Double stroller recommendations for 3mo and 5mo

Hello parents,

I'm looking for a double stroller for our nanny share with a 3mo and 5mo, and it's more difficult to find info on which double strollers can seat two infants than I figured it would be. I'm hoping some of you who've been in similar situations have recommendations. Thank you!

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We have a roughly 4 year old Baby Jogger City Mini. It is really reliable, pushes easy, etc. Recommended.

The Uppababy Vista is the best stroller out there, imho. It's super easy to use, holds up over time, and can fit one, two, or even three kids. You have to buy adaptors to fit two seats, which are sold separately, but I see it set up for two infants in our neighborhood all the time. If you look it up online, you can see all the configurations and options that might work for you. They're frequently listed for sale used, but we ended up buying a new one because they would be sold before we could get them, and the new ones come with an excellent warranty. 

We used the Uppababy Vista for a double stroller with our nanny share (infant to 2 years) and it worked really well, although it's a pricey option.

We have a BOB double stroller for our nanny share. My nanny actually found it used for $60 and it's been great. She only uses it for walks, so it's nice that the babies are sitting side by side and facing forward. Our son is now 10 months old (and the other baby in our share is also 10 months), and I'm sure we'll be able to use it for a while. It is pretty wide but she doesn't transport it or go through doorways so it's not a big deal, we just keep it in our garage. I would check on BPN or Nextdoor for used options since you can easily spend $700+ on a new double stroller. 

I have a friend that had the Uppababy Vista and she was very happy with it
Yo can also serch information in Magic Beans they are wonderful