Sit-and-Stand Stroller for Baby plus Toddler

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Buggy Board standing platfrom

Feb. 2004

I'd like to hear from people who have used one of those platforms that attaches to the back of your stroller so that your older child can stand and ride. (I call this thing a ''buggy board'' but I think that might be a specific brand -- I'm interested in feedback on any brand). Yes, I have consulted the website. My basic question is whether you were happy with the thing -- would you recommend it? Additionally, I would like to know about:
-- ease of use;
-- if it was awkward pushing the stroller with the buggy board attached (I fear I will have to walk like Frankenstein in order to give my kid and the board enough room);
-- what kind of stroller you attached it to, if you think that had an affect on the issues above;
-- whether you think we would still need a double stroller (our daughter will have just turned three when the baby arrives);
-- specific brand picks/pans, plus where to buy. Thanks! Sarah

We have a Buggy Board and love it -- it makes life with our 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old much easier, particularly in cities where it's often hard to maneuver a double stroller. It doesn't really replace a double stroller, in the sense that the standing child can't rest or sleep, but in our case, our then-3 year old was getting too big anyway for the double stroller. The walking is a bit more awkward, but with the board mounted close to our stroller (closer than the instructions recommend . . ), which is a MacLaren knockoff called a Zooper, it's perfectly comfortable. We got it at Rockridge kids. I should also say that mounting it did take a little while -- about an hour -- and a bit of experimentation. Chris

Toddler seat attachment for stroller front

December 2002

I am looking for an attachment that fits on Emmaljunga strollers. I don't know the name for it, but it is a seat that attaches to the front of a single stroller, right across the front bar. It basically converts your single stroller into a double. I understand that Emmaljunga doesn't distribute in the US anymore. Does anyone have an idea where I could find one of these? Does anyone have on they don't want anymore? Check out the picture in this link if you're still not sure what I'm talking about. Its in the bottom right corner of the page. Thanks for any leads! Melissa

You're thinking about a toddler seat. I would like one for my Emmaljunga as well! Unfortunately, you can't get these in the States anymore. I understand that Australia is your best bet. Try Your Child's Nursery ( or Cots Galore ( Screen=CTGY_Code=emm). I understand it's about $100 for the product and shipping. Good luck! Catherine

Standing platform for stroller back

Aug 2001

We've just had our second kid, with the first about to turn 4. We've tried various stroller combos (double, snap n' go) and haven't loved any of them. I've seen a few types of strollers that have a place for the little one to sit, and a shelf or little footrests for the bigger sibling to stand and ride. Does anyone have experience with these things? A quick look at the UCB web site and a few other places suggest that the Sit-N-Stand is the best known of these, but is very tough to maneuver - which I hate. So, does anyone know of a stroller that would fit a sitting baby and a standing kid, be maneuverable, and be reasonably easy to fold up? Thanks. Chris

Our peg perego stroller has foot rests on the back for the older child to stand on. I don't know if all Peg Peregos do. I think ours is the sherpa. It folds nicely and is very durable. Have seen other kids stand on the back but have not used this feature yet as I am on my first kid. Andrea

Regarding the Sit-N-Stand, I don't find it hard to maneuver, especially with the heavier kid in back. We love ours! S. M.

Regarding a double stroller for three year old and newborn. . I am writing this from Germany, so I these may be hard to find, but I am sure they are available somewhere in the Bay Area. What just about everyone here uses for this situation is either a kiddie board or a buggy board, depending on your type of stroller. It is a little platform on wheels that attaches to your stroller where your older child can stand. They can go over all sorts of bumps and curbs and click off easily when you don't want to use it. They are so practical that they must be in use in the States by now. Good luck. Jennifer

My kids are 25 months apart and we *just* started using our double stroller. My 3 yo is 30 lbs and my 11 month old is about 17lbs (she is a skinny minnie). Up until now I have been fine using a single stroller for the older one and a sling, Baby Bjorn, or backpack carrier for the younger one -- this was successful because my younger is so petite. With a bigger infant you may not feel as comfortable. Some double strollers don't recline all the way so they are not suitable for a newborn, but my daughter preferred to be carried until a few months ago so that point was moot for us. There is one Graco double stroller that allows the toddler to sit in front and an infant seat to click in the back, but my friends who have it say it's a piece of junk. It is very difficult to maneuver, especially with the weight difference between the two riders. The addition of the car seat makes it very awkward and clunky as well. You might want to try out a few in the store, putting your toddler in one seat and an infant seat in the other, plus your diaper bag and all the other crap you're likely to lug around so you can get an idea of what works for you. I bought a MacLaren Duo before my second was born (nesting desires gone haywire) and while I thought it was a bit extravagant at the time, I am really happy I did. It handles very well, fits through all the doorways (some a bit tighter than others, granted), looks great, and the kids are comfortable. They enjoy sitting next to each other; I've heard there can be rivalry issues when one or the other always wants to sit in the front. Good luck! Laurel

Does anyone know where I can find a sit-n-stand stroller around the Berkeley or surrounding area? I'm considering it for my 3 year old and my 6 month old but before ordering it on-line, I'd like to try it out. If you have one, please let me know what you think about it? The only brand I can find online is Baby Trend. Does someone else make similar strollers? Dians

I got mine at a Right Start store. I happened to be in Sacramento that day, but I think there's one in the Richmond Mall? I like mine a lot, my older daughter (3 1/2) is able to hop on and off with minimal hassle, which was my biggest gripe with a full blown double stroller. The only thing is it is still as long as a double stroller. And the basket's not very big. Suzanne

I have a sit and stand stroller that is 3.5 years old. I bought it used and don't like it. It's very heavy and hard to maneuver, but that may be true of all double strollers. What I don't like about this particular stroller is that there is no support for the baby. My one year old son, who can sit and walk, still slumps in this stroller and looks terribly uncomfortable. Also the basket is pretty inaccessible given the step for the older child to stand on. Linda

Dec 1999

Does anyone know which companies make the strollers that allow an older child to stand (or sit on a ledge) behind a more standard stroller seat? Any advice from folks who may own such a vehicle?

I bought one from Berkeley Baby made by Peg Perego. I had seen a review on strollers in a freebie baby magazine at my OB's office. Peg perego make several different models with that step on the back, and the strollers are very well-made, heavy duty. They are also not inexpensive, but I got mine for a shower gift from my parents. My 2-1/2 year old toddler however, prefers to ride in the stroller rather than to stand on the back! Part of the problem is that she is very petite, so can't see well over the back of the stroller shen she's riding. For now, it's OK, because my baby is only 3 months old. I figure by the time baby really needs to ride in the stroller, the toddler will be tall enough to see and then might be more willing to stand on the back. Some other friends have the Baby Trend sit and stand, which they really like, but it is longer, like a tandem double stroller, and not as sturdy. You should go to Berkeley Baby with your toddler to see if the Peg Peregos fit, and they have the sit and stand at Toys R Us.