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Pop-up trundle bed - local store?

Feb 2006

Our kid's room has to double as a guest room, so we're looking for a nice pop-up trundle. I've found one on line I like, but would prefer to shop locally. Anyone know who sells these? They're remarkably hard to find. Thanks. Lynn

They sell the pop-up trundles at Sleep Train in Emeryville. I just looked at one yesterday - they're $170 there for just the frame. It rolls under a twin bed so you have to make sure there's enough space under your existing twin to fit the trundle frame plus the mattress. looking at trundles too

I bought a bed with a pop-up trundle from Pottery Barn. I like it but I wish I'd gotten a bunk instead. I bought it as a space saver and figured out later that I really do not have enough floor space when the trundle is pulled out. You need space between the two beds and enough room to walk around both beds. It really is like putting two twin beds into your room. If you almost never use it, this is ok, but a 2-week visit from the cousins really made it obvious that it isn't workable for a small room!

Trundle bed for toddler

June 2004

My 2 year old daughter will soon be needing to move out of her crib and into a bed, but I'm not sure what sort of bed that should be. She has a baby sister with whom she'll share a room in another year or so. For this reason, I'm seriously considering a trundle bed, but I don't really know anything about them and I'm wondering whether there are any negative aspects to trundle beds that I should consider (ie difficulty in making the bed, likelihood that one kid will roll over onto the other, etc). Also, I'm wondering about the advantages/disadvantages of buying a toddler bed rather than a regular twin. I've checked the archive and found recommendations for places to buy beds, but nothing on these particular issues, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks
bed head

I had a trundle bed all throughout my childhood and loved it. First of all, it was great for sleepovers. When I got older and didn't want to make my bed (my mother was quite strict about that), I used the bottom bed and just slid it under the already made bed for a perfectly clean room. Also, for the few times I wet the bed, I could just get out of one and go to the other one without waking my mom. When I was a teenager, I made the top one into a couch using bolster pillows and slept on the bottom one. All in all, I loved my bed and I will buy one for my son when he's ready. bed girl

We have a trundle bed for my 6-year-old son. It's an iron bed from Pottery Barn that is basically a twin-sized day bed with a collapsible rolling twin bed frame and mattress that fits underneath. I've seen other trundle beds that have a big drawer under the main bed that you pull out. I like the one we have because it's more flexible - I can use the two beds separately and they are fairly easy to move to other parts of the house. It only takes up as much space as a single twin bed, so it's a space saving way to get two beds into one room, although you do need to reserve the floor space for when the trundle is rolled out. It is very easy to roll the trundle out from underneath the main bed and then press on a spring to bring it up to regular height. The main bed does sit higher than a standard bed though, and might be too high off the floor for a two-year-old to navigate. In fact my son's first bed was a cheapo twin from Ikea that was only about 8 inches off the ground. But the trundle is great for sleepovers, and it's not bad for adult visitors either. G.O.