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  • Murphy bed

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    Can anyone recommend someone who can design and install a Murphy bed/closet bed? Thank you!

    We worked with Mack Wallbed Systems out of Petaluma ( and were highly impressed with the quality of craftsmanship. 

    We purchased one from Good customer service. We also have a wall bed that was custom designed by Mack Wallbeds in Petaluma - More expensive, but very high quality product. Check them both out.

    Steph Shipman is amazing! terms of her building skill and easy-to-work-with personality.  I've participated in one of her woodworking workshops, and she re-faced my kitchen cabinets.  I've seen her designs first-hand in her woodshop and you can see examples of her work on her website linked below.  I've experienced first-hand how Steph is caring, considerate, creative, and very committed to her clients getting what they want. 

    Shipman Designs