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Sep 21 2015

I am a Yale and Stanford grad with a decade of tutoring students in writing, reading comprehension, and language arts. My lesson plans are tailored to each student's precise needs, and all tutoring is strictly one-on-one. My services include: - coaching and editing for elementary and high school essay assignments, college applications, and college work -PSAT, SAT, and GRE preparation -spelling, grammar, composition, and language arts coaching -reading comprehension coaching In-home tutoring is available. Email me at PaloAltoWriting [at] gmail.com for rates, discounts, and further information. Kaitlyn PaloAltoWriting[at]gmail.com (203) 600-1368

Sep 09 2015

I'm an expert, professionally trained tutor with 15 years of experience who can help your child feel more confident, comfortable, and successful academically. I create a program tailored to your child that will improve their school experience and their self-worth. I help children move through resistance and fear to identify their strengths so they can become successful, motivated students who excel in school and in life. I specialize in working with children who are especially sensitive, and often include mindfulness and meditation techniques in my sessions, which helps students build confidence, increase focus, and ease anxiety. I offer academic tutoring for children and teens, and my areas of expertise are with writing, reading, and English. I provide help with homework, time management, and organization, and offer ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, and SAT prep in the reading, grammar, sentence completion, and writing sections. Many excellent references! Katrina Martin katrina[at]katrinadreamer.com 510-761-8047

Sep 01 2015

About Me My name is Jackie Randazzo and I am a 27-year-old East Bay resident. I have a Masters Degree in Public Affairs and currently work for the Bay Area Discovery Museum, a children's museum in Sausalito. I have previous experience tutoring; specifically, I have worked with grades 2 - 4 in math and reading. Tutoring Style and Goals I believe that children deserve to be respected and treated as collaborators in their learning. I ask open-ended questions to facilitate problem-solving and critical thinking skills, provide positive feedback, and ensure a fun and comfortable learning environment. My goal is to instill a passion for learning, build confidence, and develop skills in your child that will be utilized well beyond tutoring sessions and the classroom. Jackie Randazzo randazzo.jackie[at]gmail.com

Sep 01 2015

Are you in need of a tutor who can help your child with all their school needs - from improving grade scores to getting more organized or prepared for tests? Would you like an experienced teacher that has also tutored and enjoys even the tough subjects? Then I may be your gal. I have B.S. in Biology and enjoy learning and passing along my excitement for both math and science. I'm animated and have a sense of humor which helps kids have fun without even knowing it and I connect easily on their level. And most importantly, can build their self-confidence and ?can-do? attitude. I can teach kids how to get good grades and instill self-discipline. I'm equally well versed in other subjects as well. In addition, I offer services for summer break to keep skills sharp. If that sounds like something your family needs, please contact me at JessSund [at] gmail.com Jessica jesssund[at]gmail.com

Aug 30 2015

Seeking an alternative, creative approach to tutoring for your teenager? With over seven years of experience as a former teacher at Tilden Preparatory School, I have a great deal of experience engaging high school students and helping them stay focused, particularly if they have learning or executive functioning challenges. I am currently available for tutoring in English (AP and regular), History (US and World), and other social science and humanities courses. I have an MA in Writing from USF, and can provide references from the parents of students I've worked with. I am happy to come to your house if in the East Bay, and my rate is $75/hr. I look forward to hearing from you! Drea Roemer drearebecca[at]gmail.com

Aug 26 2015

Greetings, My name is Kevin Arnold and I'm the founder of Berkeley Community Tutor. I provide an innovative tutoring service which empowers students to succeed within their academic and personal lives. I've been working as a dedicated teacher, academic tutor and homework coach throughout the thriving Berkeley and surrounding communities for over 15 years. Currently, I'm accepting new students who are seeking to improve their writing, organizational, and study skills, and ultimatley learn to manage their own educations. Over time, I've learned that good tutoring is more than knowing a subject - it's knowing how to truly connect with students and teach in a relaxed and inspiring way. Please feel free to give me a call for a consultation, and to visit my website for more information and read many positive reviews. Best, Kevin Arnold 510-495-7923 Berkeleycommunitytutor.com Kevinarnold333 [at] gmail.com kevin arnold kevinarnold333[at]gmail.com

Aug 26 2015

My partner and I are professional educators who also offer tutoring and private teaching in a wide range of subjects. We have extensive experience tutoring and teaching in classrooms as well as museums and other experiential settings. Our approach is informed by evidence from learning sciences research. We help learners develop the self-management skill that is vital to academic and personal success. Some of our areas of focus: Study skills/organization NGSS science Common Core English, reading comprehension, and writing Common Core Math Testing anxiety management and strategies We live in Oakland near Mills College and can travel to your home or to a library or other mutually-convenient meeting place. We also work with homeschooling families and groups. To learn more about the support we can offer, please feel free to email me at kerrick [at] cocreateducate.com or visit the website: http://cocreateducate.com Kerrick Goodman-Lucker kerrick[at]cocreateducate.com 510.984.2556

Aug 26 2015

Jumping into the new school year? This is the best time to help your children develop a strong foundation and develop confidence. Your children are my top priority. With over 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience at Stanford, Harvard and University of Wisconsin, I can help your children succeed. I coach students in most K-12 subjects, as well as Russian language, critical thinking and writing skills (including college essays). Contact me today for your diagnostic session for $30 - I sit down with student and parents and evaluate levels and needs. Hourly rates range from $45-60. References available. Rujuta Parikh rujuta[at]alumni.stanford.edu 262-271-6128

Aug 14 2015

I'm a fellow BPN parent and experienced tutor with a PhD from UC Berkeley and knowledge in various subjects. I have worked with dozens of students at middle and high schools around the East Bay, including College Preparatory School, St. Mary's, Bishop O'Dowd, Piedmont High, Bentley, Berkeley High, San Leandro High, St. Joseph's, Oakland Tech, Julia Morgan, and Miramonte. SUBJECTS: SAT and ACT (all parts of the test) SSAT, ISEE and HSPT (all parts of the test) English/AP English Spanish/AP Spanish History/Humanities Music, AP Music Theory Italian I can travel to your home or meet students at a library or cafe. My rates are $50/hr for academic tutoring and $60/hr for test prep, and I can offer a discounted rate in the case of economic hardship or for group sessions. Here's a bit about my background: http://rmbodenheimer.wordpress.com/ References available upon request. Please email me with further questions, and I hope to be of assistance! Rebecca rmbodenheimer[at]gmail.com

Aug 19 2015

I am a professionally-educated, former homeshooling mom of a (now grown) child with attention and anxiety issues. I emerged from that experience with a host of learning strategies for math, writing and time management, and a desire to support other kids in their mastery of these skills. I'm specifically interested in working with students who need more confidence in arithmetic and algebraic concepts, are anxious writers, or feel overwhelmed by homework. I come from a professional background as a policy analyst, and have a Master's Degree in Public Policy from UC Berkeley (including math through Calculus). I live in Berkeley, charge $30/hour, and would be happy to have a consultation free of charge to see if I would be a good fit for your family. Feel free to contact me at jbrauntutoring [at] gmail.com with any questions. Jennifer Braun jbrauntutoring[at]gmail.com

Jul 29 2015

Greetings, I support and practice guiding your student through his/her challenging subjects. I recognize and they come to recognize, on a larger scale, that I am guiding them on a journey through themselves. I bring ten years of experience as a youth mentor with classroom teaching experience matched with a personal and empathetic approach to your child as a whole individual. The ideal result of this approach will combine instantaneous improvement and a growing longitudinal success. My approach plays an important role in the academic socialization of your child that will contribute to a more long-lasting effect that can continue long after I have left the equation. I have six slots open for Academic Year ?15-16 starting in Aug. My rates start at $85 dollars/hour. Subjects include English, h.s./college prep, and more. Small Group sessions are also a possibility. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule sessions. Stacy Neale stacy_neale[at]alum.berkeley.edu

Jul 27 2015

I would like to offer my services as a private tutor for high school and middle school students in Berkeley! I just took the MCAT in June and am applying to medical school this year. I have been a tutor since high school and, up until recently, was employed as a writing tutor at Mills College. I can offer homework help and study skills in English, Writing, History, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I have a B.A. with honors in Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz and a Masters in Medieval Archaeology from Oxford University. I recently completed a post-bac certificate in pre-medical studies at Mills College. I am available to start tutoring weekday afternoons or evenings beginning September 2015, preferably at the students' house or at a cafe. My standard fee is $35 per hour. If you're interested, please email me at cewatter [at] gmail.com and tell me a little bit about your child and what you're looking for in a tutor. Please email me with any questions, too. Thank you! Charlotte Watter cewatter[at]gmail.com

Jul 20 2015

THE MATH & SCIENCE TUTOR OF BERKELEY I love teaching and have been teaching math and science for homeschoolers and students attending local private/public K-12 schools and college with more than 13 years of dedicated tutoring experience (Berkeley, Albany, Piedmont, Bentley, CPS, etc.). Having studied at UC Berkeley College of Chemistry (B.S. Chemical Biology), my expertise lies in the field of MATH (from Arithmetic to Multivariable Calculus, AP, SAT Math, etc.) and SCIENCE (Chemistry, Physics, AP, SAT subjects etc.). Having educated both in Japan and the U.S. I am bilingual and I've learned and experienced different cultures, disciplines, demands, perspectives and methods to mastering the subjects. I'm conveniently located on College Ave in Rockridge and but I can travel to most places in East Bay. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking at my ad! NAME: TAIRI NISHIZAWA EMAIL: tairi.nishizawa[at]gmail.com Tairi Nishizawa tairi.nishizawa[at]gmail.com

Jul 14 2015

My name is Avery, I would love to be in touch with you. I graduated from UC Berkeley with honors May 2014. During the spring semester, I had the privilege of working with students in college writing at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center. I met with five students on a weekly basis and worked at the drop-in center. I received wonderful weekly training and feedback from my students and supervisor on attentive, layered, and useful sessions. I am also a trained peer tutor through the Mills College Center for Academic Excellence for American History, Critical Reading and Expository Writing, and Fundamentals of Psychology. This academic year, I tutored English with three middle school students and one high school student. Our relationalities are so meaningful to me. I am reading, writing, volunteering for the Anti Eviction Mapping Project, Narratives of Displacement Oral History project and applying for English MFA. Looking forward to speaking soon! Avery ashleymarguerite[at]gmail.com 5107543654

Jul 10 2015

Hi! Are you looking for someone who can connect well with middle and high school students? Are you looking for someone with previous experience as both a teacher and a tutor? Is your child looking for someone hip and fun to work with? If so, then you've met your gal. I actually enjoy subjects like science and math and can help make them fun and simple to learn. I hold a B.S. in Biology and now write STEM curriculum for private schools. I can help in all subjects and with organizational skills. I have lots of patience and great references. If interested contact me via email at jesssund [at] gmail.com. Jessica Sund jesssund[at]gmail.com

Jul 06 2015

For writing, I offer encouragement, excellent grammar, and analytical rigor. In math, I provide encouragement, meaning, and structure in problem solving. I love statistics, social sciences. I coach with a light touch. My teaching success derives from my community work and my empathy from doctoral economics after hiatus. A tutoring recess may include body mechanics for jumping (ballet, basketball) or posture for efficient movement, self-esteem My academics: UC Berkeley B.A.; masters training at Cornell U; 2 yrs doctoral urban economics on scholarship. Have edited well-published professors. Example of my teaching logic through sentence hierarchy: Excavate main idea from its burial down the hierarchy of this sentence: ?The defining issue of our time is how to keep that promise alive.? Note 2nd problem: ?defining issue? inserts unintended subject of Which Issue. My edit: ?Keeping alive America?s promise defines this nation's work, today and always.? $35/hr Karen Westmont KarenWestmont[at]gmail.com 607 227 2954

Jun 08 2015

A little bit about ourselves: We are Skyler Ho and Neel Somani, two students currently studying at the University of California, Berkeley. Skyler, an accomplished orator as well as student, graduated high school with a 10-12 GPA of 4.59 and an SAT score of 2300. Neel, an avid programmer and part-time tutor, graduates high school in only 3 years with a perfect score on the ACT while managing to run a successful mobile application development team. The Courses we are offering will be valued at $125 per student and will be held at 9110 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA, 94583 on Sundays with no classes on July 5th. Each class is 1.5 hours long, starting on June 21st and ending on July 27th -- a total of 5 classes. Please Register for classes using the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/4SLn3fF4x0 Sincerely, The Apptic Team Neel Somani: neel [at] berkeley.edu Skyler Ho: skylerho [at] berkeley.edu Neel Somani arunasomanimd[at]yahoo.com 9257861384

Jun 07 2015

I have extensive and varied experience having taught for over 15 years (Grades K-12, Undergrad College Level ? Math and Science, Special Education). I have extensive experience in college counseling and in helping students write essays for colleges. I offer tutoring in the following: Grade 2 ? Grade 6: Writing and Reading, Vocabulary, Math 6th Grade Math (Common Core) 7th Grade Math (Common Core) PreAlgebra Algebra Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus Biology SAT Prep College Counseling/College Essay Writing Support Private 1:1 and group tutoring available, with a maximum of 4 students in a batch. For pricing, timings and any other information, please call 5103883375 or email rkrishna8 [at] hotmail.com Riju K rkrishna8[at]hotmail.com 5103883375

May 28 2015

Hi! I am a rising senior at Vassar College and am home in Berkeley for the summer (until late August). I am available to tutor Spanish, basic Chinese (Mandarin), and ESL. I am fluent in Spanish and have had most of my prior experience tutoring in that language. I studied abroad in Madrid last fall and have been learning Spanish since elementary school. I started learning Mandarin in high school and consider myself proficient. I have declared minors in both subjects. I am a native speaker of English and have learned about the pedagogy of ESL through education courses. I believe I would be especially helpful for any children who speak Spanish or Mandarin as a native language and need to learn English for school. I am willing to meet students at their house or at a convenient location. I ask for $25/hour for one student, and the fee for group tutoring can be negotiated. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about my tutoring services. Mija Lieberman mijaliebeman[at]gmail.com 5105040482

May 28 2015

Hello Berkeley Families! I am currently accepting new students and families for in-home tutoring. A UCB grad who is a past bilingual school MS science teacher with over 15 yrs. of tutoring experience, I am currently in a doctoral program in clinical psychology where I focus on children and adolescents. I have worked with kids k-12 and my particular expertise is in math, science, and test prep. I also tutor children and adolescents in writing, Spanish, and social sciences and ave worked with children from multiple local Berkeley schools. I use innovative, individualized teaching techniques and am a firm believer that all kids can learn and succeed. Most importantly, I believe tutoring should be fun and work to foster strong relationships with the kids and families whom I tutor. Local references are available upon request. Reach out! -Nathan Greene Berkeleyhillstutors.com ngreene [at] wi.edu (949) 370-4037 Nathan Greene nathanrgreene[at]gmail.com 9493704037

May 26 2015

I am currently an incoming third year premedical student home for the summer. I grew up in Castro Valley but attended the College Preparatory School in Oakland for high school. I have experience tutoring students of all ages and levels. I believe a student best learns with a specified approach and method designed according to the needs of the individual student. I tutor with patience, enthusiasm, and kind encouragement while aiming to develop the student's comprehension, rationalization, and other academic skills and help the student gain confidence in his/her abilities. I have been tutoring since I was 12 years old, volunteering at a local library. I started tutoring elementary school and middle school students privately when I was 14, a freshman in high school. I tutor in English, Math, Science, History, French, SAT/ACT prep, and organizational skills. I also help in practice for participation in class discussions (ex: history, english, french). Cassandra Liew cliew12[at]apu.edu 5105668845

May 14 2015

Hello Berkeley Families! I am currently accepting new students and families for in-home tutoring. I am a UCB grad and clinical psychology doctoral student who is a past bilingual school middle school science teacher with over 15 yrs. of tutoring experience. I have worked with 1st graders through high school seniors and my particular expertise is in math and science tutoring and test prep. I also tutor children and adolescents in writing, Spanish, and social sciences. I have worked with children in multiple local schools including The Berkeley School, The Madeleine School, The Bentley School, and others. I use innovative, individualized teaching techniques. Most importantly, I believe tutoring should be fun and work to foster strong relationships with the kids and families whom I tutor. Local references available. Feel free to reach out to discuss your child's needs. -Nathan Greene ngreene [at] wi.edu (949) 370-4037 Nathan Greene nathanrgreene[at]gmail.com 9493704037

Apr 24 2015

Help your child get ahead this summer! I'm an expert, professionally trained tutor with 15 years of experience who can help your child feel more confident, comfortable, and successful academically. I create a program tailored to your child that will improve their school experience and their self-worth. I help children move through resistance and fear to identify their strengths so they can become successful, motivated students who excel in school and in life. I specialize in working with children who are especially sensitive, and often include mindfulness and meditation techniques in my sessions. I offer academic tutoring for children and teens, and my areas of expertise are with writing, reading, and English. I also offer SAT prep in the reading, grammar, sentence completion, and writing sections. Many excellent references! http://www.katrinadreamer.com Katrina katrina[at]katrinadreamer.com 510-761-8047

Apr 13 2015

My name is Zhimin (I go by Jay), and I'm a PhD student at UC-Berkeley. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I obtained a master's degree from Yale University. My academic background is rigorous and quantitative--Engineering undergrad, Economics PhD in progress, and I can tutor math subjects ranging from algebra, trigonometry, pre- calculus, calculus, to linear algebra, to probability, and to statistics. Alternatively, I can tutor all subjects of high school or college economics. I can also tutor Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese. Please feel free to contact me at zhimin[dot]li[at]berkeley[dot]edu if you're looking for a tutor in the aforementioned subjects. Sincerely, Jay Li zhimin.li[at]berkeley.edu Jay Li zhimin.li[at]berkeley.edu

Mar 01 2015

Hello there, I'm a woman in my thirties, a writer and published scholar living in Berkeley. I have extensive experience working with children and young adults and am qualified to teach college-level U.S. History. I have tutored a wide range of subjects including English, Creative Writing, Social Studies, Humanities, Anthropology, Psychology, Political Science/Civics, and general Study Skills. A little more about me: --I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley --I hold an M.A. in U.S. History from UC Santa Cruz --I've been published several times in academic journals related to history, public health, social work and gender --I've tutored college students with learning differences, led elementary school reading comprehension programs, and taught yoga to middle school students I'm confident that I can assist students of all ages and abilities in reaching their educational goals. I charge $25/hr for 2+ hours, $30 for a single hour. Thanks for reading! Niki Severson tutortopia510[at]gmail.com