Current In-Person Tutor Recs for Teen

Our teen needs 1:1 help with Pre-calc, AP Environmental Science ans US History. Patience a must, experience with anxiety and neurodiversity a plus. I have looked through the listings here and a couple of the tutors I was interested in have moved out of town for college or work and are not available in person. I am mostly interested in individuals, but tutoring places are ok too. Are there people who have helped that you have loved, or know anyone you'd recommend? Thanks a million.

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We have had great success with Classroom Matters. Both my kids have used them, and their tutors have been excellent. Also, they have been very good at helping my son with anxiety and have experience with neurodiversity.  They offer sessions in your home or at their center.

Does your child need serious help understanding all 3 of these topics or a supportive patient smart person. I hired PhD candidates at CAL to help my son with his homework. We had a young man getting a PhD in Chinese history, a man getting PhD in Biology & a man getting PhD in Chemistry over the course of 6 years. They were smart enough to help in most middle school & HS subjects, and super patient!