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Where to buy a Queen Captain's Bed

May 2008

We are looking to buy a house and all the houses we are interested in have much less storage space than our rental unit. I am looking for a queen size captain's bed. I have been looking on craigslist but people mostly have captain's beds for children. Does anyone have any suggestions for local furniture stores that may carry them? C.

My husband and I have a king-size captain's bed purchased at European Sleep Works in Berkeley. We bought it 10 years ago, but a phone call would tell you whether they still carry such things. Also short on storage
We bought a queen captain's bed for the same reason. It works great in our small bedroom. It is from Gorman's furniture on Telegraph. They sell unfinished pieces, but they will finish it for an extra fee. We love ours. I would get oak instead of pine because it gets a lot of use. Remember that you will need space between your bed and bedside table in order to open the drawers. Love the drawers

Where to buy Mission style bedroom furniture

March 2008

We're looking for medium quality Mission style bedroom furniture in the East Bay (for teen's room). Any recommendations for where to look? Oakland/Berkeley, even as far as Walnut Creek. I also found Hoot Judkins in Redwood City on the web. Anyone have comments on their quality/prices? Thanks in advance! F

Fenton MacLaren on San Pablo and also College Avenue in Rockridge has some very nice reproduction Mission-style furniture. Their prices are quite reasonable, and the furniture (I especially like the store on San Pablo) is very attractive. There is also a store near the Ashby BART, on the northwest corner of Shattuck which looks really nice. Happy hunting. Jim
If you're open to buying online, you can find reasonably priced mission furniture at Home Decorators, Rebecca

Looking for a well-made platform bed

June 2007

we need to get a bed frame for our new mattress. we want a platform since we didn't get the box spring on the mattress (but could always build something for a frame). we do want something well made and have looked at wooden duck, evolution (quote of $2000 on sale!). thanks. beth

Check out Oyster Bed in SF. They have a great selection, a wide price range (depending mostly on features and kind of wood) and the best bonus is the added storage under the bed! We own three of their beds and have been very pleased with them. Ruth

Where to buy a new bed

June 2006

We are looking for a good place to buy a new bed, somewhere in or near Berkeley. Our criteria: a king size, firm, stylish bed, preferably higher than average and possibly not with the usual slatted base which we have found doesn't give great support in the past. We can't spend a small fortune, but don't want dirt cheap. I have looked at the usual suspects, such as Ikea, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Bar,n and not seen anything I like. Does anyone have any recommendations? Tracey

I bought a daybed at Mancinis on Ashby, and learned some interesting things about the bed business in the process. Did you know that you can negotiate down the price at most mattress stores? Several hours after I placed my order, I found something I liked much better, for a lower price, via the internet. I went back to cancel my order (internet printout in hand) and the salesman said he could order that bed for me at the same price I found online, then I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. Mattresses are purposely difficult to compare, because the various models have different names at each store. However, you can negotiate down the price, and you should definitely comparison shop and use the internet as tools in your negotiation. Linda
I recently bought a bed off the internet that I'm happy with. You know those memory foam mattresses you see advertised at 4am when you can't sleep? I finally bought one and it does help me sleep better. I bought it from ,and I ended up buying a mattress pad for my son too Chris

Where to buy a new bed

March 2006

Hi, I am pregnant with baby two, and already have a 16 month old co-sleeping..I am hoping to change that soon, but meanwhile, I am on a full size futon and it's time to grow up and get a big bed! I am wanting a king size and need recommendations. I have read previous recommendations on buying a European Sleepworks bed, and it sounds great, but this is a little out of my price range. Anything more affordable?? I am probably not a huge connoisseur, anyway, since I have been sleeping on a crappy ikea futon for years.. By the way, I am a thin person and like softer beds, while my partner likes them firmer. Thank you! ---Can't Wait to Have a Real Bed!

We bought a bed from Costco (online), king size. Tha shipping is free and the bed cost about $800. We looked everywhere and queen sizes are most common, priced around $ 1500 for a decent one. This one we bought from Costco is REALLY comfortable, we went with a frim one but they have a few different selections. Some a a bit cheaper and some cost a bit more. I definitely wouyld buy another one from them in the future. The mattress is Sealy Posturepedic (elswhere priced at over $1700). Kristina

Organic cotton bedding?

August 2008

We recently got new beds at European Sleep Works with no flame-retardant chemicals and we're so happy! I now need to get some bedding for the two beds. Does anyone know if regular non-organic cotton sheets, or all cotton mattress pads (like from Target), have chemicals sprayed on them? Or, does organic cotton merely refer to the way the cotton was grown (w/o pesticides)? I'd hate to buy a non-chemical bed and end up with bedding treated with unnecessary chemicals. Jill

From what I understand, most fabric items sold have some kind of preserving or stain repelling chemical applied. This is to protect them from soiling before they are sold. I understand that the chemical washes off. We make sure our kids new clothes are washed at least once before they ear them. I would not be sruprised if sheets had the same thing. And you are right, organic cotton sheets may also be treated this way. But the good news is, you can wash sheets in hot water with soap and that should help to get rid of a bunch of those initial chemicals. There may be some manufacturers who don't apply such a chemical. That info may be very difficult to track down, and the person selling yo the item may not truly know. Also, the main advantage of organic cotton, in my opinion, is the benefit to the farmland, other environment, and farmers (all VERY important),and it does not provide much benefit directly to the consumer. In summary - get some cotton sheets that you like, wash them well before using, and don't worry about it.
May 2007

Know where to buy organic cotton bedding at reasonable prices?? (Specifically, 2 sheet sets and maybe a duvet cover) I've looked at some on-line stores but I'm not sure of the quality, especially the sheets under 300 thread count. Thanks!

I just bought some organic sheets at Bed Bath and Beyond that were reasonably priced and are quite soft and nice. Sara

Online bedding, not the Company Store?

Sept 2005

Can people recommend a reliable online retailer for good quality, 100% cotton bedding at not-outrageous prices? Earthsake is great, but waaay too expensive...and I have finally given up on the Company Store. The last time I ordered from them, they first sent the wrong size--I sent it back, and waited weeks for a new one in the right size. When I received the right size, the color didn't match what was in the catalog, so back it went, along with a request for a different color altogether. It has been a few weeks since I returned the item, and I just called to check on the exchange process. To my chagrin, they told me I should be receiving my new comforter cover any day now--minus the shams, because they have been discontinued in that color!!! No phone call or email to ask if I still wanted it...Eight weeks after the transaction began, no duvet cover on my new Company Store comforter... Aargh. Anyone have a favorite online store for Company Store-like merchandise without the grief? I don't have time to go to a storefront and shop. Thanks!
naked comforter needs cover...

Try They have all kinds of stuff for good prices. You may or may not find what you want but it's definately worth looking; I got a black leather back pack/purse from them last year for $25.00 and I love it. Good luck. also Land's End has cotton bedding but I don't know their prices...may be pricey. internet shopper
Lands End - 'nuff said... SM
I have ordered sheet from both and and have been happy with both service and quality (both happen to be in Maine ?!?) I especially like llbean's flannel sheets. It is also good to watch out for the sales at archiepug
My 2 favorite internet sites for bedding are and eBay. usually has a great selection and good prices. eBay can be more work because you have to search for what you want and then bid, but I've gotten such amazing deals (and great quality!) that I had to mention it. Also, if you don't *mind* shopping, a store called Tuesday Morning (in Berkeley and all over Contra Costa County) is also fabulous. We actually stocked a high-end 5 bedroom vacation rental home between these 3 places and spent a lot less than we expected to. happy shopper
Try Eddie Bauer, LL Bean, and there's an outlet store on College Ave just about a block-plus south of Claremont (on the west side) whose name escapes me, but they have an online shop based out of San Rafael.
I've found Lands End bedding to be on par with Company Store. luisa
I've had great luck with bedding at The 2 sets of sheets & comforter cover I ordered have all been very good quality, high thread-count, and inexpensive. anon
try Garnet Hill ( - their bedding is really nice quality but also a good value. good luck!
Garnet Hill ( has bedding with integrity, reasonable prices and good service. kw

Stowable bed for out of town visitors

July 2005

We are currently in the process of phasing out a futon that is leftover from the bachelor days. But that is where guests stay when they come visit, we don't have room for an extra bed, and need an alternative. Can anyone recommend a portable bed that is comfortable and stows away easily? It has to accommodate our moms when they come to visit, so an air mattress on the floor just won't do. Sleepless in Oakland

We bought an aerobed several years ago and it is great. They even have new out that are extra high for those who can go so low. We have had several people stay on it and they said it was very comfortable. So much better than the sleeper sofas. kelly
Aerobed ( makes a raised inflatable bed that is incredibly comfortable and very pricy. It's as high as a regular bed (24'') and inflates in under a minute with a built in pump. It actually comes with custom dust ruffle and mattress pad (the latter fits over the pump). I was given a brand new twin one (retails for around $160) last winter by a shopaholic friend who'd ordered it from QVC a few years back and then never opened the box.

Then I got a furnitureless tenant in my rental unit and offered him the use of this bed. He slept on it for two months and said it was the best bed he'd ever used (I recently replaced it with a regular fullsize bed). My kid and I tried it out last night--it was very comfortable as a mattress in addition to being normal bed height. Before setting it up, I was horrified at the price my friend paid but have since become so impressed that I've reconsidered and now think they're a good value since they provide an excellent comfortable portable bed while taking up very little space when stored.

The twin size raised aerobed stores in a substantial bag weighing over 20 lbs total. The specs say it supports a weight of 650 lbs. aerobed convert

Looking for a Bed Frame VERY low to the ground

June 2005

I would like to get a large size bedframe that's as close as possible to the experience of just having the mattress on the floor (which I would do but I have heard it's not so good for the carpeting...). I'd like to get something that's not a futon frame but will consider a futon frame. Any suggestions? Thanks! Liz

You might try West Elm, which has a retail store in Corte Madera at the mall off 101. They have furniture with an Asian feel and had low bed frames when I last saw their catalog. Hope this helps! Anja
Putting a mattress directly on the floor is the easiest and cheapest solution, so first please get a second opinion--perhaps from a carpet store--on whether it really is bad for the carpet.

Barring that, you could buy a cheap, basic metal bed frame (I recently saw a queen sized one at Costco for about $35). Then cut off the legs at the point where the bottom of the bed will be just higher than the top of the carpet. Unless you have a very deep pile carpet, the legs will not be more than an inch long. You could use a hacksaw (tedious, but cheap and pretty safe), angle grinder, or reciprocating or circular saw with a metal-cutting blade to cut off the legs. Use a file to smooth any rough edges. Berkeley residents can borrow tools like these from the Tool Library. David

I missed your original post, but if you are looking for a nice low bed frame, I would recommend a platform bed. Design Within Reach (has a store in Berkeley, or see on the web at ) has a good selection. Most are very minimalist and modern, and oh so chic. My personal favorite is the Case Study Bed. Richard
didn't read original post but if you need twin-size you could buy the trundle only part of a trundle bed set and not pop it up- it lays nearly on the ground chris
Not sure if someone said this already - but check out IKEA. I was just there and they had at least one bedframe that seemed like it was almost having the bed on the floor. anon