by bodily functions, and I found it easy enough to do. We bulk ordered sodium bicarbonate, did a cycle on hot with a rinse cycle, and air dryer (usually in the sun). It is extra laundry, but the plus side is both of my kids potty trained around 18 months -- a common bonus of cloth diapering -- so it was pretty temporary.

When my eldest was born in 2014, both Ecobaby and Tiny Tots were great diaper services. Not sure if they're still around but worth a look. With my second, I did Elimination Communication (if interested, see & loved it - really wish I'd known where to look for instruction resources for EC the first time around. Good luck.

Just saw this truck in our neighborhood: