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  • Hello parents,

    I'm looking for a double stroller for our nanny share with a 3mo and 5mo, and it's more difficult to find info on which double strollers can seat two infants than I figured it would be. I'm hoping some of you who've been in similar situations have recommendations. Thank you!

    We have a roughly 4 year old Baby Jogger City Mini. It is really reliable, pushes easy, etc. Recommended.

    The Uppababy Vista is the best stroller out there, imho. It's super easy to use, holds up over time, and can fit one, two, or even three kids. You have to buy adaptors to fit two seats, which are sold separately, but I see it set up for two infants in our neighborhood all the time. If you look it up online, you can see all the configurations and options that might work for you. They're frequently listed for sale used, but we ended up buying a new one because they would be sold before we could get them, and the new ones come with an excellent warranty. 

    We used the Uppababy Vista for a double stroller with our nanny share (infant to 2 years) and it worked really well, although it's a pricey option.

    We have a BOB double stroller for our nanny share. My nanny actually found it used for $60 and it's been great. She only uses it for walks, so it's nice that the babies are sitting side by side and facing forward. Our son is now 10 months old (and the other baby in our share is also 10 months), and I'm sure we'll be able to use it for a while. It is pretty wide but she doesn't transport it or go through doorways so it's not a big deal, we just keep it in our garage. I would check on BPN or Nextdoor for used options since you can easily spend $700+ on a new double stroller. 

    I have a friend that had the Uppababy Vista and she was very happy with it
    Yo can also serch information in Magic Beans they are wonderful

  • I'm expecting #2 in June and have a petite 2.5 yo who still uses the stroller a lot. We live in Rockridge and walk around a lot. I'm totally happy to carry the infant in a carrier and the toddler in her single stroller but I imagine it will be nice as the infant gets older to have a double stroller that we can use with a carseat. The city select gets amazing reviews but the price tag intimidates me! So my question is, should we go with a cheaper sit and stand type option or wait and see if the toddler outgrows her need for the stroller? Or is the city select the holy grail and totally worth it? I've been cruising craigslist for used city selects which seems like a decent option. I've heard the cheaper doubles are hard to maneuver and fold up which seem like major downsides. I definitely want a tandem, not side-by-side, and don't need a jogging stroller.

    I'm expecting #2 in July and in the same predicament. Part of me wants to just wait and see how it goes, but the other (Type A) part of me wants to be prepared. My daughter is 22 months and has fairly low tolerance for long rides in a stroller so I'm keen to buy something that has a stand on or simple seat for her, rather than investing in a full-on double stroller.

    In my research, I've heard GREAT things about the Joovy brand and their line of double strollers. I'm intrigued by their Caboose Ultralight, which is less than $200 on amazon.

    My kids are 2y1m apart.  We got a handmedown tandem everyday Graco (?) stroller and barely used it.  So glad we didn't spend money on a fancy double.  Of course, we also barely used any single stroller, preferring to babywear and/or have kiddo walk.  I'd wait to see if you really need/want it, unless you see a steal on the used market.

    My kids are 2.5 years apart, and we walk everywhere, but I opted to do the single stroller + Ergo carrier, and never regretted it.  Double strollers really limit where you can go, because they don't fit on some sidewalks, store aisles, buses, etc. - the front-back ones are a little better than side-by-side, but still bulky and hard to maneuver.   And I found that the older kid quickly outgrew the stroller and wanted to run everywhere, and it was a lot easier to keep up with him with the baby carrier than it would have been with a double stroller.  Pretty quickly the older one was just walking everywhere, and the baby took over the single stroller.  Based on my experience, I'd recommend waiting and see what you need before you spend the money.

    I would recommend waiting on the double stroller. Our kids are 2 years apart & we almost never used a double stroller. We had a Joovy Caboose that was given to us, but it was such a pain to maneuver compared to our single stroller (a City Mini) that we never used it. We mostly put the baby in a carrier and the bigger kid in the stroller. Then when the baby got too big to carry (9-12 months or so), we actually just piled both kids into the single stroller with the back reclined or had the older kid (then closer to 3) ride a scooter or balance bike. That was so much easier than dragging out the double.

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Double stroller for tall people

Nov 2005

I am looking for a double stroller for a newborn and 1 year old. We would like one that holds an infant seat if possible. My husband is very tall so one with adjustable handle heights would be ideal. Anyone had luck with this? What are the best double strollers that hold infant car seats? Thanks!

Check out the Dreamer Design Ditto. It has an adjustable handle, but comes up pretty high to begin with. I've had about 5 moms use this stroller at my classes. None regret the purchase. I had a friend sell hers because it was too tall for her. It folds up nicely (I can fit it in the trunk of my Camry), has lots of pockets, separate reclining seats and canopies (nice when one is napping and the other isn't). I'm not sure if it has an infant seat. Can't think of a double that does except for possibly the Phil and Ted's. Check out for some very helpful reviews. Anna

Double-stroller compatible with graco carseat

May 2005

Can anyone recommend a side-by-side double stroller that is compatible with a graco carseat? I have a 2 year old and a newborn. I've only seen tandem double strolers with carseat compatability. Any info would be helpful. Thanks. Andr

I'm the Mother of two children 20 months apart and I have to say that my tandem stroller is a lifesaver! I'm not sure why you prefer the side by side but if you have not ''test driven'' the tandem Graco duoglider I suggest that you do. It seems huge but it handles really well. I even jog with it! The best part is that the baby is up high in the back seat when you go to the park or wherever with the two kids. I would not have been able to leave my house without it! Good Luck! leann

I bought a Mountain Buggy Urban Double when my second child was born ( and a carseat clip for my peg perego car seat (they also have make one compatible with the Graco Snug Ride). I LOVE this stroller, as does my my two year old (26 mos) and my three month old. I've been using it since #2 was a few weeks old and I realized that a single stroller just wasn't going to work in our lives. I found out about it when I was on a trip to Boston and five months pregnant. Everyone seemed to have this stroller, so I approached a couple in the Common and quizzed them on 'why?'

Here is the gouge from their website: A marriage of ruggedness, versatility and convenience, the Urban Double, with two swiveling front wheels that can easily be locked, sets new standards for all-terrain double strollers. At only 29 inches wide it will fit through a standard doorway and holds 2 passengers from newborn through about 4 years of age or any combination in between. If you like the idea of owning one stroller that can be used for exercise, walks or malls, this is the stroller for you. You'll be amazed how easy it is to push this stroller even with 2 large children in it.

In my own experience, all is true. I've pushed it through my neighborhood build in the '20s (and the awful sidewalks that go with it), the mall and on the beach. It is much more compact when folded than a typical jogging stroller due to the 12-inch tire size, but not like an umbrella stroller or similar, but fits in the back on my RAV4. It doesn't have a cup holder. The seats can fold almost flat for my newborn. jan

Double stroller for toddler & infant

May 2005

I'm sure this question must have been asked before, but I'm not finding the recommendations that I'm looking for in the archives, so here goes... I need a stroller for a newborn and toddler (she just turned 2). I have an Inglesina Zippy stroller that will accomodate an infant carseat if I have the infant alone and I have a Maclaren Volo for my toddler if I am alone with her, but what about when I am out with both children together (which will be most of the time)? Here are some things that I must consider- my 2 year old does not like being strapped into a stroller, she never has, but a stroller with standing space in the back won't really work because she tends to run away. So, sometimes, I just need to strap her in to get where we are going or finish an errand. I am also not really comfortable wearing a Baby Bjorn or sling. I realize I may have to do that more often with #2, but still don't feel comfortable as I am always thinking I am going to trip and fall on the baby. A friend recommended the Maclaren Twin Traveler and I will check that one out. What are other parents of newborns and 2 year olds using to get around? Thanks! Adding to my stroller collection

We have been using a Swan Sit 'n Stand for the last 9 months or so (the girls are currently 13 months and 3 1/2 years). It has a seat for the baby (the car seat can fit in there as well) and a platform and seat in the back for the toddler/big kid. The pluses: It's the same width as a regular stroller, so it's easier to maneuver; the big kid doesn't have to be strapped in. The minuses: When you have the car seat in (or when the seat is put back for other reasons), there's not much room for the big kid to sit down on the little platform; it's made of metal, so it's heavier than some of the other strollers. All in all, it worked really well for us. We might actually be getting ready to sell it--if you're interested, email me. Michael

We don't have one (we have only 1 kid so far) but our neighbors do, and they swear by it: Phil and Ted's Kiwi Explorer V2 (here's a link: It's pricey, esp with the accessory you need to secure 2 kids, but if it's in your budget it seems like a good option. anon

I have the First Step Take Me Two Stroller and I really like it. It is a tandem-style (front to back), which I wanted because I didn't feel comfortable with the double wides. Here's the pros to me: (1) It is very light; (2) it folds with one-hand; (3) both seats recline; (4) the back seat fits any infant car seat; and the front seat has a cup/ snack tray for the toddler. Here are the cons: (1) it is a little flimsy (I guess that is why its light) but so far the only thing that has actually broken is one snap; (2) the front seat doesn't recline all the way; and (3) the front seat's sunshade is not the best but it is ok. Overall, I am happy with it and feel like it drives pretty well for a double. I walk up and down the hills with it all day long and really beat it up and it holds up ok. Good Luck! Mom2

See my response in this digest re: double stroller for graco car seat. I had similar issues with my now two year old. She hated being strapped in, wouldn't stay in, etc her stroller. I could sometimes get her to stand on the back for short periods of time. And yes, I have a pretty well behaved child. She loves the Mountain Buggy urban double ( I haven't had any issues with her. She actually climbs into it demanding a ride. She loves having her baby (3-month old) sister next to her. I've taken her through malls and on 30 minute walks to a playground without any problem. anon

Feb 2004

I am looking for a recommendation for a good stroller for an infant and toddler (who will be 21 months when the baby is born). I have seen the previous recommendations on the website, but most seem to relate to twins. I was thinking about the Maclaren twin traveler but it seems small for my toddler. I don't want it to be too big, though, to fit through doorways. Any suggestions? Kate

I purchased the Peg Perego Duette for my 21 month old and infant. It's a tandem stroller and it maneuvers beautifully despite its length. It's very sturdy and attractive, albeit a little expensive and heavy to lift in and out of the car. As soon as my infant outgrows her car seat which I can pop into the Duette, I'll probably switch to a lighter, side-by-side stroller like the MacLaren. Melissa

I love my Twin Traveller, I couldn't live without it for my 2 year old and new baby. I've had a graco duoglider and a caravan lite tandem as well and the front back ones were impossible to get through doors etc unless someone opened it for you. The Mac Twin Traveller fits through doors easily and is a great size for my kids. The four year old still fits in easily as well. And it folds up much smaller than any of the others. Don't get it at the Right Start though, it's $450 there and only $350 at Darla's in El Cerrito. Don't want you to make my mistake:) anon

I really recommend ''borrowing'' a baby and going to your favorite stroller supplier with your toddler and testing the double strollers. I took my (well, a little bigger than a baby) one year old niece and my (then) two year old daughter to Rockridge kids prior to my son's birth and tried all of the strollers. I was very happy with the Graco DuoRider (the side by side one) and use it quite often, still, now that he is one and she is three. I should add that my daughter is tiny and when a large three year old sat in it, the sun shade was resting on top of his head. See, this is why you should test them out. MG

Shopping for a stroller for twins

August 2003

We are expecting our 2nd child in a couple of weeks (my children will be 20 months apart) and I am currently shopping for a double stroller. I've done some shopping around and have read reviews on several models and I've finally got it narrowed down to 3: Maclaren Twin Traveller, Peg Perego Aria, and the Graco Duo Glider. Can anyone offer some insight into these strollers? I am interested in hearing about how they handle (specifically your opinions on tandam vs side-by-side) and how they have held up over time. The archives have some dated information on this topic but I am looking for more recent experiences with these newer models. Thank you! Liz

I have the Graco, and it's OK. Easy to push, good 3-point straps on the seats, nice recline on each seat, good sized basket. BUT the fastening points on the basket on this one was popped on both sides, and the 2nd-hand shop where I got it said they all come in like that. (grr) Also, it stops short when you hit a hole in the sidewalk/walkway, which is jarring. I haven't tried the others, so I couldn't rank it, but I suspect that, as Consumer Reports says, ''there are better choices.'' Jennie

I have the Gracco Duo Glider side by side and it is my favorite stroller. I love it more than my single stroller. It handles better than any single - you can steer it with one hand easily, it has a huge storage compartment, the sun shade is large. Of my five friends who all had second babies last summer, we all bought the Gracco and love it. I can't say enough good things about it. patricia

I finally bought a double stroller for my 2 year old and infant, We went with the Maclaren Twin Traveller as we have been very pleased with our single stroller of the same brand. It handles extremely well and is very sturdy for a side-by-side. Also, it's easy to maneuver with one hand, even when both kids are sitting. It's a little bit heavier than the Combi side-by-side, but REALLY worth the difference in weight and price. Only problem is the sun shade ... it's a bit stiff and the two sides do not work independently, but maybe I haven't figured out how to use it properly.

Feb 2003

My sister in law will be having twins in May and is looking for the best and favorite stroller (s)that can help ease the load! Can she get away with one? Or does she need one for infant months and then switch to another for toddlers, and what about portability? Her family is in Austin. Thanks! Tara

While many people do manage with one stroller, I would highly recommend getting a double snap-in frame for the infant months and then switching to a lightweight side by side once they've outgrown the carseats. We managed to do this while easily defraying the cost by buying used and reselling. I would encourage her to see if there is a local twins club--we found this to be a great source for both equipment and advice/information.

We found it to be invaluable to be able to leave the twins in their carseats while transfering them to and from the car/stroller. It made it easier and quicker to juggle two and it meant we didn't interupt their naps when we brought them into the house. I was very sad when they outgrew the bucket carseats and snap-in stroller.

As of 8 months ago, Graco Duoglider (only works with Graco carseats)and Babytrend Caravan lite (works with most carseat models)were the only two models of strollers that took the infant carseats and worked as a regular stroller. We initially were going to go that route to avoid the whole buying 2 different strollers route. We opted not to however because A) Everyone with twins we talked to said when they get older, you need a side-by-side so they don't fight about who is in front and they have plenty of leg room and B) they were significantly heavier than either the snap-in frame or the side-by-side models. I heard a rumor that Peg Perego just came out with a lightweight double stroller that takes car seats--it may be worth checking into.

As for the snap-in frame models. We used the Doubledecker (sold through and not available in stores). It was GREAT! It was super easy & quick to set up/fold down, maneuvered well, had 3 jog-stroller style wheels so it went easily over curbs and rough terrain (I was able to take the twins on hikes that regular strollers couldn't go on), had a huge basket (with twins you bring a lot of stuff when you go on outings). It had no sunshade or rain cover (other than the awning on the infant carrier), but we found it easy to drape cloth on for sunshades and it wasn't the rainy season. Snap and Go just came out with a double version. I know it is cheeper than the Doubledecker and weighs the same. It works with a variety of carseat makes/models whereas the Doubledecker only works with Evenflo. On the downside, I believe it is harder to maneuver and doesn't have the big jog-style wheels.

As for side-by-side strollers. Currently most of the people in twins club seem to have opted for the Combi. It is only 16 pounds, folds/sets-up easily, is the width of a standard wheelchair, has a decent basket and (I believe) a snack tray. Previously, the McClaren was the side-by side of choice, but it is heavier and more expensive. I did hear from people with older twins, however, that when the twins get big, the Combi seemed too lightweight and not quite sturdy enough for them.

Just to make things more complicated and to throw another piece of equipment into the mix--a double jogstroller is definitely worth considering. I have heard of people skipping the regular side-by-side and just using a good, easy to fold/set-up jogstroller. Since we got a old hand-me-down one, I don't know anything about the different models. Best of luck! anon

I have 16 month old twins and we still use the MacClaren (sp?) double stroller. I think its the twin traveler. I like it a lot because it fits (barely) through doorways. We had another one, but it was too wide. An inch or two makes all the difference in the world. Its very sturdy. My 3 year old daughter stands on the metal cross bars on the back above the basket and it hasn't broken yet. Only down side is that its pretty heavy. Elizabeth

Stroller for triplets

July 2003

A great stroller for infant triplets is the triple decker. It holds three infant carseats (Evenflo brand), has jogstroller style wheels and has the seats at an angle so it's nowhere near as long and awkward as a tandem triple. Unfortunately it is not available in stores. You chan check out more about it at The downside to it is it only works as long as the babies are small enough for the infant carseats, but it is SO WORTH IT for that time period. It may be possible to buy a used one (they're pricey). They have a good resale value, but are way less used than new. Anon

Twins Magazine ( or a local mothers of twins or multiples group would be the best place to look for recommendations for a triple stroller. The magazine does a yearly(?) stroller report (and many ads) and the website has a bulletin board which might have some recommendations. At any rate your friend would probably find both of these resources helpful (if she has not already found them!) Congratulations to her and good luck. Melody

Experience with double strollers?


Checked the archives and not much there-- except in regard to double strollers for twins. Can anyone tell us what experience(s) they have had with a double stroller good or bad? Our kids will be 2 years apart. Much thanks! Alexis

My kids are 25 months apart and we *just* started using our double stroller. My 3 yo is 30 lbs and my 11 month old is about 17lbs (she is a skinny minnie). Up until now I have been fine using a single stroller for the older one and a sling, Baby Bjorn, or backpack carrier for the younger one -- this was successful because my younger is so petite. With a bigger infant you may not feel as comfortable. Some double strollers don't recline all the way so they are not suitable for a newborn, but my daughter preferred to be carried until a few months ago so that point was moot for us. There is one Graco double stroller that allows the toddler to sit in front and an infant seat to click in the back, but my friends who have it say it's a piece of junk. It is very difficult to maneuver, especially with the weight difference between the two riders. The addition of the car seat makes it very awkward and clunky as well. You might want to try out a few in the store, putting your toddler in one seat and an infant seat in the other, plus your diaper bag and all the other crap you're likely to lug around so you can get an idea of what works for you. I bought a MacLaren Duo before my second was born (nesting desires gone haywire) and while I thought it was a bit extravagant at the time, I am really happy I did. It handles very well, fits through all the doorways (some a bit tighter than others, granted), looks great, and the kids are comfortable. They enjoy sitting next to each other; I've heard there can be rivalry issues when one or the other always wants to sit in the front. Good luck! Laurel

We have a double stroller by Graco that is a side by side number. It is a bit tough getting into some department stores, but it strolls so easily, and my girls (who are 20 mos. apart) love being able to see/interact with each other. It is simple to fold up and the best part is that it has a huge storage bin under each seat for storage -- I can do lots of shopping and still manage to fit a picnic lunch in the bottom for them! Good luck -- Trish

I have had personal experience with two Aprica strollers (one double) and my advice is to STAY AWAY FROM APRICA. The wheels always get stuck and their customer service department is absolutely no help. I have a friend who had similar problems with her double Aprica. She switched to Peg Perego and loves it. TABNAND

I am happy with the Graco Duo Glider. It is narrow, has a large basket underneath, and is easy to fold once you get the hang of it. The front seat is for the older baby and has a removable tray and removable sun shade. The back seat can be upright, all the way flat, or hold the infant carrier. I bought it with the infant carrier/car seat and car base for $220 at Babies R Us in Dublin. You can also buy it without the infant carrier and base for about $150. Helena

Side-by-side or front-back?

May 2003

I am in need of a double stroller, but I am having trouble deciding which one to choose. Tandem or side by side? It will be for my newborn due in July and her older sister who will be 15 months old then. I am looking for one that is not too heavy either, as it will be used primarily by grandma who will care for them and she cannot be lifting a 50lb. stroller! Any suggestions as to brands, how you adapted to this new stroller, and which one was most comfortable for you as well as the babies is greatly appreciated. Yanneth

I would recommend a tandem stroller, they are less awkward to push and when walking take up less room when passing people, etc... anon

I prefer the side-by-side style: it eliminates the concern/issue/potential battle of who gets to be up front. Of the side-by-side, I recommend the MacLaren Twin and the DuoRider by Graco. I love them both. Great maneuverability for both. The Graco is really reasonably priced, has great storage and is a real smooth ride for the kids. It doesn't fold down very much but it's cushy and I know my kids are very comfortable in it.

If you want one that travels well, the MacLaren is my favorite for its great construction and its collapsibility.

Both these strollers work well even when there is a large difference in weight on either side. My kids are 2.5 years apart and the weight difference is now about 20 lbs.

The Imelda Marcos of Strollers

I chose a side-by-side stroller for my then-just-2-year-old and newborn. I remembered having seen parents struggle with the front/back ones, when they were opening doors and trying to push the stroller through. We decided on the fairly pricy Combi Twin Savvy, and love it. Both sides recline completely, it fits through all standard doors, it's very light, and folds up very compactly. Down sides: pretty expensive, about $330 a year ago at Rockridge Kids, & underneath storage is limited. Also, we had to have ours replaced when the center stem broke in half, but the replacement featured their new center post design--super strong and reinforced, so that shouldn't be a problem. Christian at Rockridge Kids is very helpful and knowledgeable about strollers in general; that would be a good place to explore your options. Happy strolling! Heidi

One thing to think about is the kind of car you have. I ended up purchasing a Maclaren side-by-side (which I really like) for my newborn and 20 month old. I have a Honda Accord and once tried getting someone else's standard tandem in my trunk with great difficulty. The Maclaren folds up easily and when placed on its side fits in the back half of my trunk leaving lots of room for groceries and other things.... particularly helpful now that my backseat is taken up with 2 carseats! Roxanne


I'm looking for a double stroller. I think I perfer the side by side kind (so one kid dosn't feel like a second banana), but maybe the front/back kind is easier to move around? Does anyone have any thoughts on pros and cons of either kind? Also, If someone knows where I can get one (inexpensive) that would be appreciated too. Karlyn

We are very happy with our Graco side-by-side double stroller, which we bought for $80 used at Lauren's Closet in Lafayette. Most of the used kids' stuff stores will put you on a waiting list and call if you tell them what you want. We have not had much trouble getting through doorways with the Graco. It is light and has a big useful basket underneath. Some kids (especially as they get older) really do not like being behind a sibling in the front/back kind, and ours of this type (granted, it's a triplet stroller) is much harder to move around than the Graco. Louisa

FYI all prospective parents of twins We are parents of twin girls and have never understood the popularity of the Maclaren double-wide. We shopped hard for our stroller before our kids were born, driving all the way to Lullaby Lane to check out all the major (and some minor) brands. We were prepared to spend up to $400, but left the store with a Graco Duo Rider for $129. It had all the features of the others, was very sturdy, and at a cost the fraction of the others could be replaced twice if it ever fell apart! Whatever you buy, be sure to ask a knowledgeable salesperson what the particular stroller's foibles are. The Duo Rider has a somewhat weak back axle, we were told, so we have avoided pushing down on it to get up curbs and have not had a single problem in 18 months of hard riding. Pamela

I would like advice from those familiar with double strollers. What are the pros and cons of the double strollers you have had experience with? What's better--a side-by-side or front-and-back? We'll have a newborn in late winter and a toddler who'll be 2-1/2 years old. There may also be other ways of being mobile with a newborn and toddler that we haven't thought of/discovered yet. Thanks!

We have twin daughters and we bought the side-by-side Graco stroller and we like it a lot. We've tried the font-and-back version that one of our friends has and find it much harder to maneuver since it's long and not as easy to tip back for going up & down curbs, etc. The side-by-side still fits through all standard doorways and is easy to wheel up to a table in a restaurant to let the kids sleep in while we're eating. Collapses well, but even collapsed it may not fit into every car trunk, so I suggest you try this with any stroller you are seriously thinking of buying!

We used a back to back double stroller with somewhat marginal success. It is most useful when going straight. It can be difficult to turn. I had somewhat more success using a backpack for one and a stroller for the other child. It gave much better mobility and flexibility.

I have a Combi front and back double stroller. It is amazingly light and well constructed.My 20 month old (weighs 24 pounds) sits in the front and my new baby (10 pounds) lies on the back - however this makes the stroller front heavy and quite hard to manouver. I find myself avoiding having to use it. I have found the best way to transport the two of them is to have the baby in a Baby Bjorn and my toddler in an unbrella stroller. Hope this helps.

I have twins and have heard nearly every point of view on double strollers: the bottom line I think is that either style works and it's a matter of what you can afford and what priorities you have. front to back is definitely easier to go through stores in, doorways and share sidewalks with. They also tend to be heavier and harder to steer. If getting a side by side, Maclaren is the best, light, easy to fold, replaceable parts--and it's expensive (athough the resale value is good when you're done). I suspect though, that with two very different sized children such as you'll have, the side by side will be awkward to handle due to the weight difference ( I even notice which side my son with the extra pound is on). I like my front to back Graco, even though it's heavy, it has a huge underneath basket and big wheels for a smooth ride. I also have an older Maclaren and use it as my car stroller, easy to put in and out and fold up but smaller baskets and not as cushy a ride for the babes. If you have the money to spend there are some very nice models out there, check out Twins Magazine for ads or other catalogs and websites targeting parents of multiples. Good luck!

I have 14 month old twins and have used a Perego side-by-side double stroller with them since they were born. I really like it a lot. It's light weight, sturdy, easy to collapse and put together, and seems comfortable for the kids. It fits through most doorways ok. I like having the kids side-by-side because then they both get to see where they're going.

The only disadvantages are that sometimes it is too wide for a doorway or some aisles, it doesn't have a carrying rack underneath, and it doesn't have a rain guard. For the rack problem, I just keep a string bag on the handle, and that works well enough. For a rain guard, we bought the MacLaren rain guard and that works fine.

In terms of other ways to carry two, you can always use a sling or front/back pack and a stroller.

Transporting Three Toddlers

Has anyone had experience transporting three toddlers around the neighborhood? Our neighbor's nanny is going to begin watching my daughter along with 2 other children next month. The three children's ages are 1 1/2 , 2, and 21/2 years. The older two are not very interested in sitting in a stroller at this point, but the youngest can't walk far enough to make it to the neighborhood park or library. Has anyone had experience transporting toddlers in a wagon or are there strollers designed for this type of situation? Kim

there is a child care provider in North Berkeley who I've seen taking about 5 toddlers at a time around the Monterey Market area. She carries a rope and has the ambulatory kids hold onto it. (One of the kids was in a stroller.) It probably takes some teaching of discipline on her part but there's nothing wrong with that. The mother of one of these former toddlers is on this e-mail list and she might also comment. Fran

My daughter's daycare provider puts the youngest child in a stroller and has the (3) others hold onto the sides. With a group where everybody can walk well, they take turns riding in the stroller. Jennifer

My former daycare provider bought an old-fashioned triple stroller, either from another daycare provider or a garage sale (can't remember). She's since sold it. Just to let you know that there are such things out there -) Sophie