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  • Need to purchase a queen bed near UC Berkeley

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    My daughter attends UC Berkeley and needs to purchase a queen bed (Mattress, box spring, and frame).  She will only need this bed for 2 years so I don't want to spend a lot.  What bed stores in the area are reasonably priced or where should I look to purchase a slightly used bed.  I don't want to do craigslist as I don't want her going to people's home to try out their beds.  Has anyone purchased a bed from ikea?  She said that is where a lot of kids buy their beds

    Linda Perry

    IKEA is the only cheapish place to buy a mattress near UC. There are always dozens of beds on Craigslist. Could she find a male companion to go with her to buy? I'm a female and I have had great results using Craigslist to purchase furniture.  Many of the people advertising beds there are also UC students. BPN Marketplace is another good place to look. Lastly tell her to sign-up with Nextdoor (the neighborhood app). You have to prove that you actually live in the neighborhood you're registering for and you have to use your real name, so definitely feels safer than Craigslist. People are always advertising free or cheap beds


    I also am female and have bought many, many things off of craigslist, sold lots of items, and found roommates off of craigslist.  It will be fine.  But, yes, some Ikea mattresses are cheap and good!  I bought one for my last two roommates (before I got preg and now no roommate as baby comes in 4.5 wks!!!!!) and it lasted (and they spent a lot of time on them), and confident it would have kept up for awhile longer.  

    The first answer covers all the bases. I wanted to add that I have met hundreds of strangers on craigslist with no significant problems. Sometimes people are not completely honest about a piece of furniture. (I should have checked the drawers on that desk!) But I have never felt threatened or unsafe. 

    Be very, very, very, very careful buying a used mattress.  It is illegal to sell a used mattress unless you buy from a person.  I bought one once that had been acquired from that Legionnaire infected Philadelphia hotel -- sick for the whole summer.  Mattress -- if used -- layer several mattress protectors on -- impermeable plus padded.  Not a good idea.

    Remember she can sell it later.  Best bargain and best for your back the Coleman self-inflatable mattress that is bed height.

    I bought a memory foam mattress from Amazon and I love it.  I've had 3 back surgeries and chronic back pain and this mattress is heavenly to sleep on.  It was delivered to my house with free shipping in 2 days.  I didn't need a box spring but did buy a very tall frame so I could store full size plastic storage containers underneath.  The mattress was under $250 and the frame was less than $100.  The only negative is that the mattress is delivered rolled up in a box and is extremely heavy.  

    My son bought one from IKEA when he came back here for grad school.  It's held up well, and one nice thing is that it can be disassembled and shipped of he & his wife want to keep it when grad school is done with -- or they can easily pass it on. 

    My  husband and I purchased a futon at The Futon Shop (we already had the frame) during a sale, so it was very affordable  It was middle-of-the line, with wool and latex.  We went to the SF showroom and spent the afternoon laying down on beds.  8 years later, we're still happy sleeping on it.   If you do get a futon, be aware that cotton-only futons pack down quickly and become very hard, so it might not last even 2 years. Foam, wool, springs, other options can make the bed more resilient and comfortable.  There's a Fourth of July sale coming up, so I suggest you check it out. 

    My son who was a student at UC Santa Cruz ordered an inexpensive mattress off Amazon that came compressed into a cylinder. These things have a lot of reviews that you can read and are pretty popular. I was skeptical but he liked it and is still sleeping on it 3 years later.  We also got him a cheap platform bed and desk from Ikea but Amazon has those too. So if she's in a place where she can get an Amazon delivery, that's an option.

    We just bought a queen mattress from Costco (Comfort Tech 10" Serene Medium Foam) and frame from Amazon (Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slats) and love both. Cheap, new, delivered, and very comfortable!

    I bought my mattress at Famous Foam Factory, 2397 San Pablo Ave at Channing in Berkeley. I found the foam mattress much more comfortable than the Serta/Sealy mattresses, also got the bed frame there. Highly recommend. 

  • After more than 20 years, my husband and I are looking to upgrade our queen size bed (mattress and box spring) to a new king size bed. However, the big question mark for us is: Will we able to move the new bed upstairs to our bedroom? When we remodeled our house 15 years ago, we had an upstairs loft bedroom built with a spiral staircase entry (twelve 28" wide stairs) and a railing (not a solid wall) overlooking the lower room. The contractors hauled the queen mattresses up over the railing before putting the spiral staircase in.

    In our search for a new king bed, we're looking at a few options, but I wonder if it will be worth it to consider something fancy like a Sleep Number bed and platform, if it won't even be able to be moved upstairs to our bedroom. I've become aware of a few bed-in-a-box options that might make moving the mattress possible but I'm not sure we'd like the all-foam construction (haven't tried any out yet), and being mature folks (50s and 60s in age), we want a durable, comfortable bed. 

    Also, my husband is a really loud snorer. Has anyone had experience with a certain bed that alleviated a partner's snoring?

    FYI about a year ago we purchased a Personal Comfort bed, which is similar to Sleep Number, but had higher ratings and cost a little less.    Was shipped to us and my husband assembled the queen size mattress by himself in under 30 minutes.   Very easy to move as you put the “layers” together.  So would be easy to move upstairs.   And we bought the folding frame from them instead of a platform so we could store items under the bed. So franevis easily moved as well   Have been extremely happy with it, and we are both in our 50’s.  Recommend you check out website “Sleep like the dead” for extensive mattress reviews.  

    I would consider buying a rolled up latex or foam mattress on the internet and then getting help getting it up to your loft. We just bought two different mattress in this way, one from Sleep on Latex (all natural), another from Ghostbed (a division of Nature's Sleep). Both were on recommendation of Consumer's Reports and internet reviews. We only had spring mattresses and boxsprings before. We (I and my teen) *vastly* prefer our new mattresses. They are heavy, 110 pounds and 70 pounds respectively, but because they are rolled up on arrival, you can get them into tight spaces.

    In terms of a bed frame, you can buy Ikea, haul the frame up, and set it up in your loft. Or, one of our bed frames (bought about a decade ago) came from Viking Trader on Shattuck in Berkeley and they had someone set it up in our bedroom. If they still do this, then you could get the king up in your loft. 

    Have you been to any mattress stores?  I have never had a problem with a delivery from a mattress store (usually included with purchase) but I don't have the same situation with the spiral staircase.  I would call a few mattress stores and explain the logistics to see if it's something they can maneuver.  Otherwise, I will give my input that I have purchased two Casper mattresses (foam mattress, comes compressed in a box), a queen and a king, and my husband and I both love them.  The very trickiest part about a mattress in general is they truly are so personal and it 100% depends on you.  Price does not matter, it really only matters how you feel.  About two years ago, my husband and I decided to make a big splurge and go all out on a mattress.  Well, needless to say, that lovely expensive mattress is now in our guest room and we sleep on the Casper which was about 1/3 the cost.  As a note, my mom has slept on the Casper (king) mattress with me and said it's her favorite mattress we have.  She is 63 and has suffered from a back injury for over 30 years.  When we purchased the Casper there was only one option and I just checked their website and they now have 3 options of mattresses.  I believe ours was what they're now calling "The Casper" (middle of the line).  When we shopped for mattresses in stores of course the sales people always said "Pick what feels best to you!" but they definitely tried to hard sell us on their most expensive mattresses.  Also to note, the Casper (and I believe all "bed in a box" mattresses) does not come with a box spring but can be purchased separately.  It is designed to be able to be used with or without the box spring.  We do not have a box spring.  I also liked that they have a 100 night return policy, for a full refund and they will come and pick up the mattress if you choose not to keep at no charge and their customer service was exceptional.  I think it's worth a shot!  Good luck!

    As happy and well-rested owners (for 15 years!) of a sleep number bed, I can highly recommend it.  Ever since we got the first one, every time a family member has needed a new bed, we have gotten a sleep number.  They are very comfortable and sturdy AND very portable.  We have bought them for our young adult children as they move around fairly frequently right after graduating college.  We just bought a new queen size - and an IKEA mattress platform - for a new guest bed.  Both could be schlepped up your stairs in a few trips as they come in boxes.  We have bought the least expensive model always and been very happy with it.  Happy to give you more info; contact the moderator for my email address.

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Where to buy a Queen Captain's Bed

May 2008

We are looking to buy a house and all the houses we are interested in have much less storage space than our rental unit. I am looking for a queen size captain's bed. I have been looking on craigslist but people mostly have captain's beds for children. Does anyone have any suggestions for local furniture stores that may carry them? C.

My husband and I have a king-size captain's bed purchased at European Sleep Works in Berkeley. We bought it 10 years ago, but a phone call would tell you whether they still carry such things. Also short on storage

We bought a queen captain's bed for the same reason. It works great in our small bedroom. It is from Gorman's furniture on Telegraph. They sell unfinished pieces, but they will finish it for an extra fee. We love ours. I would get oak instead of pine because it gets a lot of use. Remember that you will need space between your bed and bedside table in order to open the drawers. Love the drawers

Where to buy Mission style bedroom furniture

March 2008

We're looking for medium quality Mission style bedroom furniture in the East Bay (for teen's room). Any recommendations for where to look? Oakland/Berkeley, even as far as Walnut Creek. I also found Hoot Judkins in Redwood City on the web. Anyone have comments on their quality/prices? Thanks in advance! F

Fenton MacLaren on San Pablo and also College Avenue in Rockridge has some very nice reproduction Mission-style furniture. Their prices are quite reasonable, and the furniture (I especially like the store on San Pablo) is very attractive. There is also a store near the Ashby BART, on the northwest corner of Shattuck which looks really nice. Happy hunting. Jim

If you're open to buying online, you can find reasonably priced mission furniture at Home Decorators, http://www.homedecorators.com/. Rebecca

Looking for a well-made platform bed

June 2007

we need to get a bed frame for our new mattress. we want a platform since we didn't get the box spring on the mattress (but could always build something for a frame). we do want something well made and have looked at wooden duck, evolution (quote of $2000 on sale!). thanks. beth

Check out Oyster Bed in SF. They have a great selection, a wide price range (depending mostly on features and kind of wood) and the best bonus is the added storage under the bed! We own three of their beds and have been very pleased with them. Ruth

Where to buy a new bed

June 2006

We are looking for a good place to buy a new bed, somewhere in or near Berkeley. Our criteria: a king size, firm, stylish bed, preferably higher than average and possibly not with the usual slatted base which we have found doesn't give great support in the past. We can't spend a small fortune, but don't want dirt cheap. I have looked at the usual suspects, such as Ikea, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Bar,n and not seen anything I like. Does anyone have any recommendations? Tracey

I bought a daybed at Mancinis on Ashby, and learned some interesting things about the bed business in the process. Did you know that you can negotiate down the price at most mattress stores? Several hours after I placed my order, I found something I liked much better, for a lower price, via the internet. I went back to cancel my order (internet printout in hand) and the salesman said he could order that bed for me at the same price I found online, then I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. Mattresses are purposely difficult to compare, because the various models have different names at each store. However, you can negotiate down the price, and you should definitely comparison shop and use the internet as tools in your negotiation. Linda

I recently bought a bed off the internet that I'm happy with. You know those memory foam mattresses you see advertised at 4am when you can't sleep? I finally bought one and it does help me sleep better. I bought it from www.SelectFoam.com ,and I ended up buying a mattress pad for my son too Chris

Where to buy a new bed

March 2006

Hi, I am pregnant with baby two, and already have a 16 month old co-sleeping..I am hoping to change that soon, but meanwhile, I am on a full size futon and it's time to grow up and get a big bed! I am wanting a king size and need recommendations. I have read previous recommendations on buying a European Sleepworks bed, and it sounds great, but this is a little out of my price range. Anything more affordable?? I am probably not a huge connoisseur, anyway, since I have been sleeping on a crappy ikea futon for years.. By the way, I am a thin person and like softer beds, while my partner likes them firmer. Thank you! ---Can't Wait to Have a Real Bed!

We bought a bed from Costco (online), king size. Tha shipping is free and the bed cost about $800. We looked everywhere and queen sizes are most common, priced around $ 1500 for a decent one. This one we bought from Costco is REALLY comfortable, we went with a frim one but they have a few different selections. Some a a bit cheaper and some cost a bit more. I definitely wouyld buy another one from them in the future. The mattress is Sealy Posturepedic (elswhere priced at over $1700). Kristina

Looking for a Bed Frame VERY low to the ground

June 2005

I would like to get a large size bedframe that's as close as possible to the experience of just having the mattress on the floor (which I would do but I have heard it's not so good for the carpeting...). I'd like to get something that's not a futon frame but will consider a futon frame. Any suggestions? Thanks! Liz

You might try West Elm, which has a retail store in Corte Madera at the mall off 101. They have furniture with an Asian feel and had low bed frames when I last saw their catalog. Hope this helps! Anja

Putting a mattress directly on the floor is the easiest and cheapest solution, so first please get a second opinion--perhaps from a carpet store--on whether it really is bad for the carpet.

Barring that, you could buy a cheap, basic metal bed frame (I recently saw a queen sized one at Costco for about $35). Then cut off the legs at the point where the bottom of the bed will be just higher than the top of the carpet. Unless you have a very deep pile carpet, the legs will not be more than an inch long. You could use a hacksaw (tedious, but cheap and pretty safe), angle grinder, or reciprocating or circular saw with a metal-cutting blade to cut off the legs. Use a file to smooth any rough edges. Berkeley residents can borrow tools like these from the Tool Library. David

I missed your original post, but if you are looking for a nice low bed frame, I would recommend a platform bed. Design Within Reach (has a store in Berkeley, or see on the web at http://www.dwr.com/beds.cfm ) has a good selection. Most are very minimalist and modern, and oh so chic. My personal favorite is the Case Study Bed. Richard

didn't read original post but if you need twin-size you could buy the trundle only part of a trundle bed set and not pop it up- it lays nearly on the ground chris

Not sure if someone said this already - but check out IKEA. I was just there and they had at least one bedframe that seemed like it was almost having the bed on the floor. anon