Seeking a tutor for an Oakland high school student

I'm the parent of a 16-year-old (11th grader) in the instrumental music program at Oakland School for the Arts who needs some extra academic support. Can anyone recommend a tutor in or near Oakland or any suggestions to get him some extra help? I'm willing to pay for a private tutor, but I'm a single working parent so lower cost or sliding scale options are most appreciated. 

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I'm writing to recommend the tutoring services of Naseem Alavi. He graduated from the Literary Arts emphasis at OSA in 2019, and has since earned his degree from Kenyon College, summa cum laude in Japanese with Creative Writing and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. 

He is a patient tutor and is excellent at providing supplemental material to help students work through challenging areas. He has three years of experience teaching and tutoring Japanese, as well as essay coaching and homework assistance. He is currently a Japanese and Arts teacher at the Bay Language Academy. 

He is very familiar with the culture and teachers at OSA, and would be a perfect fit for a current OSA student. He can be contacted at naseemalavi1 [at] or by phone at (510) 816-5950.