Double stroller that fits in small car trunk?

Anyone have recommendations for a double stroller that would work for an infant and a 4 year old and also folds small enough to fit in a very small car trunk? Our car is a 2018 Prius Prime, just barely fits our uppababy Cruz in the trunk so I'm thinking any double would be tough but wondering if anyone has experience with a double that folds small. Thanks! 

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Can you get by with a Cruz ride-along board?  It works great for our 2.5 year old for most things.

I also have a 2018 Prius Prime and we have a Baby Jogger City Select double stroller that fits fine in our trunk. I take the two seats off the stroller base first (but they detach really easily so it's not a big deal), put the collapsed stroller base in the trunk, and stack the 2 seats on top of the base. It's surprisingly compact. We also have a Babyzen yoyo with the ride along board that we use for travel and it's amazing. I have a 2yo and a 4yo and they switch off who rides in the stroller itself or on the board in the back. 

Hi! I used a double Bob with our Honda Fit. I had to take the front wheel off, but it otherwise fit in the back comfortably. hope you find a good fit!